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  1. Coming from personal experience with NACA. If you have no other choice or have 90-120 days to close it may be a justifiable option. I have nothing positive to say really. Make sure they're licensed to operate in your state is a big one. Like others have mentioned the ratio of negative/positive reviews is overwhelming. They have a good product that is not delivered well on any level in the organization. For what they pay people you're never going to get the level of expertise you would at a bank.
  2. This is a good question (which I don't have the answer to) as the policies differ from bank to bank. You should do a master thread CV. IME: Citi and Discover will. Amex will not. In your situation though. If there is no balance to charge interest on... They would have no way of charging interest.
  3. American Express BCP- $95 Average around $450/YR in rewards between 6% and Amex offers. Spouse: American Express BCP- $95 $250 Sign up bonus. $75 Referral credit from me. Plus over $100 in Amex offers. Will also use for spending on groceries once my card meets the $6K limit.
  4. App'd for my first cards in 26 months yesterday. 3/3 Approvals. Amex Cash Magnet $25K Chase Freedom Unlimited $22K BOA Travel $3K Bank of America comes in with the lowest starting limit I've ever been granted. Previous low was Discover at $4500. Call to SR Underwriter line to no avail. I have a sock drawered Cash rewards at $30K I'll steal some limit from in the mean time. I was surprised at the Amex limit. I have a BCP at $42.5K that has been bumped only incrementally the last 2 CLI rounds. DW got $24K from Chase on the Freedom Unlimited a few months back, was shooting for more than that since my average limit is significantly higher. Regardless these are my 2 largest starting limits on approvals.
  5. Most CU's that all use the same layout are the worst by far. You know who they are. Chase is pretty bad. Amex has my vote for best. All the info are in the tabs all in one place.
  6. American Express BCP Approved $20K.Had to call in and give simple ID answers. Amex BCP bumped from $20K-> $30K at 60 days. They wanted 4506-T for anything more. We will revisit after 6 months. Do the 4506-T. Big things can happen. Waiting for August for 2017’s updated numbers as they’re much more favorable.
  7. I may have missed it... but what is the time frame between CLI’s with BOA?
  8. American Express BCP Approved $20K. Had to call in and give simple ID answers. Amex BCP bumped from $20K-> $30K at 60 days. They wanted 4506-T for anything more. We will revisit after 6 months. Eric, congrats on new lines. All, what is the calculation (CL as a % of gross income?) that CCCs / credit grantors generally use (I imagine that each has their own specific rules) before requesting/requiring a 4506? Amex really has their own method. I’ve always ignored them and just continually gotten more later without having to fill it out. This is DW’s first Amex.
  9. American Express BCP Approved $20K. Had to call in and give simple ID answers. Amex BCP bumped from $20K-> $30K at 60 days. They wanted 4506-T for anything more. We will revisit after 6 months.
  10. With that high of a utility you better have a significant DTI ratio to get a personal loan.
  11. DW just logged in to check. Fico 9 up 17 points from 8. 880. New high score.
  12. That sucks. BofA not like you or something? I figured you would be higher than 5700 to begin with. One my oldest card with BOA ... that was the one they cut back during the meltdown. Ironically, I also have a $20K card with BOA that was an affinity group card, then the group went to another bank and this was converted to a plain BOA Rewards card. I need to re-read the combine thread to see if BOA will combine without an HP. They will combine without a HP.
  13. 781 (No Change) Still I find it funny that CV's 04 is 8 points lower than mine while his Fico 08 remains 50+ points above me.
  14. After seeing the confirmed reports of SP's I bit the bullet. BOA Cash Rewards +$10,300 --> $30K Now I feel like I should have asked for more. Lol.
  15. I'll call utilities a fair trade here for me. I can get Amazon elsewhere. I easily outspend Amazon on utilities on a yearly basis. All utilities here can be paid by CC with no fee except gas.... Which I usually just pay in a big chunk to offset the fee once a year.
  16. Double edged sword. Those high utility cards will still yield a score bump over not having them. My sister is an AU on a few of my higher limit cards... Two local credit unions refused to count them towards her overall utilization for a debt consolidation. Although they raised her credit score in excess of 40 points.
  17. Fico 9 is over 800 since Penfed started giving it. EQ 08 has never topped 790. Only negatives on my report would be new accounts.
  18. I applied for Discover in 2016 with higher scores, income, and existing limits.... $4500. Lower than my lowest reported limit. It is frustrating but it's at $19K now with nothing more than a few clicks every few months even with minimal usage. They do things differently, just like they told you.

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