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  1. Off to research their arbitration clause...this is helpful info, thank you.
  2. I do believe I have all the documentation you mentioned here...I got my paper copies 2-3 weeks before I disputed with them and saved digital copies of all correspondence. I'll have to double check. In an interesting turn of events, AFNI has disappeared from all my reports sometime over the past week...and I didn't even send the dang DV yet. Printed it and haven't had time to get to the post office. I'm not naive enough to think they're gone for good, but at least this gives me more time to gather info (a DOFD from Sprint would be a start).
  3. I left for a much higher-paying job, so I'm not exactly MAD that I left...I guess I was just confused on how the whole SOL thing works. If I have to end up contacting Sprint to see about this collection and pay them directly, I will...just trying to get AFNI to kick rocks (I did a search on them prior to posting and booooyyyy, people don't like them).
  4. Well, that's crap. (Not saying you told me a bunch of crap, just that it sucks that the longer SOL now applies!) Considering one bureau has June '25 and the other has August '25, I'm guessing there will be SOMETHING I can stick them on...just not name or address. Thanks for the clarification.
  5. Hi all, There is a collection on my EX and TU reports (OC is Sprint)...in early 2020 it was owned by Enhanced Recovery Assoc, but after sending a DV they removed it and apparently sold it to AFNI, who has been reporting since December 2020. Just when I was about to send a letter asking them who in the heck they thought they were to be reporting on my credit without contacting me first, I received a letter from them dated 2/26/21. Problem is, it's not addressed to the "right" person. Without giving my actual name, it's the equivalent of if my name were Jane Williams-Jones...and the
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