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  1. I will confirm this. Is she looking to confirm that as of today, the CA hasn't dinged her on any of the 3 reports?
  2. So there's really nothing to do at this time, whether to the OC, or to redemand a current relationship from the CA? Just wait and see if it shows up on the reports? Also, I will check right now (this is actually for a friend) to make sure she is opted out, but if she isn't opted out (will make her do that ASAP today) does that matter or effect this process?
  3. Hi Whychat, In response to my initial letter to CA on Medical Account letter, I received the following in response: - A OC "Hospital Billing Detail Statement" showing $188.64 "past due," and it has a "Report Data Date: 03/30/2018." - A CA Invoice listing the OC, a "Creditor Account Number," Date of Service, and Account Balance I paid this $188.64 directly to the OC a couple weeks after the date of service (date of service 9/15/17, paid 9/27/17). I can see this payment logging into OC website, and it currently shows a balance of 0.00. What is my next step? Thank you!
  4. Hi Whychat/everyone, I just received a letter from a CA for a medical account. This account has already been paid off directly to the OC. This CA account is not reporting to my CRAs yet, saying I have 30 days to respond or else it will be considered valid. I am preparing to send the Letter to CA on Medical Account letter (https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html) as my first letter. Near the end of the letter I am drafting, where it says to insert State in this sentence: "...that may be time-barred as well as in violation of (name of your State) medical privacy rules." Do I put the state where I reside? Or the state where the CA is located? I live in California, the CA is in Wisconsin. Thanks!
  5. My address for car insurance is my actual current address. Edit: Full disclosure, when you first said "don't bother with wasting time trying to dispute that old address" I read that as the absolute best way to do it is to wait until I get a new license. I didn't interpret it as "definitely don't dispute the old address because it definitely will make things worse." So guess what I did? I disputed. Online. Didn't send any proof. It was only when after clicking submit to the dispute and getting a message that I need to submit the DL, utility bill, and SS card within 24 hours, that I came on here asking for help. So now that I've made this more complicated, what do I do? Do I just carry on with the normal dispute letter to EQ in snail mail, as well as the medical DV to the CA? Or do I wait until this address dispute gets processed (and send them nothing)? Or do I send them SS card and utility bill only? Or do I call EQ and cancel the dispute by speaking to a supervisor and have them put a stop code on the pending dispute? Sorry I suck at following directions.
  6. I've been at my current address for 2+ years. My address that is on my DL is actually my parents address. Once in college, and for the many years after graduating, I've been in the habit of just keeping my DL address the same as my parents because I moved so often during college and after. Even now, I'll be moving in a couple months. In fact, my parent's address on my license doesn't even appear on any of my credit reports. I really, really, REALLY don't want to start putting my actual address on my DL because #1 as soon as I get it updated, I'm surely going to be moving within a year, making my DL constantly obsolete. #2 My parents address is in a very affluent area and I like having my address saying I'm from that area. Where I usually actually live are cheaper crummy areas. If I really have to update my driver's license to my real current address as of that time, then I'll begrudgingly do it, but it will likely be out of date very quickly, and I'll be annoyed with the terrible address from a bad neighborhood printed on it.
  7. Was about to being this process, but then I noticed that there is still an old address on my EQ report. I'm going to dispute the old address to get it removed, but my only issue is that if I dispute it, my driver's license doesn't show the same address as my current address. It shows a completely different address than my current address and the one I am disputing. Is this going to be a problem, or can I still include my DL? I can provide a copy of my SS and a current utility bill showing my current address. I'm just not sure whether or not to also include my DL.
  8. Yep, same CA. Never sent them a medical DV because the initial dispute letter to TU wiped it off. It did not appear on any other credit report until today. Alleged date of medical service 2013. To confirm, I"ll send EQ the initial dispute letter then.
  9. Hey Whychat, I can't believe this is happening again, but I'll be concise. This is a new issue and all the issues in this existing thread have already been resolved. When I first started this thread, I had 2 different medical baddies. 1 of these medical baddies only existed on my Transunion report, and nowhere else. After sending the initial dispute letter to Transunion, it was immediately deleted, as easy as that. Didn't exist anywhere else. Fast forward to a couple years later, today, I saw that that same 1 medical baddie that only ever appeared on TU for a brief time, and then promptly got deleted after initial dispute letter, has now appeared on my Equifax report. I'm assuming I just go through the normal process again from the beginning, with the initial dispute letter to EQ now? Do I include any language on that handwritten letter that notes that TU properly investigated and deleted it, and you (EQ) must do the same? Or is it premature for language like that and just do the regular letter? Thanks.
  10. No, you are done. Keep hard copy records for at least 3 years. If you want one "last" step, you can make a contribution to one of the charities listed at the bottom of my website. Will do. Thanks again.
  11. Got their snail mail. It's been removed!!!! Finally!! Only took THREE CFPB complaints on the same issue! I just checked the backdoor today to confirm, and it's gone. Finally. Thank you. The CFPB status still says "processing"... do I need to notify the CFPB that Experian has removed the account off my report? Anything else to do for "closure"?
  12. I filed the complaint with the CFPB 2 weeks ago. The current status still says Company Review - In Progress. The CA sent a message through CFPB they were in the process of contacting the data furnisher to verify its accuracy. Meanwhile, for the past 10 days or so, Experian has been emailing me, saying they have updated the results of their investigation, and that it is viewable online. Can I view the results online, or does that screw something up, and I need to continue to only rely on snail mail when dealing directly with EX?
  13. This will likely be my last update, and it's all great news. I will copy paste and add on to my previous update and recap so everything is consolidated into one post. Final update and recap 11/17/15 - Finished rehab from US Dept of Education. Informed that FedLoan Servicing will be new loan officer. 11/23/15 - Disputed my student loans to all 3 CRAs (TU/EQ online, EX phone). I stated that I completed rehab and any negative/default marks on any student loans should be removed. 11/30/15 - Creditkarma scores for TU/EQ jumped up to 740! Actual TU FICO 753! Looking closer I saw that my US Dept of Edu student loan accounts were completely deleted from my reports. The loans aren't still on there with default status removed, or with lates or lack thereof, they are just completely removed. My AAOA took a tiny hit from these being completely removed but my payment history and lack of default/collections got a massive boost. I called EX and confirmed they were straight up completely removed as well. 12/27/15 - Paid my first installment to FedLoan Servicing. Still don't have ANY student related accounts on my reports, old or new, good or bad. 1/27/16 - Paid my second installment. Still don't have ANY student related accounts on my reports, old or new, good or bad. 2/8/16 - My credit reports are now showing the new FedLoan Servicing accounts! And the great news is that they are showing as opened when the original student loans were opened back in 2008, and the status is "PAID AS AGREED" with no late history! My AAOA has been given a huge boost! It is incredible to have been through this journey of 3 years of hard work (started rehab 1 year ago) which has finally paid off. 3 years ago I had absolutely terrible credit and now I have excellent credit. Good luck to all that are in a similar situation I was in, I strongly encourage you to follow the same footsteps that I followed in!
  14. Received a letter that says it contains my results but the negative is still on there and doesn't offer any explanation or update, all it says is just like above: Status details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Jan 2018. This item remained unchanged from our processing of your dispute in Oct 2014. Your statement: Account information disputed by consumer (Meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act).
  15. Good morning, I still have not heard anything from EX. I checked the back door today and it is still on there reporting. Status details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Jan 2018. This item remained unchanged from our processing of your dispute in Oct 2014. Your statement: Account information disputed by consumer (Meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act).

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