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  1. I knew something was up! Cap1 canada also has been smoking the crack. Take me for example, my EQ and TU are hovering at 581. I have one CO and one CC with only $500 no lates for 9 Months. They gave me a $5 000 limit. I'm happy! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I had a similar experience with Pfd and Eq. The CA was lovely to deal with compared to EQ. The CA sent Equifax communication through their channels which they also gave me a copy of nicely and nothing was done in over 30 days. I also called 4 times and the 4th time after faxing them the same letter to delete as the CA sent, it got deleted immediately on the other end. Half the time I think the people don't do anything and tell you they are accelerating the dispute just to get you off the phone. I'd just be persistent until someone listens. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Re reading my question I realize I didn't state that I paid in full for all the charges even if it didn't show up on the statement. I did! Why would it not report that I wonder? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. No that is not what I said sorry if it got convoluted. I did pay off the WHOLE $72. I do not want to pay interest. This is why the reporting confused me, it says I paid $10 which happened to be minimum, but I pif. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I believe I have not mastered what is hard for newbies and that is the knack of knowing when statements cut and what they report to the CRA's. I recently got a secured card with a $500 limit. I charged two gas trips on it which totaled $72 and the statement for that period was $36, due on November 24th. I paid in full 2 weeks before. On my credit report it states i paid $10 which was the minimum payment and my balance was $36. My score has not gone up at all in the last month, even though this is my first open account in a long time. Is there a reason for this?
  6. SO ANNOYED WITH TRANSUNION. I disputed a collection with NCO AUGUST 7th 2014 that i legitimately have no recollection of for $291. I asked TU to verify it. They told me no problem 30 days. I called back after 30 days. The guy said it would take up to 45 days and to be patient and that it was still being investigated. I have been patiently waiting. It has now been over 47 days. I called in and was told that there was NO RECORD OF MY DISPUTE and that I would have to start again and it would take up to 30 days. The man was pretty rude and would not accelerate anything and sat in silence and ignored me when i wondered if it had been deleted, because another agent confirmed the dispute back at the beginning of September. I just feel like I am not getting anywhere and it is really frustrating! Anyone know what I can do with TU besides harassing them everyday
  7. I'm worried that will happen warrior. So far nothing's been sold. I suppose I'll have to cross that horrible bridge if I get there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Woo for Canadian girls! I have just learned that the Amazon Visa has no FTF and Visa is widely accepted, with 1% amazon cash back and a 20$ Amazon giftcard with no annual fee. Is that offered by Chase in the US? I believe they pull TU.
  9. I would of thought so too, but i've read a lot of negative things about attempting a PFD with Cap1 which is one of my CO's. Apparently they never ever do it.
  10. I just asked this in another thread and someone told me 'hell no'? Plus it clearly states not even in fine print that your not guaranteed if you've been in bad standing with them. I'd hate the hard pull with a decline. Obviously they have been forgiving with Mendelssohn and others, so i'm wondering if it's worth a shot to add a tradeline. I've exhausted other secured options at the moment and was declined by a big bank for having CO's.
  11. Well that's disappointing! Wish we had the same AU privileges here. Sigh. Guess I have to do this with no help but Credit Boards
  12. Well, I got the former spelling of my first name successfully disputed off Equifax file (still in process with Transunion). All old addresses gone. What kind of success would I have blanket disuputing both remaining baddies of 2 charge off's as 'not mine'. Should I do one at a time, should I use a better strategy? Getting a little bit eager, but do not want to dispute as not mine, if it ruins my chances of disputing another way, if you know what I mean.
  13. Also in a very similar situation. Sorry I can't help but I'm bumping it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Is this true for any cc black list? I have a CO with capital one. If I applied for a secured card let's say, would they spare me the hard pull if the answer will be a resounding hell no? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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