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    Los Angeles
  2. Does anyone recommend, other than USAA, the best service that will allow me to pull all 3 credit reports each month?
  3. bscredit

    Amex Everyday

    Los Angeles
  4. Great news ... I was just approved for Amex Everyday card w $5000CL!! They pulled EX (creditsesame and credit.com fako was 679). I had a BK in 09. Also had Amex in 96 but paid that off before the BK. There are many recent posts on CreditKarma's review for the Amex Everyday. Amex must have relaxed its lending criteria as many people, reporting scores in the 650s, have been getting approvals. In today's news, Amex announced a revamped gold card and the company's new focus to attract wealthy clients. Not sure if this change will affect lending criteria for its other products. Perhaps now is the best time to apply for the Everyday card before they tighten lending standards! Good luck everyone! **Be sure to post your results on the creditpulls site. It's a great resource and is only as good as we make it!!**
  5. Other than USAA, what would be best service that will allow me to pull all 3 credit reports each month? Many years ago, I tried to sign up for USAA saying I had a relative in the reserves. They issued and mailed me a credit card and all was well for a while, until they were not able to verify my eligibility. So they cancelled my credit card. The must have my ssn tagged, because when I try and sign up, I get through all the screens but when I enter my ssn, it just circles back to the inital "Already a USAA member?" or "Not a Member?" screen. Bummed I won't be able to use USAA bc I like their products. Their financial loss.
  6. Thanks. I'm not a member of USAA or eligible to join. Are there any others?
  7. What is the best service that will allow me to pull all 3 credit reports each month? Also, is there one that will pull all 3 CRs more than once a month? Thanks for any advice.
  8. Unbelievable! I got a response from EQ through my complaint with CPFB. Here is EQ's reponse: "Please be advised the dispute was started on 10/01/12 and the investigation concluded on 10/16/12 and the results were received by you per the copy of the attachment you provided. The explanation was attached to the accounts per a glitch in our system, but the investigation was completed on 10/16/12. Therefore, the accounts will not be deleted. Currently, the accounts are in dispute per the investigation you initiated on 8/2/14". I disputed EQ's response with the CPFB with these remarks: Company claims to have fulfilled their FCRA dispute obligation within time limits, but says my credit report was not properly updated because of a "glitch" in their system. Therefore, the trade lines on my credit report remained labeled as "reinvestigation in process" since Oct 2012. Regardless if Equifax claims to have completed their investigation under FCRA timeline, they erroneously did not update my credit file to reflect the investigation was complete due to a "glitch". My credit report was clearly marked the dispute investigations were ongoing beyond the FCRA limit. A "glitch" is a failure and Equifax failed to properly report the results of the reinvestigation per FCRA. This is not acceptable, is a clear violation of the FCRA process and I have been financially harmed through their "glitch". Again, I request Equifax abide by the FCRA and delete the six erroneous trade lines. After I submitted my dispute to EQ's response to the CFPB, the CFPB sent me: What happens if I dispute the company’s response? A member of our staff will investigate your complaint. While we don’t specifically advocate for your desired resolution, we do investigate to see if any consumer financial protection laws were potentially broken. We also publish on our website which companies get the most disputes from consumers like you. Can I hire my own lawyer to look into this? Yes. While we can’t give legal advice or represent individuals in legal matters, if you want more help you can contact a private attorney or your local legal aid office for free or low-cost legal resources atwww.lsc.gov. What is everyone's thoughts? EQ says they completed their investigation within 30 days, but a glitch was why my accounts still showed as being under investigation since 2012. Have my rights been violated under FCRA? What shall I do next? I did dispute them on 8/2/14 (and at the same time filed a CPFB complaint); I imagine they will just remove their dispute glitch and not delete anything.

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