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  1. Are you serious? Can you please elaborate. I am in AZ, I heard you have to pay a fee to connect to grid and the solar system can take 20+ years to pay off. Any link or tip will be appreciated.
  2. OP, I have done mortgages for many years. Without getting into the details and the reasons, your best option is to ask the loan officer to contact the underwriter and ask them to waive this closure conditions. AND you will pay these cards in FULL prior to COE and provide proof with paper trail. I am sure they will go for it.
  3. No to all of it, it is only $160 and I dont think DTI ratio will effect by much. Worst case scenario they will ask you to pay off the $160, which I dont forsee.
  4. Here is a reference point for new credit file. I was helping someone and these results are awesome. Dec, 2014 A friend immigrated to US. NO CREDIT ANYWHERE. Dec, 2014 opened a BOA checking account along with Secured Visa card with $1000 limit, added another $1500- Secured limit is $2500. Mar, 2015 Added my friend as an Authorized User on CITI card with a limit of $12,000, June, 2015 Applied for Discover (I know, I know) Unsecured limit of $1500, I was thinking of doing 16 day CLI trick, but loophole is now closed. June 2015 Applied for BOA Visa, limit $1500 Now here is a kicker received a AMEX gold PRG with 50,000 MR point offer, applied APPROVED online. Unbelievable AMEX Gold in 6 months. Going to deposit $10K in secured card BOA, we shall see if this becomes unsecured with that limit, (I think it is 6 or 9 months.) Now here is the next part, Chase... I think depositing $20,000 in Chase Checking and 30 days later ask for Freedom or CSP. Now all of this cannot be achieved without the wisdom of this community.
  5. I have this card and used it carefully for MS. $40K limit, and the best part is I have been using their lounge all over the world for free. It paid for itself with all the drinks I had at the airport lounge.
  6. I have a NASA Share Savings, for about 4 months. How should I go about attempting a soft pull only for their CC? Obviously I have to Unlock the EX. Thanks for any tips.
  7. The only score that you listed that is a real FICO is the TU 08 from Walmart. Ignore those others. They're about as useful as a horoscope. LOL
  8. I have gambled all over the world just to name a few. Nairobi, Stockholm, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City, Vegas, Mississippi,, big easy, Indian Reservation throughout the USA, Reno, Sydney, and recently in Cairo, Egypt... etc. I have been comped RFB and stayed in $10,000 a night suite at Caesars, limo picked us up etc. you get the drift. I had all of the rules, take money what I can lose etc. It catches up to you eventually and rules go out the window. I won $50k some nights. I currently have offers to stay at Plazzo and Caesars for free, when I enter they give me around $500 of free money to come and play, shows, food, airline tickets. Blah Blah. Most of you guys are expert in Credit, and I am a noob. BUT when it comes to casinos and gambling I am one of the authority. STAY AWAY FROM CASINOS. On the side note, Yesterday, I had an offer from Planet Hollywood for a concert, I like the artist and I wanted to see, what the offer was. Guess what as soon as I logged on the Total Reward site, the offer pops up for Total Reward visa, I knew it was a soft hit, I applied those bastards gave me $15k limit. They will try any way to get you in the door.
  9. These 2 guys are just full of it. In any case, take a look at this, just by pulling regular CK nothing else, inquiry fell off. Since your last update on Apr 20, 2015, 1 inquiry has been removed from your credit report. Lender Industry Inquiry Date Reported By COMPASS BKCD Bank Jul 8, 2014 TransUnion
  10. Thank you Trevor, Shifter did advise me several days back its dead. Just thought few poster were making big claims, dont know what to call them.
  11. So, is TU B is doable or not? I got nailed with 14, which was B a while back and I am not in TX. It appears to be David and viking are trying to pulling our legs.
  12. They probably don't like you. Target has never asked me for an ID. I don't even give them the credit cards, just tell them the last 4 digits. Sounds like a new cashier doing his/her job. Most cashiers that just got the job and want to really show their supervisors and managers they are doing a good job.. do so by asking questions, or reading signs around them. And if a customer comes up with an unsigned card.. yes, that is about the ONE time I.D. can be asked for. (I know because I am somewhat militant about identifying myself as well. I have walked out of stores over it. Store P.O.V.: "See? Good job. You stopped an I.D. thief, or scammer. Probably wasn't his card. That's why he walked out." Because people DO notice a walk-out.. and they ask why business was denied. Your P.O.V.: "I really didn't think they were going to ask me." It comes in waves.. Christmas? Holiday? Oh yeah. . They may be back on it.) And, no, they 99% have never heard of CB, don't know about creditor/Visa or MC relationships, and feel as though they are doing their job. I remember how much Best Buy bugged on me when I came in there with a receipt for a paid item from the other store. Wow. And they denied me. They really feel like they are doing their store a service.. Soo.. Was this their policy? I've also penned separate posts on here about getting to be friendly with a cashier or two at some of these spots. Some people laughed about it. Our local business school graduate pundit found it laughable that I would waste my time to learn someone's name. People like to hear their name. In the first 4 seconds of an interaction you can set the tone for the remaining 5 minutes, possibly for follow up visits. Walk up to the CSR at Target that's had people mouse at them about returns or broken crap all day. Give her a big smile "Hi Trixie, how is your day going today?" Might be surprised the results you get. To me it's no different than being friendly to the bartender or waitresses at the places you frequent. Build a rapport it can pay off in spades. Very true... and I am glad I read this post, I need to practice more.
  13. I wish the non-reporting feature was known before they broke down...I'd love to have a $20K or $30K non-reporting TL. When I got the card, I felt great with $40K limit, because I was going for pry bar. When I found out not reporting felt like a sucker. But after several months, this card is a blessing, between hiding balances and the best part using at T for M$ and getting 3 airline point for each dollar and no CAP. Not to mention I am able to get into airline lounges for free and recovering my AF of $300 with free drinks.
  14. By the way, found a good use for Diner$ for M$. I though few months back before they ran out of plastic I was a sucker getting the card since it cant be used as a pry bar. Well, they don't report it and its a great thing, when I want to hide my util I just use that card and rest of the card has 0 bal. The best part is at Target I get 3 points and no cap on groceries. I dont think any card can do this at Target with 3 points in return. I just ran $5k few days back and got 15K in miles, I can directly transfer to airlines. And some airlines which aren't participating with them, you can transfer to SPG and get 1.8 miles per 20K miles transfer. Excellent card.
  15. I wasn't so keen on reading pages of bantering on iPhones and people's hairy ears and ungroomed eyebrows. Shame on me for assuming it's easy to find someone here who is helpful and not a douche. I now have 43 softs since the last system freakout about 1.5 months ago. I also have 17 hard inq, something must be not working. It's obvious to anyone with a brain that the Note4 is the superior phone. YEP +1
  16. Welcome Ranwar, I have a suggestion for you. Please get to know this forum and people involved. I can tell you this forum is going to help you beyond your dreams. Please spend several days and 40-50 hours reading, than ask your questions here.

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