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  1. Can you give me a solid reason you are worthy of the loan? (remember I'm the banker) Convince me. Well, I started working with a multimedia production company at age 16 after a three year internship. I've already made 74k by the age of 18 and am currently bringing in $6500 a month. My income is steadily growing. I don't have to many expenses currently and won't for another year, which by then, I should be making 10k a month. My car payment won't even be 10% of my income, which gives me a large safety net, say I have a bad month. Thats why I think I should qualify for a loan. Truthfully, I could just put a really large down and finance. The only reason I'm not buying the car outright is because I'm trying to build more credit. Also I need a new car. I've got a jaguar now that isn't exactly reliable. Thoughts? Thank you and sorry if I sound dumb, I'm new to this.
  2. Hey there, I recently turned 18 and want to get a new car on my own (parents won't co-sign). I am considering leasing or financing a BMW, as my car is a bit older. The problem is that I haven't developed credit yet. What isn't a problem is my income, I make plenty to pay for the lease estimate ($550/month). I also won't have a problem getting insurance or setting up an auto pay or anything like that either. So, before I go to a dealership and make a fool out of myself (if I can't pull it off), I was wondering what options are available and any ideas. Thanks a bunch.

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