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  1. How often can you hit the luv button? Can you hit it once a month, or do you need to wait a certain period between increases? Thanks!
  2. Discover CLI of $300 to $1200 AmEx approval for Everyday Card $2000 (My first AmEx!) Wells Fargo Propel AmEx $6000 Nice start (at least for me) to the new year!
  3. Hello All, My oldest daughter is 18 almost 19, and has had a job for about 10 months now. She has had a checking and savings account for about that time as well. Both have over $1500 in each account. She is a student and works around 15-20 hours a week. What would be the best option for her in terms of starting her credit profile? Would a student credit card be best, or would it be best for me to add her as an AU one of my cards? I have a Cap1 QS with a $4600 limit that has no balance and is hardly ever used. Would it best for her to be an AU and pay it off every moths for six months or so and then apply for her own card? Thanks in advice for the advice!
  4. I will let the experts chime in, but I will relate my personal experience. I was unaware you could upgrade your Cap 1 cards until I saw a link in a thread I was ready last night. I was able to the upgrade my Cap 1 Platinum MC to a Quicksilver with no credit pull at all. I then also checked my wife's Cap 1 Platinum and it was able to be upgraded as well, even though she also has a QS card already (I did not have a QS, just a Plat and a QS1). Going to wait six months or so and then move my QS1 limit over to my new QS card, which would put it close to 10k for limit. Hoping to use it as a prybar as we continue to patch our credit back together.
  5. I was approved for a Cap One Platinum Card for $1000.00. We had issues with our House A/C and I used the card, but I paid it off a couple of days later. I have been paying the card as soon as transactions post, but have noticed that I have not gotten a statement yet and it has been about a month. Website says I have no statement pending and my statement balance is zero. Did I screw up the credit steps by paying too early? Do I need to leave a couple of bucks on there to make a statement get cut? I want to be sure to request a CLI after three months and then get the credit steps CLI after six months. Not wanting to screw this up. Thanks!
  6. Greetings from a credit repair newbie! Recently got a credit report, and was surprised at how clean it was. However, I do have some items on there I would like to get taken of. Looking forward to learning! Just from browsing around the forums I can see that there is a plethora of great tactics and info!
  7. Found through a google search for "credit forums." Looking forward to learning!

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