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  1. Thank you for your response, cv91915. Very happy to say that I started by using the 'Secure message' option when I login to my Credit Card account page and sent a request. 3-4 weeks later, they confirmed, they removed it. I verified that it's gone from myFico reports. All 3 scores shot up by about 30 points.
  2. Hello, I am looking for valid contact information (mailing addresses) for sending GWs for Synchrony - Google Credit Account. Can anyone be kind enough to help me out? I have already sent them a secure message from my Account. I also found a thread with backdoor numbers for Synchrony (among others), but not sure which one is correct for the Google Store Card. The regular Customer Service agents on that 800 number have no idea what I am talking about. I did a search and been going through various threads but not able to find anything specifically for the Google Store account from Synchrony. I am trying to get the only 30-day late payment removed through a GW letter. If this question is in the wrong forum, I apologize. Please move this thread to an appropriate forum. Thanks for your understanding and assistance.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts on if i am ready to buy a house and if I should lease or not.☺️ Does anyone have an answer to my questions though?
  4. Hello, I have learnt a lot from this forum and thanks to everyone here who help out people like us. I read a bit of conflicting information and hence am confused a little. Appreciate any help. I am planning on a mortgage application in Mid 2018 (or 2019 if I am forced to wait). Unfortunately my car lease is ending in April 2018 as well and I DO NEED a car to get by. I know its highly recommended to get a mortgage settled first before any car obligations. I read in a few places that if you have less than 10 payments left on the car loan, its not considered under your DTI for mortgage. Is that correct? I was hoping to get a 2 year lease on a vehicle and start my mortgage process once I have less than 10 payments left. Is that doable? The other alternative is if I extend my current lease for about 3 months after my lease expires (I am way below the stipulated miles of 12K per year), so that I can close my mortgage and then lease/buy a new car, will that help my DTI in anyway, if my lease contract is already fulfilled? Secondly, how is DTI calculated when you have Credit card debt? Is that the sum of all minimum payments (if multiple cards) per month towards your total liability?
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  6. Thanks Mendelssohn! Your experiences on your thread(Road to 760) played a huge role in helping me. So special thanks to you. And also our PM conversation By the way, I forgot that I got 3 recent cards, each with 10K limit, which themselves add to $30. I checked my latest EQ report and my available credit is actually ~ $65000. So there's that! Nice! Since you're working with clean reports now, make sure you think things through before adding cards and app with a rewards strategy in mind. Yes Sir! Absolutely. All the cards I am getting are travel related cards. I am accumulating bonus miles/points on all these for a few big trips I have coming up. Once my trips are done with, I'll start categorizing different kinds of rewards important to me and use cards accordingly. But till then, its all about travel. Yep, now I can laugh about it and say that.
  7. Thanks Mendelssohn! Your experiences on your thread(Road to 760) played a huge role in helping me. So special thanks to you. And also our PM conversation By the way, I forgot that I got 3 recent cards, each with 10K limit, which themselves add to $30. I checked my latest EQ report and my available credit is actually ~ $65000. So there's that!
  8. Equifax finally deleted my last CO from 2008 45 days early (as they had promised 3 months ago). They actually promised to delete 30 days early, but someone was feeling good that day I guess I started out with EQ at 575 Fico score and the other two in the low 600s just over a year ago when I came across CB. Rewind back to 2011, no one would extend me credit, thanks to my stupidity and irresponsible credit behavior that led to a student credit card being charged off. I had multiple 30,60,90 lates, collections, medical bills and COs. I got my first actual credit card post CO in 2011. It was a secured Cap 1 card with a $200 limit. And so, my journey began. I didnt qualify for a lease in 2012 on a $16,000 Hyundai Elantra. My friend cosigned and helped me get a 2013 Hyundai Sonata, Limited, fully loaded on lease. Come 2014, my credit was still not where I wanted it to be. I was stuck in the low 600s. 645 on TU being the highest score I had seen on my report for a long time. Who knew the Util played such a huge role??? Then started researching on how I can improve my credit. Came across MyFico Forums (dont kill me for it). But then 'upgraded' to CreditBoards as my 'go-to' source for info and help, a couple months down the line. After a lot of reading, posting questions, getting yelled at because someone thought I didn't read enough on CB, frustrated sleepless nights about not being able to improve my credit, I then went on to achieve PFDs, FOAD letters, GW deletes, 25+ disputes with all agencies, more credit cards, more credit rejects, got B*, got R*, played with MSD, calls to the CRAs arguing to get the CO deleted, seeing unintended consequences while trying to dispute, score dropping to 580 again just about 7-8 months ago, more calls to CRAs, begging the CRAs to delete the CO and lates......... and the list continues. The latest addition to this list being M$. Today, I have over $65,000 in credit, No negatives and scores ranging from 700 on EQ to 760 on EX, util at less than 5% and a brand new 2015 Chrysler 300 leased a month ago without a cosigner and with top tier credit rates. Thanks to some very helpful, very knowledgable, some grumpy, some smart a**, some super friendly people here. You have all helped me and God Bless you for that! Thanks CB! The journey continues......
  9. I just apped and got rejected 'AGAIN'! WTH is going on? I think I am done with Amex for good.
  10. So I apped for a BCP a month ago when I had one CO which in turn had several 30,60,90 lates and an Ex score of 680. Obviously they rejected. I then disputed and got rid of the CO and no negatives on my CR on EX and TU at all. Fico score is at 740 and 750 respectively, util at ~10% and about 5-6 inq in the past 6 months. EQ still isnt clean and is at 650. EQ truly is the devil these days when it comes to early deletions. I called them back and asked to reconsider based on the updated Experian report. They again rejected me stating the exact same reasons and the score they mentioned in my 'new' rejection letter is still at 680. But myfico monitoring reported an inq by Amex the day after I requested the recon. So I thought they must have my updated report now. Why are they showing the old info and score after the recon request and another HP? Do I call back and recon again or just app on their website or just flip Amex off(i dont want to though)?
  11. Thanks Captivated. I'll checkout Citi. But my Equifax has one baddie to fall off in a month and my EQ score is less than 700. Citi in MN pulls EQ. So I will have to wait for the baddie to fall off.
  12. Chase UR is also free. Get an Amex Serve. If you both got a CSP, that's 90K UR points counting the 5K AU bonuses. Don't overlook the alliances for those partners. I guess the CSP looks like the best option right now. I have already earned bonuses from Venture, BankAmericard and United MileagePlus. I plan to use these for misc travel within Europe, car rentals, Hotel accommodations and so on. I guess I'll plan to leverage CSP for my flight tickets. Can I PM you about Serve?
  13. Thanks mendelssohn. I looked into CSP. But I have two issues with it. The participating airlines that I can redeem travel tickets from are very limited. From their website, "1:1 POINT TRANSFER TO LEADING FREQUENT TRAVEL PROGRAMS Transfer points to participating frequent travel programs at full 1:1 value - that means 1,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points equal 1,000 partner miles/points. Travel programs include British Airways Executive Club, Korean Air SKYPASS, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards®, United MileagePlus®, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, Amtrak Guest Rewards®, Hyatt Gold Passport®, IHG® Rewards Club, Marriott Rewards® and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards®." Secondly their initial spend bonus is after spending 4K in 4 months. I dont foresee so much of expenditure coming up for me to be able to spend 4K in 4 months. Multiply that by two if my wife has to get a card too. Unless you have some M$ advice for me, that you can PM me about.
  14. Is there a Travel Rewards card out there that let me combine my bonus points with my wife's credit card bonus points? I am planning a Europe trip next year and am trying to get the maximum rewards through bonus points and purchases to be able to minimize my out of pocket spending. So any suggestions are welcome. I know US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Credit card does that. As in we both get our own credit cards(not AU) and spend the minimum required, we both earn points and they let us transfer points to the other with no additional charge. There maybe some strings attached but my colleague who has done it said he was able to do it without an extra fee.

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