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  1. +1 and congrats on the increase! I think the only way to NOT get a CLI with Discover is to request one every week
  2. I never go over 50% either. But, if I were in your shoes (with the specs listed above) I would definitely move all of it to the BT card. Utilization will be ~79%, but not near maxed out (90%). The util will go down pretty quickly and you'll save bookoo bucks. I say, "Go for it!'. Note - Obviously, start PIF in the future ETA - I just noticed 3 of the 4 CC's are already over 50%. Your score could actually increase after everything is transferred and reported. This could take a couple of months because of residual interest.
  3. Same as last time.
  4. I requested through online chat every 6 months. It took a while. Did not happen all at once. I only did it because I could and to see how low it would go. It's still too high. Anyway, anything higher than 0% is too much. Note - A lower rate will not lower your existing balance rate. Congrats on the increase!
  5. Discover - 22.99% -> 13.49% You heard me
  6. In my experience, Discover and Chase (your existing cards) routinely offer 12 month, 0% BT's with a ~3% fee. The monies can be transferred into your checking account. Just like a cash advance, but without the crazy APR rate.
  7. https://help.equifax.com/s/article/What-is-the-difference-between-the-Equifax-Credit-Score-and-the-FICO-Score Don't sweat it. You'll be fine. P.S. - I'm only responding to the question below... "Someone please reassure me that this EQ score is vastly different than the lender's! I'm really upset right now! THanks in advance!"
  8. So, these 3 CC's are not showing on your credit report?
  9. Welcome to Creditboards! We hope that you find what you're looking for here. Some helpful tips: Your post may not get a reply right away. Don't be discouraged, this is a very busy board. If it falls off of the first page, feel free to reply to your post yourself, with the word *bump* in the text. This will *bump* your post back up to the top of the board. If you haven't yet, take a peek at out Newbies Section. Everything that you need to know is in that forum, for the most part. It's a lot of reading, we know, but this credit stuff can have a steep learning curve. In no time, you'll be posting like the pros! If you find that someone is discourteous to you, use the REPORT button at the top right of every post - that will ensure that a moderator or admin looks at the post and decides if it is against the TOS. Off -topic posts should go in the General Forum. Again, welcome to the CreditBoards family! CB Admin: LKH, Pam, radi8, breeze & MarvBear
  10. You can replace the wheel assemblies for ~$10. Just as easy as replacing a doorknob

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