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  1. The above posts/links are based on assumption/parroting and zero facts. Here's an article from AARP dated 10/24/2014... https://blog.aarp.org/2014/10/24/is-a-credit-freeze-for-you/ I found numerous other articles stating the same thing. I found none that stated you were automatically opted out when freezing your credit.
  2. Kat58

    Discovery charge off rate jumped to almost 4%

    riding oneself From MarvBear: Your post makes me deeply disappointed and ashamed.
  3. So far, and still looking... "A credit freeze, also known as a security freeze, prevents the credit bureau from sharing your credit report with any person or entity without your permission (it prevents hard credit inquiries). Without a credit report pull, no one can obtain credit and open a new account in your name." "Credit freezes do not prevent you from receiving pre-qualified credit offers, either (because these come from soft inquiries). BTW, I never said I couldn't find that info. I said, "I don't recall ever reading that"
  4. I have my grandkids right now. Will re-search later.
  5. I don't recall ever reading that^
  6. Kat58

    2019 Credit Recession (self induced)

    Ok, I'll try a different angle. For an experiment (or just for fun), pay off all CC's with the exception of ~$3000 and request another CLI on your DCU CC.
  7. Kat58

    2019 Credit Recession (self induced)

    Some FI's see $ amount of revolving owed as opposed to overall utilization %? I can't remember if Bobwang discussed this, but I've always wondered about it. In the mycrappo simulator, there's a question... I realize this includes all debt (except mortgages), but still, there appears to be thresholds. Thoughts?
  8. while ( i ❤️ u 2 ) . . .
  9. Kat58

    Master 2019 Approvals and CLIs Thread

  10. Kat58

    March 1st is 30 days late for Feb?

  11. Kat58

    Does affirm add positive points on your credit?

    I know who you are 🤭
  12. Kat58

    Superior Tradelines LLC

    They know who we are... https://superiortradelines.com/forum/will-adding-tradelines-help-get-approved-credit-cards/
  13. Kat58

    Superior Tradelines LLC

  14. Kat58

    Amex CLD "Minimal Usage" is the excuse

    smh (but not too hard)
  15. Kat58

    Amex CLD "Minimal Usage" is the excuse

    FINALLY! (Been waiting for someone to point this out 🙄)
  16. Kat58

    Amex CLD "Minimal Usage" is the excuse

    Amex (somehow) found out IPP is unemployed?

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