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  1. +1 and congrats on the increase! I think the only way to NOT get a CLI with Discover is to request one every week
  2. I never go over 50% either. But, if I were in your shoes (with the specs listed above) I would definitely move all of it to the BT card. Utilization will be ~79%, but not near maxed out (90%). The util will go down pretty quickly and you'll save bookoo bucks. I say, "Go for it!'. Note - Obviously, start PIF in the future ETA - I just noticed 3 of the 4 CC's are already over 50%. Your score could actually increase after everything is transferred and reported. This could take a couple of months because of residual interest.
  3. Same as last time.
  4. I requested through online chat every 6 months. It took a while. Did not happen all at once. I only did it because I could and to see how low it would go. It's still too high. Anyway, anything higher than 0% is too much. Note - A lower rate will not lower your existing balance rate. Congrats on the increase!
  5. Discover - 22.99% -> 13.49% You heard me

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