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  1. Welcome https://www.nav.com/resource/net-30-accounts/ https://articles.bplans.com/the-four-tiers-of-small-business-financing/ Hope this helps.
  2. Title - CB Resident Nobel Peace Prize Winner Too long? 🤔
  3. OP already indicated she was going to take advantage of the Discover BT. But, you are correct, I should have added it to the list (as the FIRST thing to do). Thanks
  4. Based on information in first post (short and sweet version)... In this order... 1. Do not refi. Doesn't look cost effective IMO. 2. Do not apply for any cards (yet). Utilization entirely too high. 3. Pay down PedFed and BOA to ~68% utilization (each). This should take ~4 months. 4, Request CLI on the Amex. Check for Amex BT offers. 5. Apply for the Citi Diamond Preferred. I chose this card because you have a past relationship. Applying for 5 cards is overkill. Note - Don't worry about the Citi Diamond mail offer expiring. They will send a new one every week 🤣
  5. Ducks Unlimited/FNBO $3k CLI. This increase was obtained by phone and was a SP!
  6. JPMorgan is requiring that its traders return to the office by September 21 after 6 months of working from home
  7. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/623289-disputed-but-no-contact-and-closed-still-showing-on-cr/

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