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  1. Wow... a year ago I had very little credit, and a high mileage vehicle I was thinking of needing a replacement for. Learned to replace a lot of parts, and still driving a older high mileage vehicle that is purring like a kitten. Had some life events this year that I had to use more credit/debt than I cared to... but have been able to put most of it on 0% cards and then open up new ones to transfer the balance as I pay it down when interest starts to be charged on older cards. Cap1Qs 5750 Cap1Qs 2000 Usaa 1000 Usaa 2000 Walmart SC 6000 Amazon SC 6000 Paypal SC 1000 Wells Visa 4000 Discover 4500 Amex Grn Last bads will fall off early 2016 from EQ and Ex. Already gone from TU. 676. 672, and 712 current scores. Great advice to be found on here. I'm still juggling things and not where I would like to be, but it's far better to be juggling 0% balloons than ones that feel like they are only getting heavier with each pass. Now my goal is to see if I can get 300k miles on my vehicle instead, and start rolling a car note into savings once I pay down my balances. Plus finally take a vacation with the points/cash back accounts sometime next year. Two years ago I would not have thought I would be where I am now... and it feels kinda good to have gone from a 300 dollar total credit limit to what I have now. Will call Ex and see if they'll take off my last collection account the first of November.
  2. I was bored so I typed up a letter.... not sure if I'm bored enough to go buy stamps though... Is way to easy to just ignore them with a call blocking app. Dear Dynamic Recovery Solutions and Asset Recovery Solutions Account : Since you were nice enough to state that you cannot sue me or take any legal action… ok, you were not nice to do it, you were forced to because otherwise you would be breaking the law. I am now demanding that you (FOAD in slang terms) cease all communications. Please stop wasting your poor auto-dialers time and energy, and never, ever contact me again. In case you are not aware of what FOAD means, it means F@ck Off and Die. No need to take the die part seriously, your just someone trying to intimidate people for a living. But if you do take it seriously, here is the number for the suicide prevention hotline. 1-800-273-8255 Never, ever contact me again. I will remedy said contact by following up with actions allowed under the FDCRA. Do not call, do not use the postal service, do not use carrier pigeon, do not use any form of communication currently known to man to attempt to contact me. I should have written this in crayon, just to keep the words small and understandable. I mean so that you can read them, understandable has too many syllables for some collection agents, yet alone one of your caliber that probes the depths of the financial world so deep that even a catfish would not be willing to venture into the murky world you live in. Attached is a copy of your statement. Never contact me again, nor allow one of your many subsidiaries to do so.
  3. Started getting calls from Asset Recovery. Sometimes I'd hit the answer button and let them hear the sound of the toilet being flushed... Today I get the letter from Dynamic, which is pretty much one and the same. Apparently they bought the note on a auto repo.... from 2001. Talk about digging up past old SOL debts. At least on the statement is a small line printed that the debt is SOL.... They call once a day every day. What ya think... ignore them, send them a nice FOAD notice? Nice thing about call blocking apps on phones is... all I get is a cute little icon that pops up to let me know they have called except for the days I'm feeling like talking in the hopes they'd violate themselves. I was nice one time and answered while at the computer, and told the rep that since they worked at a collection agency I had some numbers for them. Gave them the suicide prevention hotline and a alcoholics anonymous number. Even told them what the numbers were and why they should call. They hung up on me... It's almost a badge of honor to get a CA to hang up on you without having them cuss or get irate.
  4. Going to have to test the waters tonight and see if I can buy a VGC (and some actual groceries) on a card that still offers 5% for a little longer. Have converted all of my monthly bills that I can to auto pay on cards with 1.5% It's a start.
  5. I saw this one this morning... then my dog scratched behind her ear to remind me to get some Advantix.. 52$ with 15$ off is a good deal with free shipping on top of it
  6. Gave Fingerhut the boot and closed. A little over a year ago they were my highest credit limit. Hit up synchrony to move my Amazon up to 6k as well, and they said no problem. Down to 2 of 8 accounts with a balance, and working on those over the next few months so that only one will report a balance. Juggled my auto-bill pays I have on different card so that the dates will allow me to PIF before statements cut on cards that give some kind of reward (if for no other reason than to pay for themselves until I can get better ones) I think I'm starting to learn from the advice given around here
  7. I had to return something today at WM and stood in line eyeing their machine with the MO option and everything.... and it made me think of this thread. Couple that with seeing the gift card rack at my grocery store the day before has me thinking
  8. The old story of you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink. You are concerned about your son's scores. Perhaps you should put some salt in his oats and make him thirsty enough to do the research into why maxing out a credit card is bad. Nothing wrong with helping him out, but hopefully you are turning this into a learning experience as well. My parents bailed me out of credit trouble several times in my life... and in the end, while their intentions were the best... it took me longer to get the understanding I have now. That's what I read into this thread... might be way off the mark. Either way, this is an excellent site for credit advice.
  9. Oh yeah... and I will have paid off some more accounts so that only two will have a balance being reported as the August updates start. Had a balance on at least 4 always being reported. Will take a little time to pay off the other two, but at 23% utilization now and working my way back down... (So I went shopping lately... now most cards are keeping my socks happy )
  10. Realized I have not hit up Wally werld lately... and slow at work and needed someone to chat with Current limit is 3k so I asked for 10... they bumped it up to 6k. Figure I'll have my Amazon payed off next month (found a few good deals during prime day)... so might have to give them a chat then Have enough decent accounts open now (or at least decent to me) so thinking of closing Fingerhut since I will never use them again and sit tight and work on CLI's until all scores are higher. Current Fico's are 713 TU, 672 EX, 662 EQ Amex green Usaa 2k Usaa 1k Cap1 5.7k Cap1 2k WF 4k WM 6k Amz 3k FH 2k
  11. I wonder.... My last CLI on the card I merged another limit onto was in April. Will they count the combining of cards as a CLI so that I need to reset my clock on when to request another CLI, or if my odds will still be good with the 181 day theory for Cap1. Too early to tell I guess..
  12. It was my last collection. Have some lates though, with the most recent being 15 months ago. Splurged and updated myfico/tu report. It jumped to 713 Which is great to me... now to let the lates age off and keep paying down my balances.
  13. Disputed two items for age on TU. Credit One account and it's associated LVNV collection. Currently have a 657 TU fico. What will it be when it gets updated or I go ahead and pull a new report @ MyFico? I'm hoping to join the 700 club
  14. Credit one... we all make financial mistakes, and that's why we read and follow this board. Close it as soon as you can. The advice to overpay them a small amount before hand is wise. Credit one makes snake oil salesmen and politicians look like saints. Save what you were making in payments and apply it to a secured card. Just the annual fee and the credit limit increase fee alone are enough to get a better secured card than their product. At least close it the month before the annual fee is due at the latest. Get a secured card or a Cap1 starter card when you can depending on your scores.
  15. great advice. The cap1 card I combined is at 5.75k and next highest is at 4k. Will let them age, and keep a spreadsheet to remind myself to request cli's. Wally werld and Amazon store cards are at 3k now. Will see if I can get them above 5k towards the end of the year. Plus it helps that my employer just showed me some additional love...

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