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  1. My open trade-lines as of MAR 2019: AMEX Everyday $ 26,500 NFCU $Rewards $ 25,000 SYNCB/Lowes $ 17,000 ALLIANT Visa $ 15,000 BOA Merrill+ $ 12,000 CHASE Freedom $ 12,000 BARCLAY Arrival $ 8,550 BARCLAY AAviator $ 8,000 CAP1 Savor $ 10,000 CAP1 QS Rewards $ 8,000 CITI MileUp $ 5,000 CITI Double Cash $ 4,100 Total Credit: $ 151,150.00
  2. Bringing back the dead! Just wanted to say I got BOTH the cards for the SUBs in the past year... I downgraded Arrival+ to the Arrival at AF time.... and Ill be combining limits with the AAdvanatge soon. I love collecting/using travel bonuses! Here's my current lineup. I downgrade and combine a lot.... so most of these cards started as top tier prime cards. AMEX Everyday $ 26,500 NFCU $Rewards $ 25,000 NFCU CLOC $ 10,000 ALLIANT Visa $ 15,000 BOA Merrill+ $ 12,000 SYNCB/Lowes $ 12,000 BARCLAY Arrival $ 8,500 CAP1 QS Rewards $ 8,000 CHASE Freedom $ 7,000 CHASE Amazon $ 5,000 CITI AAdvantage $ 5,000 CITI TY Premier $ 4,000 Total Credit: $ 138,000
  3. Yikes! I just checked my FICO 08's from: Citi, BOA, and AMEX Seems Ive lost 20+ points in the past year!
  4. I also discovered a 30-day late on my Lowes/SYNCH card..... Any trick to getting that removed? It was on autopay mistake.... $0 balance on the card now.
  5. Ok, I got all 3 reports.... my CO was removed from TU, but its still on EX & EQ. DOFD is 2/2013 according to there reports.
  6. Ok, let me see about getting my real reports and checking the DOFD. Its for TCM Bank. Thanks!
  7. Yes. I tried with TransUnion and got...... FOCUS MGMTReported on Nov 13, 2017 $206 Item Results Result: Verified As Accurate And Updated - It looks like this item is actually correct and that it's going to stay on your credit report, but info has been updated to reflect recent activity.
  8. I had a 6k charge off when I started this thread, but had to pay off "settled for less" to buy my 1st home. Last activity is 1/2016, so idk if that started the time of removal from my reports over? Also, directv snuck in a $200.00 collection for some unknown reason... when I got wind of it I paid them directly but it still reported under the collection agency? I haven't had them in years.... I didn't want to argue and just paid the amount. Other than that, no other negatives.
  9. My open trade-lines as of AUG 2018: AMEX Everyday - $ 26,500 ALLIANT Visa - $15,000 BOA Merrill + Visa - $12,000 BARCLAY Ring- $8,500 NFCU cashRewards - $25,000 NFCU CLOC - $10,000 SYNCB/Lowes - $12,000 CAP1 QS Rewards - $8,000 CHASE Freedom - $7,000 CHASE Amazon - $5,000 CITI TY Premier - $4,000 CITI AAdvantage - $5,000 Total Credit: $138,000.00 My scores haven't really changed in a year?
  10. hmmm.... I know I havent been here in a while...
  11. Ok, PRG is up for AF... 3rd year. 1st was Free, 2nd they gave me a nice "stay" package. What are my options? downgrade, close...? BlueCash Preferred is due, dont need it. Should I downgrade? or Close? Then I have one of my oldest cards, Everyday no AF. With these 3 cards, 2 due for AF (which I never pay)... what should I do? Thanks!
  12. uhhhm.... is that something like $12k in AA travel??
  13. I just got the Citi AA card w/ 60k offer then sent a secure message asking for 75k which they accepted. They credited me the 15k difference immediately, but I have to make $3k in purchases within 3 mos. to get the original 60k. Best SUB out now if you fly AA.

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