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  1. My daughter had a medical procedure done back in early 2015. I paid the amount due and everything was fine. In fact, I guess I overpaid, because about a month later, I received a check back from the medical provider after insurance adjustments had been paid. Around December of 2015, I received a bill again from the medical provider, stating that due to further adjustments, I now owed them money again. I didn't understand it then, and I still don't understand it now, but that's not really the point. I talked to the medical provider a few times and then to my insurance a few times, and never got a really clear answer as to why I owed money, when they had sent me a reimbursement check earlier that year. Since I didn't understand it, I never paid. Fast forward to this year, and in March, the medical provider sent my bill to collections. I had forgotten all about WhyChat's HIPAA method, so this is what I did instead: I called the OC medical provider and paid them. I'm never going to pay a CA, so that's why I paid the OC. I had hoped the OC would contact the CA to remove the collection. Well, they didn't. Instead, the CA just updated the account to say "Paid." (as a sidenote, the amount the CA is reporting isn't even accurate, it's off by about $0.50, for whatever that's worth) I sent a letter to the CA based upon this letter at https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=536064&p=5137907 That letter apparently did no good, because the CA never did anything. I then went online to EQ, TU, and EX to dispute the collections by claiming "Not Mine." The collections all came back verified. It was at this point that I then remembered all about WhyChat and HIPAA. I typed up a letter to the OC medical provider based upon this letter at https://whychat.me/hipltr.html I used the ( b ) insert, since I had paid them already, with the receipt attached. I had hoped that they would contact the CA to delete the collections, but instead I got a response back from the OC medical provider detailing that the Paid Collections was accurate and some other information that was basically telling me that they weren't going to do anything. So I guess my next step is to send letters to the CRAs, as well as a follow up letter to the OC medical provider? Should I send a letter to the CA as well, based upon the letter from https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html? Do I send all these at the same time? Or the CRAs first, and then then the OC, and then the CA? Have I already screwed myself by doing incorrect steps first, before doing WhyChat's method? Thanks!
  2. I'd also like a code for the 150k Biz, please. Anyone have another one?
  3. That may actually work out well for you. Watch to see if the reimbursements still show up. That's been reported to happen sometimes. How long ago was the purchase? The AA refunded order may have to do with some info not matching. That's what happened. Amex reimbursed me yesterday. So now I have a -$200 balance on that card. That's pretty cool, I guess.
  4. Does anyone know if any other cards work with Walmart kiosks? I know that Metabank cards do and Vanilla cards don't. But what about amex gift cards or other brands? Also, if I put money into Serve online with an Amex credit card, are there cash advance fees assessed?
  5. I guess I missed some CB drama? CV and mendel left? I read their posts with interest. Anyways, does anyone know if any other cards work with Walmart kiosks? I know that Metabank cards do and Vanilla cards don't. But what about amex gift cards or other brands? Also, if I put money into Serve online with an Amex credit card, are there cash advance fees assessed?
  6. I bought two $100 AA gift cards with my Amex Plat for the reimbursement. But instead of being reimbursed, AA refunded the order. Did I do something wrong?
  7. I have one or two cards that have balances, but nothing too high. I typed my first post on my phone last night, so I didn't type out the full message but the decline reason was basically "too much available credit obligations to stated income." Something like that. It wasn't "too much debt."
  8. They're already there. Removing the AU isn't going to take them off the reports and/or change AAOA unless the OP actually starts disputing accurate, positive tradelines. And that's a slippery slope. I guess that's sorta where I'm at now...trying to decided if removing the AU accounts will help me or hurt me overall.
  9. I've seen some incredible credit growth over the past year. But I've reached the limit of what I can achieve at this time and am wondering if gardening is all that is needed from this point on, or if there is anything else I need to do. Being that I've been working on both my credit and my wife's, I've applied for duplicate accounts for just about everything. As a result, I've added 1 vehicle loan, 18 credit cards (4 of which I've already closed), 2 lines of credit, and 13 authorized user accounts in the past 13 months. My AAOA is standing at around a pretty pathetic 2 years. My yearly income is roughly $65k and my available credit lines are about $160k. In the past few weeks, I applied for cards from NASA and Citi, and a cli from Navy. All three responded with denials with the reason "excessive credit obligations." I understand I have added a ton of new accounts and that I need to garden. It's been hard for me to resist applying for some stellar signup bonuses lately. My question has to do with excessive credit obligations. Is it to be assumed that as these accounts age, that the amount of available credit decreases in impact to creditors? Or is the age irrelevant and I've just reached the highest amount of credit I can hope to attain at my current salary? And I wonder if removing myself from my wife's accounts as an authorized user would help my reports? My available credit would decrease but my AAOA would go up and the fear of excessive credit obligations could possibly reduce some. I need to garden and stop adding new accounts. That's a given. But is that all I should do? Or is it perhaps wise to remove myself from authorized user accounts for the reasons I detailed above?
  10. Amex awarded me the 30,000 signup bonus points to my account today. When I go to SPG's website, it doesn't list the 30,000 points. Do I need to do anything or does Amex automatically notify SPG of my points? If I have to wait on Amex, does anybody have an idea of how long that takes? I'm trying to book a fast approaching trip. Thanks.
  11. Can I load up my Serve VIP with an Amex Credit card online, and will that purchase count as spending towards sign up bonus?
  12. I've literally only started doing this within the past few weeks, just for meeting signup bonuses, and have already attained 200,000 MR and 60,000 SPG points, so whatever all that is worth.
  13. So this is all really fun. I can buy Vanilla VGC with credit cards at CVS (except for one store today, that told me cash only; the 3 other stores near me take CC without issue). I cannot load my Serve with Vanilla VGC at CVS; they told me cash loads only. I cannot buy VGC with credit cards at FD. I can load Serve with VGC at FD. I can buy MOs with VGC at Publix and Winn-Dixie. I cannot buy VGC with credit cards at either store; cash / debit only. I can load up MetaBank VGC on Serve / BB at WM; haven't tried anything else yet at WM. I can deposit MOs on my phone to USAA and PenFed instantly; deposits to DCU take a business day to process. Running all over town for this R$ / M$ business is fun, and feels quite illegal, although I know it's completely legal.

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