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  1. I got some new information since I posted this topic last night. The loan is a private institutional loan, and was not sold to the collection agency. The collection agency is handling the collections on their behalf. I talked to someone at the University who said that once the loan is paid back in full, that she will have the collection agency remove the mark from my credit report. Do I have any options aside from paying the loan back in full at this point? And can I trust that they will actually have the negative mark removed from my credit report?
  2. Hi all, After I graduated college I began consolidating all of my student loans. However, I somehow missed a loan from the university totaling around $8,0000, and received no notice about payments until the loan went into collections. I have sent a debt validation to the collection agency, and they responded with a copy of the signed promisory note and balance. Can I try to negotiate a pay for delete even though the debt is a student loan? Or do I have to try to set up a payment plan with the collection agency? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, TJ
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