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    God, Family, Country and 1950s music (Vocal Group Harmony/Doo Wop), 1950s automobiles.
  1. Regarding: While helping a friend (business owner) build his credit, he received the same denial letter from Lowes. It was simply a matter of him putting a business phone number number down on the application that did not match the number on the D&B report. Actually, the number he wrote down was correct, but the D&B number was outdated. He went through eupdate and corrected the D&B file, reapplied with Lowes.. and was approved for a $2000 card. In summary.. the "UNABLE TO VERIFY BUSINESS TELEPHONE NUMBER" letter had absolutely nothing to do with a 411 listing in this case, it was simply a generically worded denial letter.
  2. Hi As far as obtaining business credit is concerned (if that is what you mean).. it has not affected me, or made a difference at all. Of course, I am only speaking for myself and that would only apply to what I have applied for, and been approved for, which has been 100% approval. (Sam's Club, HDMC, Home Depot, Lowes, 3 Citi cards, Best Buy, Office Depot, Office Max, Citgo Fleet, Valero.. well you get the idea..)
  3. I am in East Central Florida, (Volusia County) the package is sent from northern Maine.. (I mean, WAY up there)
  4. Apparently, my experience is just an anomaly, but after posting above ^ .. our shipment was yet again shipped from Maine on Friday afternoon via ground, and yet again arrived at our door on Saturday right around 10:00 am. Just a side note, we get an automated email when the package is picked up, with links for tracking etc.. I mean, our experience with DHL has been better than flawless. Paying for ground, and getting it overnight.. and this has been going on since we began using DHL. (quite a while)
  5. First do a search of these boards.. but if you want me to give you a shortcut: STAY AWAY FROM THEM!
  6. Hi Just me two cents to throw in.. we use DHL on a semi-regular basis for a shipment originating out of Maine. It is shipped on Friday afternoon, and it is sent "ground" because we really don't need it until about Thursday of the next week. We are in Florida. Without fail, we get it the very next day (Saturday) usually before 10:00 am. In summary, we get it overnight, but pay for ground. The plot thickens..
  7. Here is who I use for my vanity numbers.. two of them: Telcan
  8. You can make the check out to yourself, deposit it into your account, and do with it what you wish.
  9. Okay.. I don't know what to think of this (yet), but I wanted to follow-up on my post above. As of today, I was given a credit line increase from $5,500 to $10,000 on my *2nd* HDMC. So I now have 2 cards with the 10k limit. And I have still not got THE CALL. Why not? I don't know, the saga continues..
  10. Maybe the call is inevitable, but I'm testing this out. When the HDMC first came out, I got two cards. One had a $7,200 limit and the other has a $5,500 limit. The $7,200 card now has a 10k limit. I have never used the $5,500 card. Anyway, I just signed on to the account manager for the $5,500 card and asked for a credit line increase up to 10k.I'll let you know if they give me the increase.. or if this triggers the call. I don't use it anyway.. so its no big deal to me either way.
  11. Yep.. wasn't long. 5 business days sounds about right.
  12. Hi.. Believe me when I tell you that I have been around the hosting merry-go-round a time or two, and as far as price/features/quality customer service.. my vote always goes to www.hostmatters.com I've been with them several years now.. and they 'da best. (and nice ladies, besides)
  13. Just enough, at the right time.. yet not too many.
  14. Visualize.. A man with greasy hair slicked back, wearing a plaid sport coat.. telling you the car was made "just for you".. no.. really.. I mean it, this car IS YOU!

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