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  1. Well, CES/Navient is what it sho s on Equifax and TU and Exp show ACS/Navient but apparently it was CES then they changed their name to ACS, now their name is Conduent. Here’s my Equifax CES/Navient Date Opened Apr 16, 2010 High Balance $9,500 And it shows under Navient Date Opened Apr 16, 2010 High Balance $9,500 Both reflecting payment history for 2015-2016 I’ve since consolidated all my loans under NelNet and on a PAYE plan. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. It was originally with ACS and was transferred to Navient. It’s closed on my credit and states transferred to other lender however both ACS/Navient and the Navient account are both listing as the same account dates. It’s as if Navient went back and added what ACS/Navient already reported when they had it. And neither companies can tell me why the company is listed as ACS/Navient on my report since it’s two separate companies. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I have two different companies reporting the same loan from 2015. Under one company its titled Ace/Navient and simply Navient under the other. I sent a 609 letter to credit bureaus and ACS sent me a letter stating theyre not my loan services and I need to contact Navient however its their contact info and account number on my credit reports. Anyone else ran into this problem?
  4. Quick question, is it normal for a collector to call my cell phone at 10:20 pm?
  5. Question to y'all. I checked the ncdoi website for some of the business names listed to see if they were licensed in NC. Security Collection and Central Finance Control does not show at all, as well as Stern and Associates. Anything I can do about these? We are no longer rushing on the mortgage situation, encountered some medical issues with the pregnancy so since I am no longer expecting, do I still need to hold out on doing anything until February as WhyChat had stated to begin with?
  6. I have already opted out, I have the address letters ready to be sent, I just didn't want to send anything without making sure I wasn't messing anything up. I do have insurance so nothing else should be hitting me. These are the only accounts that I have let go against me, when I was between jobs without insurance. I'm not due until February so once I get through all that fun and games, I'll be back to let you guys know what my status is. Thank you for taking the time too.
  7. Is this program recommended for me right now or should I try to setup a PFD with all of them?
  8. Thank you. That was my hesitation to start the process, would I get any bumps in score to write goodwill letters to inquires in the meantime and ask they remove their inquiries?
  9. I am in NC and the SOL is 7 years if I'm not mistaken.
  10. Sent a DV to CMI, (time warner co) they will fold immediately. Have gotten them off my report and someone else s, after the first letter sent, send it CMRR. Are they also reporting a medical for you (credit management is same comapny as CMI) You have it listed like this above: CMI Placed for collection 12/22/2013 Balance $504(Medical) Credit Management Opened 12/2013 $504 Collections (Time Warner) Maybe just a typo on your end. I am following your thread/progress. Mainly to see if anyone has advice on dealing with Wells Fargo, I have 2 charge offs from them and don't see much advice regarding that OC on the forumns. Good Luck to you, I have had numerous things removed within the last 30 days of starting this myself, but still have a long way to go too. That was a typo on my behalf. I have posted this into the medical forum. I haven't tried validating anything or disputing anything other than the Comcast which shows the account was setup at my mother-in-laws home that I stayed at for a year in Seattle. She already had service there so how did I end up with a bill of collections for it?
  11. Thank you. I've already opted out about a week ago and I've already created the letters to send out, just wanted a little insight before I mailed them.
  12. So I am completely new to this forum, I have read over WhyChats page and before I started on his program, I just wanted to make sure his guidelines are for my situation. I am just stressed that some of these creditors are going to try and take me to court for this when I go and try to dig up dirt and disputing some of this. I am 24 and I have another baby on the way so my husband and I are trying to get into a home, but of course we have to fix our credit first. Here is what my credit is looking like: TransUnion: Capital One Opened 9/12/2010 Last payment made 08/27/2013 Original ChargeOff $683 Status Charged Off. (Credit Card) Verizon Date Opened 2/18/2009 Payment Received $0 Original ChargeOff $765 Status Charged Off Wells Fargo Opened 6/20/2010 Last payment made 8/26/2013 ChargeOff $589 Status Charged Off (Credit Card) Central Finance Control Placed for collection 12/5/2013 Balance $151(Medical) Central Finance Control Placed for collection 2/20/13 Balance $1,222(Medical) CMI Placed for collection 12/22/2013 Balance $504(Medical) Security Collection Placed for collection 7/3/2013 Balance $100(Medical) Stern and Associates Placed for collection 4/15/2013 Balance $75(Medical) Experian: Amerifinancial Solutions 5/2014 $893 (Medical) Capital One (same as above) Central Financial Control (Same as above) $1,222 (Medical) Central Financial Control (Same as above) $151 (Medical) Credit Management Opened 12/2013 $504 Collections (Time Warner) Enhanced Recovery Corporation 9/20213 $628 (Comcast) - I have disputed this one several times because I never had them, it disappears then 5 or 6 months later shows back up Kross/Lieberman & Stone 1/2013 $243 (Medical) Stern and Associates (Same as above) $ 75 (Medical) Verizon (Same as above) $765 Wells Fargo (Same as above) $589 (Credit Card) I do have two car loans that are in good standings on all 3 credit reports, one has been open 2 years with no missed or late payments and the other 1 year with no missed or late payments so they are somewhat working in my favor to help rebuild my credit Do I start with having my old address removed and then continuing the rest of WhyChat's process, or should I just not stir anything and pray no one takes me to court?! Sorry for the long post, just a bit confused on what path I should take to get started on.
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