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  1. Yes I am a filthy wireless router, but you do not insult me by claiming I have a low IQ You're right. I'm sorry. You don't have a low IQ. Your IQ is untraceable. Now, since you are just a punk troll, stay the hell off my site. I will, No hard feelings. To all the other members: thank you for the information.
  2. Yes I am a filthy wireless router, but you do not insult me by claiming I have a low IQ
  3. The VA doctor will attest that I am permanently and totally disabled. Doctors don't even believe I can use a computer.
  4. Oh and will accepting it result in a hard inquiry?
  5. Were the questions like: 1. which street have you lived on: a. 535 bloomberg road b 98 rainbow drive apt E c 98 rainbow drive apt H d none of the above
  6. Congrats dude! I've been an avid fan of your informative posts and insightful questions.
  7. Hello. I applied for a USAA World Mastercard, and I was denied because Excessive obligations in relation to income. That is BBC card territory (BS). the only expenses i have are rent, food, and a $11,000 student loan which i will get forgiven. they made a counteroffer for USAA Secured Platinum MasterCard®. I fell I should not accept it. my credit is ok (662, 757, 660). over the last few days I have been approved for 2 cards. so I have three with a combined limit of $7300. plus my credit will suffer these hard inquires. (my experian used to be 770, those inquiries are already hitting me) Also, the secured card has these features: The card's credit limit is determined by the amount of money you put into a certificate of deposit (Opens Pop-up Layer) (CD), up to $5,000. You'll earn interest on your CD, so you're saving for the future while building good credit. It might be good to save a bit though. I have not been doing that
  8. I don't have goggle or Wikipedia bookmarked; yet I do have this forum bookmarked. Yet, I agree. I will attempt to research a question first
  9. YAY! It is The British Broadcasting Corporation card..........................................
  10. ahhhh Thanks <3 "Troll credit card" is beyond me so I'll look for other reading material.

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