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  1. I know they use Equifax but it could be based off where you live.
  2. Hey, for anyone else who has an NFCU visa, do they report to Experian for you? They're not showing up for me on Experian and I wanted to know if my situation was an anomaly or something. Thanks
  3. I wouldn't worry too much about it. In my case, my mortgage enhanced FICO.scores were actually higher.than the regular FICO scores that we see. I would think that auto scores and.credit card scores just carry heavier weight on auto payments and credit card payments respectively. I cant see too much of.a.differnece UNLESS you had a repo or issues with late payments. I think its just another way to grab more.loot from us.
  4. Didn't get the increase gang BUT I've never been rejected so nicely before in my life. The very nice rep told me in 6 months I should see a decent increase. But I thank you ALL for giving me the courage to step up to the plate and swing for the fences!! Happy Holidays gang!!!
  5. Seriously... You guys are awesome!! I feel like I can take on the world after getting advice from ALL of you! I sincerely hope all of you and your families enjoy the Holidays from the bottom of my heart!!
  6. Okay, okay. I will build up slowly but guys/gals I will need y'all to check on me!! Lol
  7. mendelssohn $23,000!!!!! Good lawd Almighty!!!! I would have died of a heart attack if I ever saw a line like that!! No thanks!! Ain't nothing good coming outta that for me but TROUBLE!! The local "gentleman's club" would make a killing off me!! Nah, can't do that. But God bless you for that credit line! Way to go!!
  8. Thanks mendelssohn!! But after my BK in 06 Ive kept ALL of my secured cards(3) at $500.00. I've learned to live without credit. Can't ever go through that again. I would be thrilled with 3k. I've come a long, disciplined way but I don't even want to deal with that kinda temptation. I feel confident but i really don't need it.
  9. You guys rock! I will ask for $5k and see what they say. Should I wait for the card first?
  10. I checked the status page. They only gave me $1300.00. Would have thought at least 3k but I'm not mad.
  11. I got 2 emails but no link for status. One was just "congrats and welcome" the other one was "thanks for going paperless". Wtf?? I don't remember doing that but hey I ain't complaining.
  12. Thanks FromBadtoGood! I think I will do that. Didn't wanna rock the boat. Ya know?
  13. Thanks Jay. I was so nervous because i hadn't done it in so long. I felt like a credit "virgin". Lol

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