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  1. Update: I emailed my University and they told me 1.) no the debt was not sold, it was just assigned to the collection agency. 2.) The reason there are two collections is because one balance was from Fall 2010 and the other balance was from Fall 2011. Although when I look at my student account, it just shows the total balance due. So it still seems pretty shady they reported two collections for essentially one balance. 3.) I was told, yes I can pay the school directly. Although, when I asked if they can recall the debt and have the collections removed...this was the response given, "We do not remove these, but once you pay then they will show as paid in full, or “satisfied”." @ICANHASMUNY (or anyone else) After all this new updated info, do you still recommend paying the school directly...than use the letter from your link?
  2. The balance is 3 years old, I'm from Mi so the SOL doesn't apply. From what I've read online this is a common tactic by CA's to really lay on the hurt and do as much damage to your credit as they can. I feel like this has to be illegal, they separated the original balance and are reporting it twice to all my reports. The original creditor, my school, never reported it. Disputed it as "duplicate" on all 3 bureaus and they all came back verified? The documentation I got from my student account clearly shows I have one balance, of $220. So how do I take care of this guys? Thanks again
  3. sorry I wasn't to clear. I requested a copy of the amount I owed from my school for the purpose of using it to dispute again. It wasn't a "bill", more of a balance owed.
  4. Hey guys, I could use some advice as to how to proceed. I have an old balance from college, $220. It was handed over to a collection agency and they are reporting this balance twice on my credit reports for $100 and $120 (divided the original balance into two separate collections)? I have disputed these collections twice now and both times have come back verified. I have since received a bill of the original amount from my college (was going to use this document and attempt to dispute these collections again). So how to I proceed with this? I feel like either the CRA or collection company have broken some sort of laws with the fair reporting act...and grounds for this? Also, I plan on paying off the balance (I need my transcripts)...just not sure if I should dispute again or try and negotiate a pay for delete with the collection company? Thanks!
  5. We live in Michigan. The debt/judgement was before we were married. The title of the car was in her name She has no checking/savings....all of our money is in my name The newer car is in her name, but she owes more towards the loan than the cars worth (guessin that's why they didn't take it) Basically she needs to file bankruptcy asap. She was young and dumb, has like 4 civil judgements all from credit cards. Although I am interested in this exemption, I never realized a civil judgement could result in a car repo....especially when all the info on the court order is outdated.
  6. what would the cops do? He gave us a court order "Request and Order to Seize Property". The strange thing is that it has my wifes Maiden name and her old address on the court document.
  7. haha so something strange just happened. My wife has a civil judgement against her for a good amount of money, her old 1999 Grand Am was just repo'd (titles in her maiden name). The car had 200k miles, brakes were bad, haha the car wouldn't even start....yet they repo'd it? And left our new car (which we owe money on) alone. I had no idea they could do this. Honestly, I'm glad they got it off our property, it was just sitting there rotting away. Collection agencies do the strangest things :/
  8. Update: All student loan lates have been removed from all 3 CRAs! That's 50+ lates per credit report...gone I guess I didn't make a mistake when I first posted this topic, I may have just gotten lucky...but for all those who have been discouraged trying to get Student loan lates removed, it's worth a shot. Transunion/EQ just deleted all lates...left the credit lines open...EXP deleted all the credit lines. Now i've got some civil judgments to take care of
  9. Thanks Juss! I've got about 10 inquiries on my credit report (car loan)...so it'd probably be a good idea to hold out on sending out cc apps right? Plus I have 2 collection's I'm in the process of getting removed.
  10. Update: Experian deleted all lates, although unlike Equifax they deleted the entire accounts.
  11. Got a 40 points jump on my ex. score:) The other bureaus have 4 more days to complete the disputes. Fingers crossed!
  12. Update: Hey guys, thought I'd post some results I've gotten so far. To my disbelief Equaifax deleted all late payments from my 12 students loans...as you can imagine i'm pretty happy Still waiting to hear from Exp/Trans.
  13. thanks for all your help Hodap, I really appreciate it. Lets hope this "gamble" pays off.
  14. What were your other ficos? Cap1 pulls all 3 I thought. Do you have any collections? I could get approved with that score! Haha yes I have 2 collections and 3 civil judgments. Like I said, I was fairly surprised. Still gonna try and get 2 other secured cards though.
  15. Thanks for the advice guess, I went ahead and consolidated them. Apparently they wanted my spouses info as well, hopefully they aren't consolidating her loans with mine haha. Anyhow, should I still send out the DV letter to the collection agency, or just ignore them?
  16. awesome job man, thanks for the inspiration!
  17. Just took a look at my report for ya. The lates are from Nov 2011-Jan 2012...it shows 10 direct loans with 5 lates each. So basically 50 lates. Worse than I even thought Man this is gonna haunt me for a while. Is it even possible for me to rebuild around this?
  18. Just pulled out the letter I received from ECSI from 5/1/2014 (which is how I found out about this loan), this entire situation is driving me insane. So basically ECSI and ERS are both trying to collect on the same Perkins loan? The letter says... "Payoff: 2,200 Immediate action necessary, your account is 915 days past due! Due Diligence regulations require us to report delinquency to the credit bureau! Credit Bureau rating as of the above due date: Seriously Past Due: 930 days"
  19. Yea, that's what I've gathered Mendel. Kinda why I just said f it and disputed them all. They are really killing my score, basically being late is like x12 (due to them all reporting separately) compared to the one lates you'd get with a CC. I was hoping because all these loans are now closed, it would work in my benefit...but it's doubtful.
  20. Update: Just received a letter from the collection agency (ERS) my Perkins was sold too. They're saying I owe $3200. My school/Student loan data base shows the loan amount to be $1,900. Not sure how to handle this? Send them a DV letter? @hodap- I spoke with my school and they claimed that ECSI was responsible for reporting to the CRA's, not the collection agency (ERS)? Does that make sense to you? If ECSI is infact responsible for reporting to the CRA's, they've been handling my Perkins for over 3 years so the odds of them randomly reporting now are slim....in this case I'd rather do the consolidation. Although this new CA is worrying me. Any advice? If I consolidate the $1,900 Perkins loan, what happens to the $3,200 this new CA is saying I owe?
  21. Thanks for the reply MrD, relieved some stress:) You're def. right though, the hardest thing for me is having patience with this rebuilding process.
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