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  1. Haha I had to search his older posts. Thanks for the lolz. Genius troll or Clueless a$$hat? Regardless, I'll feed him. IF his posts have been legitimate, I feel it's fairly obvious he's been using the knowledge this forum/members (which is excellent) to game the system. You seem to be putting a lot of effort into repairing you're credit, applying for credit cards, and building up CL's. Once you've reached you're desired CL's, I'm guessing your plan is to "live" off those credit lines until they dry up? 6 years later, you'll be back on this board and the cycle continues. This is extremely shortsighted my Native American friend. Imagine if you put half of that effort towards finding a stable job, making a real income, or even going back to school and getting a degree? Concentrate on the long term and bettering your life. After all that, credit is easy
  2. How good are Secured CC's for credit repair? Would I just be better off improving my credit score and applying for another nonsecured card like barclays? I started with 2 cap1's, than got cli on both after 6 months. Sadly they are both only at $500. I've read a lot of people have had great success requesting cli via ceo's. I'd like to try that once I get my credit a little higher. I forgot to mention, my utilization rate on these cards are super high, like 80%. So my first move will be paying them all off, that should give me a nice bump. Myfico estimator says paying all my credit card debt will move my score from 620-688 (not sure how accurate it is).
  3. Search the board for chex, and for lenders okay with paid chex. I'm not sure if there is any option but to pay it - but I have no experience with chex. Then get a secured card with a high limit with a lender okay with paid chex entries. And consider closing Credit One. Meanwhile, post more details on your negatives. - Are your lates 30, 60, 90, etc? ALL OF THE ABOVE - Who is DTE? Detroit Edison: It's a utility company here in Michigan, they report to the credit bureaus monthly - Who is the CA and OC for the collection? How much? CA: Merchants & Medical OC: My old University, I dropped some classes 2 semesters in a row...the total balance is $200. The sad thing is that the CA reported two separate collections for each semester I owed the school Sorry, I don't know anything about judgments or Michigan law. Hopefully others can help with your negatives after you post more information.
  4. @tweak Chex balance isn't much, like $250.
  5. Thanks for the reply Shifter. I have been reading for quite a while. I started my repair journey about 9 months ago. My credit score has gone up from 480 to the low 600s since then. I've gotten tons of negative info off my reports, over 50 student loan lates were among them. I'd just like some advice on what the quickest way to continue raising my credit score. My first plan is to take care of the collection and hopefully have it removed. I tried to open an account with DCU but was declined b/c of the chexsystem collection from BOA. I was also considering putting $2000-$3000 on a secured credit card...seeing as the highest limit I have thus far is $500. I'm not really sure what to do about the civil judgements/public records, I've read mixed info concerning Michigan...some say once paid you can have it vacated...other say the opposite. Still trying to learn more on this subject. Any advice or direction will help!
  6. I have saved up and have $5000, I'd like to use this money to repair my credit and increase my score as much as possible. So my question is, what's the best way to go about doing this...thanks! Background: Myfico: 620 Credit Cards: 2 capital one, $500/each. 1 credit one, $500. 1 Victoria Secret $500 (all about 8 months old) Negative Items: 13 late payments from DTE (none in the last year, GW letter my only option?) 1 collection (orginal creditor will accept payment) 3 Civil Judgements (Michigan, is it true these fall off after 6 years in Mi?): 1 paid (2009) 2 unpaid totalling $3,500 (2009 and 2013) 1 chexsystem bank of america balance
  7. thanks for the info lucky. Unfortunately, I think I'm getting denied. Was soft pulled on Monday, still no cli showing in my account.
  8. How long did it take you guys to receive the cli? After speaking with the EO over the phone last Wed. I was told 3-5 days. I'm on day 5 and still no cli :/
  9. I'm wondering the same thing, my wife has a boat load of Salliemae lates :/
  10. This happened to me, I had over 50 lates from direct loans (my wife did as well). I disputed all the lates and they were all removed. I also had lates from greatlakes (my direct loans were transferred to them). I tried to dispute them as well but didn't have any luck my first go around. So I re-consolidated (I had one loan that wasn't through Greatlakes), after that the lates from the old tradeline disappeared. I'm now late free. I do agree that it's insane all these studentloans count as separate tradelines, being late on them is a great way to ruin your credit. I'd consolidate them asap. I've had problems gettin lates removed from my wifes reports on sallie mae, so YMMV.
  11. I emailed the EO last friday, never got a call...although I did get an email reply asking me to call a number and speak with Linda... Not really sure why they never called me, is this the EO? I?m reaching out to you about your requests. Please contact me at 800-955-1455, Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT; so that I can further assist and address your requests. Sincerely, Linda ........, on behalf of Capital One
  12. mrage, thanks for the info. I was wondering what kind of impact the collections would have on my score. Since April I've had about 4 collections removed and over 50 late payments (student loans)....after those were off I got a huge score bump. Unfortunately, no...the collections aren't my last baddies. I have 3 civil judgments (one is satisfied), due to come off my report in 2016. I'd like to attempt to settle/vacate them with the collection agency early next year when I have the money. As for the collections, they are from my college...they were transferred to a CA. But from what I've learned from the boards, if I pay the college (original creditor) than by law the CA must remove them from my reports? As of now, I'll calm down and try to be patient (hard to do for me). Get my utilization down and take care of those collections.
  13. Is it worth re applying for or am I better off waiting? I really miss the pre qualifier for barclays :/
  14. THanks mendelssohn, you're always there to help me The cap1 cards are 7 months old, creditone is 3 months. 1. Yes, I planned on paying off the balances before the next statement cuts 2. Will do 3. I've done that, still waiting to hear from them. So do you recommend I just say put for a while? Pay down my balances and take care of the collections before applying for any of the cards you listed? Also, is it to late for me to recon Barclay (app'd 2 months ago)? Will they use the score/info that I had when I first applied...or will they use my updated score/info? Sorry just looked at reports, I app'd for barclay 4 months ago, not 2 (time flies)...they pulled TU
  15. Hello guys, I started my credit rebuilding journey back in April of this year, I've gone from 446 to 615. I couldn't have done it without the help of this board! So my question is, should I garden for a while or try to get a new card? My utilization is currently at 30% and there's 2 collections I have on my report that I should be able to get off next month. Current cards: Cap1 Plat: 500 limit Cap1 QS: 300 limit (emailed ex office last friday to try and get a cli, these accounts are 7 months old...still waiting to hear from them) Creditone: 500 limit (kinda regret getting this one, 3 months old) Victoria Secrets: 500 limit (2 months old, still isn't reporting to any of the cra) App'd for Barclays a few months ago and was declined. Is it to late to recon this? My score has drastically improved since I first applied. Scores: MyFico Ex: 615 Creditkarma: 635 Creditseasame: 667 Inquries: MyFico Ex: 6 CreditKarma: 12 (car loan apps) Creditseasame: 12 (car loan apps)
  16. Nice job! Didn't realize they gave out CLI before 6 months
  17. Congrats I'm curious did you ask for 900 or 1k (3x) and they settled at 5? The increase from $300 to $500 is automatic after 6 months of on time payment history. I was hoping for a higher increase, so that's why I emailed the EO.
  18. I emailed the EO this morning. Got two Cap1 cards in April of this year, Platnium and QS both with a $300 limit. I just got an increase to $500 on the platnium with the credit steps program. But I figured why not try and get a higher cli. I'll keep you guys updated.
  19. So a while back, I applied for quite a few auto loans through different institutions...all in the same month. All these loan inquires are showing up on my credit report. I was under the impression that auto loan inq only counted as 1 inq if all done in the same month? Can anyone explain this to me? Is there any way I can get these Hard Inq removed? THanks
  20. So the dollar bill method is obsolete now? Damn I'm a few years to late to the credit rebuilding process :/
  21. Ya the social security number would be the main problem. I read something on here about the dollar bill method, which has to do with disputing tradelines based on SS#'s? Does anyone have any info on this method?
  22. Hello everyone, I'm trying to help my wife fix her credit and was wondering if removing her name from the CRA than disputing her old negative tradelines with her maiden name as "not mine" was a viable option? Thanks
  23. Alright, thanks for the info. I'm gonna try it and see what happens. I'll report back with an update.
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