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  1. Did you at least buy yourself something sexy Jayb?
  2. Does accepting the luv button cli mean you have to wait 6 months to request via EO?
  3. Imagine a world where bankers/CEO's had morals They've bought our politicians, they write their own bills for congress, they move money off shore to avoid taxation, they sell consumers toxic assets (remember that banking crisis a few years back?). Sure it'd be amazing if there was a level playing field, but the few TINY tricks we have in the credit world doesn't even some close to being immoral compared to the entire banking industry.
  4. @JayB No I haven't yet, I'm in the process of getting all the paperwork from the court house. I'm hoping the most recent judement, they'll just let me pay them to have it vacated. The other two will be falling off next year. After that, for the first time since being a young dumb 18 year old, my reports will be spotless.
  5. Yea, agreed. The main thing are these judgments which seem impossible to take care off. Suppose I'll have to wait for them to just fall off unless whychats method works for me. I'm happy with the progress I've made this year though, just have to be patient I suppose
  6. ^Try the quote feature. Im just giving you a hard time anyway, you do what you like. lol yes, that was my attempt at giving you a hard time as well my friend. So any advice ^Try the quote feature. Im just giving you a hard time anyway, you do what you like. No. No. This nonconformity is leading to climate change! #Science Thanks OBAMA!
  7. @JayB thanks for the advice haha funny thing is I'm not even on twitter....I dont get the appeal?
  8. @mendelssohn just checked my scores on myfico, 630 EQ, 640 TU. Like I said my credit card statements havent hit yet. Out of my $2000 in overall cl's, I only have a $6 balance on one of my cap1s. MYfico estimates once my credit card balances are paid off my score will increase to 690...that's not including my two collections I just had removed. So that's where my 700 estimate is coming from. @konrad thanks man! great info, I plan on hitting the EO hard once my reports are updated. @lily thanks! I've seen plenty of people get barclays cards with low 600 scores, that's why i thought maybe I should try them. Two of my judgements are due to fall off March 2016. The last one, I plan on sending a letter requesting it be vacated for payment. Will also try whycats method for removing them.
  9. Wow Mendelssohn, just took at look at your cards...pretty impressive stuff. Especially with only a 688 score. As for CU's, I applied for DCU about 5 months ago and was declined b/c of chex. I have since paid off the chex account. Would I be able to get into DCU now? As far as local CU's, I've looked them up online and none of them seem that great. Can you recommend any good online ones? NFCU is a no go. I've heard people like PennFed
  10. @papi wow that's amazing, gives me some hope. Congrats @mendelssohn I'm considering that option...but I'd rather stay with unsecured if I can Lets say, hypothetically, I do hit 700 fico. Will my current CL's stop me from getting higher limits on newly app'd cards? I was considering app'in for barclays and requesting CLI for my cap1's via EO.
  11. Thanks for your honesty Aahz. But it was 2 collections and Tu/Ex show perfect payment history. The judgements are painful though
  12. Hello everyone. I'd like some advice on how to move from toy card hell to establishing prime cards with higher CLs. My cards: (fico was around 540 when I got these cards) Cap1 QS: $500 Cap1 Plat: $500 Creditone: $500 Victoria Secret: $500 Recent activity: Fico: 630, expecting it to hopefully flirt with the 700 range after my utilization rate and removed collection accounts hit my reports. My over utilization is 5% (just paid them all down, they were at 80%) My cap1's are a few months away from the 1 year mark, credit one is about 8 months old I just had 2 collections removed my my reports, only other baddies are 3 older judgements (one is satisfied). No late payments besides a few on EQ that are over a year old. 3 inq's on eq/tu, not sure about ex So my question is, how do I go about getting larger CL's with all these $500 limit cards?
  13. Update: Paid the OC on my two collections, received a receipt of payment. Will now be disputing with the CRA using the following method. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=496348 I have also paid off all of my credit cards, besides one...which I left a 10 dollar balance on. Still trying to figure out how to handle the judgments, I'm in the process of getting all the documents from the court house. I have paid off Chex. Written GW for DTE lates. I will update you guys on the results. Now I need to look into getting out of play card territory. Plan on trying to request CLI on my cap1 cards via EO. Than I'll probably app for barclays. Any suggestions on this?
  14. "Are you on crack?" Not sure what kind of value this has inspired... I'm also in the rebuilding phase and have two cap1 cards...platinum and quicksilver. Both started at 300 and were moved up to 500 with the credit steps program. I emailed the EO and asked for CLI's at 6 months and was eventually denied, (think I was around 30% utility). My advice is be patient, let them age a few months longer. Work on getting that utilization down below 9%, then email the EO. There's a thread on here with tons of info and results....most of them have been successful.
  15. This happened to my wife, she had a judgment from CC debt before we were married, they repo'd her car. Like someone suggested, this doesn't happen if you file out the proper paper work and file exceptions (look into that just to be safe). Having a lien on it is a different story though. They'd have to split the money with the lien holder and it's a huge headache for them. They're looking for low hanging fruit, my guess is you can relax and the car is fine.
  16. Awesome job, gives me some hope! As always great advice from Whycat!
  17. Thanks Lynne @Jackyboy i had lates from Federal Direct Loans that were later consolidated over to Great lakes loans. So basically for all my old direct loans I just disputed them online as never late and was lucky enough to have them removed. I did this for my wife as well and it worked. I also had some lates with Great lakes, I re-consolidated my loans with them and again disputed the lates on the old TL. They were all removed. Although, my wife has lates with Salle Mae, I was unable to get those removed for her.
  18. haha so how about these judgements fellas...
  19. great thanks! Now I just need to figure out how to handle these judgements
  20. What's the process of having the collections removed by the CA or CRAs after the OC is paid?
  21. @pwd haha ya i did a search, Midland seems to be ruthless. Correct, the CA is reporting, not the OC
  22. Also...one of the unpaid judgements is from Midland Funding. Has anyone had experience with them?
  23. Thanks for all the suggestions guys, keep them coming! I have read plenty of info on here, this site has been amazing in both educating and helping me to rebuild my credit. But the reason why these last few negatives are still on my reports is because I’ve got conflicting information on how to deal with them. So I’m trying to get a more definitive course of action. My priorities: 1. Pay off BOA/CHEX; this is about 2 years old, is there no way to have this removed? 2. PIF on all credit cards; leave a $2 balance on one 3. DTE/Lates; These are only showing up on EQ, I still attempt GW. If that doesn’t work I will take the utility out of my name. The big ones… 4. Deal with Collections; these are two collections from my University/OC, which is being handled by a collection agency Merchants and Medical. The “date assigned” is 7/12 for both, yet the “date of 1st delinquency” is different; 9/10 and 9/11. It should only be one collection, but apparently there’s two b/c my school is going by the balance I owed for two separate semesters…not my overall balance (shady). The school will not remove it if I pay them. I spoke with the CA over the phone and they said they would do a PFD, but would not send me anything in writing stating that…so I said no. I have been told to pay the OC, get a receipt, and then dispute the collections. Others have also told me not to deal with OC and to send a PFD letter to the CA? So what should I do? I’d hate to pay the OC and have it stay on my reports. 5. Civil Judgments; I have not had my wages garnished, my bank account has never been touched, and I don’t remember the last time I’ve received a letter or phone call from them trying to collect. Again…I’ve received conflicting info on how to handle these and I can’t find a definitive answer. I have been told in Michigan, that if you satisfy a judgment than you are able to have it vacated. Does anyone have any insight on this? Other than that, it seems my only option is to send them a settlement offer asking them to vacate once payment is received? (EDIT: I have been reading whychats article on judgements, he recommends deleting old addresses before disputing w/ the cra's. I have just moved, but I'm having trouble with getting my old address removed from the cra's...especially experian) 6. The future; after/if I can take care of all of the above, my reports will be clean. I’d like to be done with these toy cards and $500 cl’s. What’s the best way I can move up to higher limit cards? Thanks again everyone!
  24. Not having taxable income as a means to not pay student loans is counter intuitive (there's quite a few low cost repayment plans now). But if you have turned things around since you carpartboy days, congrats and good luck to you
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