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  1. Just came across this article...thoughts? http://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory/credit-reporting-firms-affect-29510346
  2. So it's just used for utilization purposes? It has no impact on real credit cards giving you higher limits? "Higher limits beget higher limits"...
  3. Congrats on all the cli's Grnbeano! Can I ask what everyone's obsession is with Lowes? Is it because you can get to 25k limits rather quickly? Does a 25k limit store card help you get higher limits on actual credit cards? Or are all of you planning on renovating your homes
  4. I just read an article concerning the Stratos. Basically it's a credit card that combines all your other credit cards. I thought it'd seemed interesting...especially for those of you with tons of cards http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/02/stratos-announces-its-universal-credit-card-to-rule-them-all/
  5. What Jordan said. Try the pre selector sticky afterwards to see if you pre qualify for anything. Good luck
  6. @konrad thanks for all the info/advice man. Think I'm gonna stay patient for a while and wait for these negs to fall off before doing anymore apps though. @ann I've never been prequalified until I tried it a few days ago...that's why I jumped on it, was afraid it'd go away haha @babyjoe congrats man! I'm jealous Has anyone had experience with reconning a higher CL from chase? If I do recon is there a chance the rep would cancel my approval haha? I noticed they pulled TU and of course all 17 of my inq's just popped back onto that report.
  7. Thanks for the advice Konrad. It definitely feels good to have a good card finally...even with the low limits. I was so close to going the secured cc route. I think I'm gonna hold steady and be patience for a while though....I want these collections to fall off at least. I app'd for barclays a few months ago and was declined, even after reconning. Thanks Ann, your scores are better then mine...I'd def try the pre selector site and see if any offers pop up. Let me know Good luck
  8. haha ya it was a lotta work, I'll make a post about my "journey" one of these days. I couldn't have done it without this forum...so thanks everyone!
  9. Ya, that's what I was thinking. I'd hate for an UW to see all those negatives and cancel it One positive, is that I should have better luck with Cap1's EO office this time around.
  10. So I had just recently paid down my utilization on toy cards to 1%...got a nice fico boost from it. EQ: 670 TU: 656 EX: 647 (froozen). My negatives are...2 collections (that are suppose to get removed soon), along with 3 older civil judgments (going to try whychats method to have them removed early). I know I probably should have waited until the collections fell off and I made progress on my judgments, but I couldnt control myself when I qualified on Chases preselector link. I was approved for 2,000, which is 4x higher then my other cards (cap1/creditone). I know it's not much, but after all the hard work I've done this last year it's a start! Should I try reconning for a higher CL? Or just be happy that they took a chance on me with all my negatives?
  11. k thanks Revelate, I needed some sense talked into my a$$
  12. What do you guys think, should I try the Chase Freedom or wait? From what I've read on the boards it seems it's best to take a pre qualifying offer when you get them?
  13. Update: Removed collections still not showing up on myfico, starting to worry me. My utilization has updated on EQ, but not TU or EX yet. EQ Fico went from 626 to 670. TU is at 641. Was going to wait to app for some new cards until my collections were off, but I tried Chase preselector and it said I was pre qualified for Chase Freedom...not sure If I should try or not. Probably best to wait.
  14. Haha not sure how I missed this, thought B* with TU was fairly safe. Months of work down the drain :/
  15. So I got an update from credit Karma today, apparently my inquires went from 0 up to 17? I previously had 17, but used B* to have them removed...now they're back! Is this common? What can I do about them?
  16. Did you at least buy yourself something sexy Jayb?
  17. Does accepting the luv button cli mean you have to wait 6 months to request via EO?
  18. Imagine a world where bankers/CEO's had morals They've bought our politicians, they write their own bills for congress, they move money off shore to avoid taxation, they sell consumers toxic assets (remember that banking crisis a few years back?). Sure it'd be amazing if there was a level playing field, but the few TINY tricks we have in the credit world doesn't even some close to being immoral compared to the entire banking industry.
  19. @JayB No I haven't yet, I'm in the process of getting all the paperwork from the court house. I'm hoping the most recent judement, they'll just let me pay them to have it vacated. The other two will be falling off next year. After that, for the first time since being a young dumb 18 year old, my reports will be spotless.
  20. Yea, agreed. The main thing are these judgments which seem impossible to take care off. Suppose I'll have to wait for them to just fall off unless whychats method works for me. I'm happy with the progress I've made this year though, just have to be patient I suppose
  21. ^Try the quote feature. Im just giving you a hard time anyway, you do what you like. lol yes, that was my attempt at giving you a hard time as well my friend. So any advice ^Try the quote feature. Im just giving you a hard time anyway, you do what you like. No. No. This nonconformity is leading to climate change! #Science Thanks OBAMA!
  22. @JayB thanks for the advice haha funny thing is I'm not even on twitter....I dont get the appeal?
  23. @mendelssohn just checked my scores on myfico, 630 EQ, 640 TU. Like I said my credit card statements havent hit yet. Out of my $2000 in overall cl's, I only have a $6 balance on one of my cap1s. MYfico estimates once my credit card balances are paid off my score will increase to 690...that's not including my two collections I just had removed. So that's where my 700 estimate is coming from. @konrad thanks man! great info, I plan on hitting the EO hard once my reports are updated. @lily thanks! I've seen plenty of people get barclays cards with low 600 scores, that's why i thought maybe I should try them. Two of my judgements are due to fall off March 2016. The last one, I plan on sending a letter requesting it be vacated for payment. Will also try whycats method for removing them.
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