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  1. On 2/15/2024 at 11:48 AM, MarvBear said:

    So, your total income is not from your primary job, but consists of more than one source?  Leave out the financial aid part.  I would not consider financial aid as a source of income unless it is related to Social Security benefits.

    I gather you are in Florida, which happens to be a Credit Union Mecca, so what you do is waltz into a local credit union IN PERSON with your $20,000.00 deposit and if you have a FICO® score of 640+, just watch how quickly you get a loan.  A higher FICO® score will help with pricing the loan for you, more so than just getting approved in your case.

    Awesome advice, ty. I read on here a lot of people like Navy fed for auto loans though, I was going to give them a shot. I figured with a pledge loan and credit card my internal score with them would be solid. And the $20k I have deposited. 


    I also read, when shopping for auto loans, they all basically count as one inquiry if done within a week. Is that true? Ty again marv. 

  2. On 2/15/2024 at 7:49 AM, ShawnPY1972 said:


    She's added me to quite a few of her cards.  Hopefully in April the eight late payments with OneUnited Bank will be gone and I'll never need help again.  Mom added me as joint account holder on Macy's and Bloomingdales without a hard pull on my credit report.

    Nice. What kind of bump did you get after she added you? 

  3. On 2/12/2024 at 9:51 AM, MarvBear said:

    Is that solely from your part time employment?  And can you verify via computerized paycheck stubs?

    Yes, all my paycheck stubs are in pdf form, I work as a restaurant server at a pretty high end place. It's about 3 days a week, avg 200+ per day. I also receive financial aid, and drive uber (also pdf). With uber probably around $3500/month. 


    I'm still waiting for my CC statements to hit my reports and show zero balances. I have not yet applied for the pledge loan (was thinking of putting 10k-15k in). I have no opened a secured card (planned on applying for unsecured first as they can use the same credit pull for the secured).


    Basically just trying to figure out how to immediately boost my score for the auto loan, I need a car asap. I'm not sure if my idea will hurt more than help in the short term. 


    Overall the plan is to build steady credit for the long term, I'm still learning about all of this and this forum has helped a lot. I'd welcome any tips on this as well. 


    Thank you Marv

  4. On 1/13/2024 at 12:06 AM, ShawnPY1972 said:

    I'm maxing the deposit out at $5000.


    My mom also has a Navy Federal credit card for over four years now.  Always held $25,000 credit limit.  I was talking to her the other day and asked her why she hasn't increased the credit limit and she said she didn't need it.  I got her to press the button and she got an automatic increase to $33,000.  She pressed the buttons on all her cards and approved instantly.  She has amazing credit.


    I told her that she should do it because she can and it's always nice to have for emergencies.



    Why not have your mom add you as an AU on her cards? 

  5. Hey there,


    Fico; 620 (previously 740 before maxing out cards)

    No Negatives/perfect payment history. 1 year credit length. I'm a student and work part time. 

    Two CC's;

    Amex $1k/maxed out

    DCU $1k/maxed out


    I was moving/xmas time and maxed out my cards. I have just got about $20k and just paid them both off. Now my plan is to open up a $10k Navy Federal pledge loan, immediately pay off 90% and get a $5k Navy secured card.


    Question is, do I wait until my paid off CC's hit my reports and then apply for an auto loan. Or should I do the Navy loan/secured card before applying for an autoloan (i'm not sure if this would help or hurt my credit score short term)? 


    Basically what can I do to maximize my credit score before requesting an auto loan. Thank you!



  6. 1 hour ago, hdporter said:

    In my experience, no single credit union serves all needs well.  So, I would suggest that you peruse various commentaries in credit unions here and elsewhere (notably, myFICO forums), and identify the CU's that at least excel at one or two things that would serve your needs and target them for membership.


    In my case, on the mortgage and home equity front, I've dealt with DCU (Digital Credit Union, in MA) for 11 years now and, all in all, have been thrilled with the experience and costs.  (There have been one or two glitches, but looking over my 30-year mortgage experience, they've delivered the best service to date.)


    By contrast, their credit card products are mediocre, and I have better options for the occasional general-purpose installment loan.  I can't speak to their auto lending; for the only auto loan we've taken while with DCU we opted for 0.9% mfr financing.

    That's interesting, I just recently opened an account with DCU after reading about them here. Looking forward to the eventual mortgage rates. I did apply for their visa. They requested I sent in 3 months worth of paystubs. So we'll see. 


    I've heard a lot of people here raving about penfed and navy fed credit union. 

  7. I'm 20, my reports are now completely clean after getting a fraudulent credit card off my account. I recently got approved for AMEX with a credit line of $1,000 and have been using chimes credit builder. I haven't applied for any other accts. 


    I would appreciate some advice on how to start my credit building journey. What cards should I be targeting? Any credit unions I should build a relationship with? Should I wait until the AMEX card hits my reports before applying? My fico is 700+currerntly, but low age, minimal open accts. 


    Thank you!

  8. 17 minutes ago, hegemony said:


    Also, remember there are cards specifically for students and the rules and regs for card issuers due to the 2009 CARD act.


    I would make another effort to clear the ID theft. I assume you have a police report? Are you saying the CRAs did not properly respond when presented with a police report and your written FTC report?

    Yes, they basically said Cap1 verified the info and I just got a letter from a collection agency for the Cap1 acct. That's what inspired me to hop back on here. Difficult finding info on how I should deal with this though. 

  9. 5 minutes ago, hegemony said:

    first thing is to stop applying until you have cleared your reports of the ID theft and fraud alert.


    I've tried. I've sent everything I needed too. I'm not sure what the next step is. I'm 20 now, this happened 4 years ago. Each bureau knows I was a minor, as does Cap1 when these accounts were opened. 


    I'm not applying, just checking out "pre approvals". 

  10. Tried for Apply card pre approval. This doesnt make sense? Pulled Tu and Lexis


    Thank you for your interest in Apple Card. Goldman Sachs Bank USA has reviewed your application, and it was not approved at this time because:

    • You have a low credit limit and insufficient payment history on your existing accounts within your TransUnion credit report
    • We couldn't find sufficient information on secured installment accounts within your TransUnion credit report
    • Your TransUnion credit report doesn't have enough information regarding your credit limit increases for your credit cards

    Goldman Sachs Bank USA received your credit score from TransUnion Consumer Solutions.

    Your credit score is a number that reflects the information in your consumer report. Your credit score can change, depending on how the information in your consumer report changes.

    Your credit score as of July 21, 2023: 730

    Scores range from a low of 300 to a high of 850.

    Learn more34_chevron_alpha_2x.png

    This decision will not impact your credit score.

    Key factors that adversely affected your credit score:

    • Too few accounts currently paid as agreed
    • Lack of recent revolving account information
    • Lack of recent installment loan information
    • Too many accounts with balances
  11. Just tried Discover prequalify. They pulled EX.


    Type of credit score FICO
    Your credit score 551
    Date July 21, 2023
    Scores range from a low of 300 to a high of 850
    Key factors that affected your credit score were as follows:

  12. Hello, 


    Few questions...

    1. What are the best credit cards to apply for that use TU? I'm trying to jump start my credit journey while working on the below. 


    2. I was a victim of ID theft due to a family member when I was 16. I have went through the process of filing with the ftc, and certified mailing my disputes to each bureau, along with proof of my ID and age. Only TU has removed them, EX and EQ removed most, but left one from Capital One (Cap1 has refused to removed it as well and sent it to collections). What are my options now? I can't even view my credit reports on EQ and EX b/c of the fraud alert they say was removed at my request.


    EQ; I cannot access my credit report, via myfreereport or experians website. Tried calling customer support, zero help. I can only view my report via the dispute backdoor. They did not remove the fraud Capital one account or the inquiry. "Positives" are my chime credit builder acct, 8 months of perfect payments and low balance and my dads discover credit card AU that shows an account age of 1 month for some reason and is closed (requested this be removed, but they have not).

    EX; Same thing as EQ, I cannot access my report. It also shows the cap1 acct. But it shows the discovery acct as opened on 2015 with perfect payment history, along with chime.

    TU; Completely clean. Creditkarma says 720 score. Credit age, 4 years, 5 months. Show's positive Discover AU tradeline since 2015. 




    (forgot my login, on my dads cb acct)


  13. Just tried both numbers today...no results :(


    Looks like the CB community has been making them work to hard. I asked to speak to the EO, CSR told me they do not take calls. Told her I wanted an underwriter to review my account for a CLI. She said the only way for a CLI is through the automated system.

  14. Since fixing my credit, it's waking up some zombie debt. A few months ago I received a letter from a CA attempted to collect on a debt (was within SOL). I sent them a DV and have no heard back. I'm worried about this collection popping up on my reports. What should I do?

  15. Don't over-complicate things with CFPB..


    I got a judgment off of my uncle's EQ file about 6 weeks ago using CFPB dispute. This was after I sent out Why Chat's letter and EQ said it was "Verified". I sent the CFPB complaint saying:


    "Not mine. Please remove".


    No need to write a novel.


    I'm not sure what the "abstract" means. Is it still reporting on your report(s)? If so, does it show a fall-off date?


    haha wouldn't say it was a novel, but ya maybe I over complicated it. Yes 2 of the 3 judgments are reporting "pending; satisfied" the other is just "satisfied". The fall off date is next year. I dont understand why TU/EX immediately removed them and EQ hasnt. Then when they do a re investigation they send me the same sh*t.




    Checked the BD on Experian...judgements have been removed :yahoo:

    Still hasn't updated on myfico though.



    EQ is still giving me problems. Filed a complaint, they replied with...


    "Equifax reviewed the complaint, its records and initiated a reinvestigation. *Equifax did not receive any additional communications from the consumer during the review of the complaint. *Equifax will mail the results of the reinvestigation within 30 days"


    The other day I got a myfico alert saying my EQ score went up by 18 points b/c of a change to 2 of my 3 judgments.


    "SATISFIED JUDGvalue-change-arrow.png ABSTRACT JUDG"


    I checked EQ's back door, one judgment still say's satisfied and doesn't look like it's being reinvestigated. The other 2 say "pending".


    I know most people seem to have problems with EX, but throughout my entire rebuilding journey EQ is the one that's given me the most problems. A month ago I had a collection deleted by the CA, TU/EX removed it immediately. A month later and it's still sitting on EQ. (waiting to dispute it until this judgement dispute is finished)

    Congrats Seangar.


    How long is it suppose to report that way for?



    I'm not sure? I thought if a judgement was abstract it should be removed? This whole process is a headache.


    1. CFPB still say's processing. Guessing the response from EQ was automated. Going to wait until it's completed to make another move.


    2. Checking the bd on eq still says the dispute is pending. They sent me a credit report which I received yesterday along with the results of the reinvestigation. Still showing the status of 2/3 judgments is "pending; satisfied". Says nothing about "abstract" on the report. I'm not to confident anything will happen and it I'm pretty annoyed with them ignoring 1 of the 3 judgements and not re-investigating it. They basically just sent me the same exact document; "The results are: We have verified that this public record item is reporting correctly. If you have additional questions about this item please contact court house". They never provided me with the method of verification.


    3. Not sure how it still stays pending on the EQ site, then they send me a "results of reinvestigation"....which shows "pending; satisfied"


    4. It now says "File blocked for promotional purposes" on my report?


    On a plus side EQ deleted my collection accounts....it only took them 2 months after the CA requested they be deleted :blink:


    Here's the CFPB dispute:


    Describe what happened so we can understand the issue...

    I disputed three public records/judgements on my credit report from Equifax on 4/5/2015. They completed their investigation and updated these public records to "satisfied" and told me if I had any further questions to contact ###### County Court. I have contacted the County Court and have NO such recorded judgements. The court also told me they do not report to Equifax. In my dispute I requested that Equifax please send me the method by which they verified these public records; they never provided me with any such information.

  17. Find out the account due and mail it to u.s. bank directly. ..regardless if they will talk to you or not


    Have you done this? I can't see them just randomly accepting a check. Also, the amount on my chexsystems report is different then what Northland claims I owe (which is quite a bit more).

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