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  1. Just tried both numbers today...no results Looks like the CB community has been making them work to hard. I asked to speak to the EO, CSR told me they do not take calls. Told her I wanted an underwriter to review my account for a CLI. She said the only way for a CLI is through the automated system.
  2. Since fixing my credit, it's waking up some zombie debt. A few months ago I received a letter from a CA attempted to collect on a debt (was within SOL). I sent them a DV and have no heard back. I'm worried about this collection popping up on my reports. What should I do?
  3. Finally just got my first 5k cl US Bank Cash Plus visa signature. Pulled TU for me and I also have a unpaid bank account with them in chex from a few years ago (so apparently this does not black list you). Was also approved for Discover IT....1,500 cl
  4. Got a response from CFPB: Explanation of closure Please be advised Equifax verified that Judgments 09204, 13062, 0916 belong to you and that the public record items are reporting correctly on the file. Written confirmation was mailed to the address on file.
  5. haha wouldn't say it was a novel, but ya maybe I over complicated it. Yes 2 of the 3 judgments are reporting "pending; satisfied" the other is just "satisfied". The fall off date is next year. I dont understand why TU/EX immediately removed them and EQ hasnt. Then when they do a re investigation they send me the same sh*t.
  6. Thanks TMCgill, There's no master list of Banks that blacklist based on chexsystem accounts?
  7. Congrats Seangar. How long is it suppose to report that way for? I'm not sure? I thought if a judgement was abstract it should be removed? This whole process is a headache. 1. CFPB still say's processing. Guessing the response from EQ was automated. Going to wait until it's completed to make another move. 2. Checking the bd on eq still says the dispute is pending. They sent me a credit report which I received yesterday along with the results of the reinvestigation. Still showing the status of 2/3 judgments is "pending; satisfied". Says nothing about "abstract" on the report. I'm not to confident anything will happen and it I'm pretty annoyed with them ignoring 1 of the 3 judgements and not re-investigating it. They basically just sent me the same exact document; "The results are: We have verified that this public record item is reporting correctly. If you have additional questions about this item please contact court house". They never provided me with the method of verification. 3. Not sure how it still stays pending on the EQ site, then they send me a "results of reinvestigation"....which shows "pending; satisfied" 4. It now says "File blocked for promotional purposes" on my report? On a plus side EQ deleted my collection accounts....it only took them 2 months after the CA requested they be deleted Here's the CFPB dispute: Describe what happened so we can understand the issue... I disputed three public records/judgements on my credit report from Equifax on 4/5/2015. They completed their investigation and updated these public records to "satisfied" and told me if I had any further questions to contact ###### County Court. I have contacted the County Court and have NO such recorded judgements. The court also told me they do not report to Equifax. In my dispute I requested that Equifax please send me the method by which they verified these public records; they never provided me with any such information.
  8. I've been searching the forums but haven't really found a definitive answer. I have chex accounts with US Bank and BOA (both were overdrafted checking accounts). Will these accounts blacklist me from being approved for these banks credit card products?
  9. Have you done this? I can't see them just randomly accepting a check. Also, the amount on my chexsystems report is different then what Northland claims I owe (which is quite a bit more).
  10. Tweak, I called US Bank and they wouldn't give me any info on the account. They just gave me the CAs contact info. I'll check out the link, thanks
  11. So, after a year of hard work my scores are finally in the 700+ range (from the low 500s). And I'm noticing it's attracting CA's trying to collect on old debts. I received a letter from one CA trying to collect on a 10 year old debt...immediately sent them a FOAD letter. I just recently received another letter from Northland Group Inc trying to collect on an old US Bank debt (checking account). This debt is still within the SOL, it has never showed up on my credit reports but it is on my chexsystems report. The last thing I want is a new collection being added to my reports after finally getting them clean. So any advice is welcome. I plan on sending them a DV letter.... Date Name of CA Address City, ST Zip Dear CA, I am requesting validation of the alleged debt listed below pursuant to the FDCPA. CA Name Account # Please also cease all communications with me by phone. All future communications with me must be done in writing at the address listed below. Sincerely, Your Name Address City, State Zip
  12. haha man that's a lot of new accounts, time to garden bro. Thanks for all the info
  13. The only negative you have is a charge off from 2010? No collections? What state are you from? How long ago were you approved for Credit One? Is your 560 score from myfico or is it fako? First thing you should do is read as much as you can on here...especially the sticky pages. Everyones situation is different. When I first started I had several collections, over 50 student loan lates, civil judgements. From the info I was able to obtain from this site, I got them all removed. I made a ton of mistakes along the way though, Credit one being one of them. When first starting my rebuild I immediately wanted credit and app'd for several bad cards and disputed derogs recklessly (online). Rebuilding is a game of patience, to get good credit you first need to clean up you're reports and build up positive history. For me, my student loans helped my AAOA. I was able to get approved for two cap1 cards around your credit score, both $300 limits. Less then a year later, one of them is at $2,500 and the other is at $500 (due for a cli this month). Those cards definitely helped me out and my scores continued to climb each month. As those cards were reporting I got to work on my 2nd stage of disputes, this time using paper reports and sending them certified registered mail directly to the CRA. I had much better luck. So I let my positive tradelines grow all the while working on all of my negatives. In combination with establishing credit/payment history and removing all the negatives on my account...that's how I was able to improve my score so quickly. My situation was a lot different then yours. What I would do if I were you... 1. Get paper copies of all 3 of your reports. Until you know exactly what's on them it's hard to offer any kind of advice (seems like there's more holding you're score down then just one 5 year old charge off) 2. For the charge off you may have to wait it out. They are extremely hard to get removed from what I've read. There's no harm in disputing them though, especially if it's near the end of your SOL. Here's a post from someone with a cap1 charge off; "I paid CapOne off recently. Once my balance finally reported 0,my score went up 62 points! They would not settle for lower than 70% of the balance for me.They will not do PFD. They will take a monthly payment plan." 2. To establish good credit history, it's best to have at least 3 separate cards. You have Credit one, now you need two others. I'd recommend going the secured credit card route (something I wish I would have done). Check out your local credit unions and search the boards for recommended secured cards. Some secured cards will let you move them to unsecured after a year. Put as much as you can on these two cards. 3. Be patient
  14. I went from 450 to 700 in a year, so it's definitely possible. Lot of factors that weigh into it though
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