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  1. Anyone have the link to Whychat's site? He had some good repo info on there last time I looked.
  2. well then tell us what those other options are, please.
  3. If the OP can get a PFD then go for it. If not then being litigious to get the crap off his/her reports is the next option, and that works better if the debt is paid off. The OC and CA won't want to waste money defending themselves in court when they can receive no more benefit, but if you file suit on an account that is still owing and easily proved in court (not a JDB and not SOL) they will usually fight and countersue for the amount plus costs and attorneys fees. In this rare case, since paying the OC in full isn't an option, it's easier to work with the CA to make payments specifically to prevent a lawsuit. I'm not sure how one would go about not paying and also getting the TL's off the credit reports.
  4. ^ that's the info we needed. Thank you.
  5. The term 'termination' is what I wonder about. Does that just mean the lease was terminated when the lease was up, or are they acting as if it's the same as being terminated early due to the overage in mileage? Saying the lease was 'terminated' could be taken negatively, even it is meant to be a neutral statement of fact. A lot of banks and CA's who report know how to manipulate the info on the credit report designed to maximize the damage, rather than have it be 100% fair and accurate. If this were me I would let it be for now and negotiate a payment plan with the CA until it is paid off, then see about dealing with their tradelines on my credit reports. From what I've read, this isn't the forum for guerrilla tactics to clean up a credit report, so you may need to look elsewhere. A more aggressive approach is often a necessary evil when it comes to the power a credit report has over an Americans life. The CA will want you to agree to let them have your checking account info so they can just take your money each month, just stick to your guns that you will send them money orders each month in the mail unless they have a way to pay them through their website, and even them don't use your regular bank card.
  6. Hmm. It doesn't actually say 'repossession' but that may be what 'Full Termination' means. On a credit report, a collection account is bad enough, but things like 'Bankruptcy' 'Judgement' and 'Repossession' can be even worse. Especially if you ever need another car loan. You don't want even a paid repo on your reports at all, but I'm not sure that what they've reported. You may want to call Exquifax or whoewver and ask them what the report is actually saying to be sure. Or maybe ask Marv in the Auto Finance forum.
  7. it's not actually reported on your credit report as a repo?
  8. That's an interesting predicament. From their point of view, since you still owed they look at it as a repossession. Likely the same as a voluntary repossession, since you turned it in while you still owed money on the contract you agreed to. But since the money you owe is actually for over mileage, and not failing to make the payments, it should just be a regular collection account. Have they agreed to accept payments at all? or do they want the whole amount?
  9. LOL! No kidding. I hardly ever even go on there, but had a sudden idea to look for resume writing help there.
  10. I found a resume writing service on Craigslist and sent them my old resume, then they quit responding. My old resume had my name and address on it, but not my SS#. I may sign up for an ID theft service, but am not sure they do anything I couldn't do myself with a credit freeze or just checking my credit for inquiries.
  11. What stops people from lying about their income to get higher limits when they apply for new cards?
  12. I read somewhere once that Millionaires drive mostly Fords, and drive them for 6-8 years before they replace them. The story of the AMEX Black card is amusing as it didn't actually exist first, it was only an urban legend but the myth of that card was so popular that AMEX created it. Seems like there is a $2500 annual Fee, though.
  13. I've been reading the Texas resources lately, too. I think your letter is too long. I would simplify it and give the CA's attorneys a little more credit about knowing the consequences if they don't comply. I would also go ahead and prepare your second letter, in the case they ignore you, that is a 'NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUE' letter with a draft of the legal pleadings you intend to file if they don't delete.
  14. I still haven't actually looked at my scores yet. I keep putting it off because I'm a cheapskate. I may look in the MY Fico discount thread.
  15. As of this month, all my old charged off credit card debts are SOL in Texas (4 years), where I am now, Cali (4 Years), where I was when I got and defaulted on all the CC's, and Tennessee (6 years), where I moved to right after the bottom dropped out in Cali. I consolidated my student loans and now have that positive TL on my report, along with an old positive TL from AMEX that I was an AU on for my Dad's business and the old Ford Motor Credit loan I paid off in 2006. The AMEX was closed out in 2009 so I think I'l have it until 2019 and I paid my truck off in 2006, so I should have that one until 2016, if I'm not mistaken. I want some more positive TL's to offset the defaulted CC TL's that are on there for about another year or so. Six of them. I actually have two vehicles that are paid for, so I don't really need another auto loan. Are secured cards the only way?

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