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  1. Added $9K CSP today for the 80k SUB. Cold app through my account (no offer). 15.99 APR not that it matters. Not instant, let you know ASAP verbiage. Got a call from the fraud dept a couple hours later. 2 quick questions, then approved. Will meet the SUB next month buying stuff for the new house then PIF.
  2. I could fill a thousand pages with songs I loved. Since my hearing is so shot I can’t appreciate music the way I used to except in memory. I really miss it. 😢
  3. With all the effort PenFed is putting into gobbling up smaller CUs you’d think they could fix their crappy website.
  4. My understanding is that it's optional for some employers and mandatory for others to OFFER the deferral. It's not mandatory for anyone to actually defer the withholding. Yes employees can opt out of they want to and their employer offers the deferment. I gave our employees the option and explained how it works to them. They all said some things the censor wouldn't like and no takers. I'm just glad I don't have to try to calculate varying deductions for a bunch of hourly employees. Yes, this is going to screw up Social Security.
  5. Having some very good friends in this same position, I'll give you the advice I gave them. Sit down and have a very hard discussion. Nothing will be accomplished until both parties recognize their individual and joint parts in the current situation. This is the hardest part and believe me when I say you'll take it more than once. You're not just dealing with the financial impact, you're dealing with lack of trust and many other issues beyond that. You need to know how this happened so you can deal with it. Is this shopping, gambling, poor financial management, or frivolous spending? +100000 to getting some professional help with your relationship. If this is your general thought pattern going forward, you'd be better off filing for the divorce sooner rather than the inevitable later. Obviously she wasn't so great at it. Once the ugly hard discussion is out of the way, make a plan together for how you're going to get out of it and implement it. That may include some kind of addiction help for her. You might have to just lay out what's going to happen. Expect to revisit discussion and planning repeatedly. This is going to sound bad but you need to own your own crap in this mess. She goes through it like mad and you're sitting with your head in the sand while it happens. She's proven she's not financially responsible so you're going to have to be. You're watching her to see if she screws up again. Stop it. Start watching your finances instead. There's a difference. Assume she'll screw up again and go from there. If she does have some kind of addiction, I guarantee you she'll screw up. I would STRONGLY suggest removing her as an AU from any account you have, closing all joint credit accounts possible, cut up the cards and keeping up with your own finances. If she can't be trusted not to blow through money, she shouldn't have access to anything beyond what she earns and is responsible for herself.
  6. PenFed Power Cash quarterly offer CLI of $4k (last offer was 18 months ago) BOA Cash Rewards $8K CLI Disco told me to pound sand. I'll hit up AMEX in October.
  7. Sorry but not true. I closed on a conventional mortgage with Caliber Home Loans last week. I had to e-sign that same document several times while in underwriting and again at closing. US Bank and BOA also require it based on my conversations with their people over the last month while I was rate shopping. So that's three of the big lenders right there.
  8. Once you get copies of your reports so you can see where you are, you'll be able to start making some kind of plan. If you're a member of a local credit union or use a local bank, those are good places to start as well. As others have said, it's a marathon not a race but it can be done fairly quickly I started from scratch seven years ago with only a 6 year old closed AU account on my reports. I was very conservative building and only put real effort into it for the last two years. My FICO scores are over 800 now and I have more credit than I'll ever need.
  9. This ^^^ and get at least three different contractors to go through the house and give you some numbers. I'll be very honest here by saying that you need to have realistic expectations on what you want to do to the house for the money you have available. Be there, talk to each one of the contractors on site about everything and ask a lot of questions. Full renos aren't cheap and adding on won't be cheap either. Plan on at least 20% over any figures you're quoted for any unseen issues cause there will be some. Materials grade can make a huge difference in cost but don't be cheap where it really counts.
  10. I believe most originators are moving to something like this in the very near future if they haven't already.
  11. I zeroed my debt in early April. Had nothing to do with Covid though. It was already planned but slightly delayed due to a job change. I’ve been one of the hoarders since Covid hit.
  12. How about the stupid decision making of allotting 150 tests to one testing center in an area like NOLA? I mean really. What did they expect? That would last a week? It’s not like they actually tested that many people in 2 minutes either. That’s just a guess of how many were in line waiting when the center opened up. Hell, my little itty bitty area with a population of around 600 or so could burn through 150 tests in a day if they put up just one notice at the feed store.
  13. Discover is like any other card. They all have their uses depending on the wallet or sock drawer.
  14. I’ll have to see if I can find this fool for the laughs.
  15. More clickbait. Capacity was 150 tests.
  16. Never heard of this and not how it works in my state. Filing is up to the former employee. As an aside, I successfully fought a claim against my employer right after the $600 weekly welfare took effect. Former employee was not happy I busted their attempted scam.
  17. What no one whining about this extra $600 UI welfare realizes is that this IS coming out of our pockets later. In my state, companies pay UI based on rates determined by claims filed. One claim for even a week or two can jack rates for years. Seen it happen first hand where a total $1500 in UI benefits paid over an 8 month period to one person caused the rate to go from 1% to 6.5% for THREE YEARS. Those numbers are calculated on gross payroll for all employees. It cost far, far more than $1500 for just that one claim. Now any company already paying the max rate won’t see a change unless they raise them max allowed. I expect that to happen. Big corporations won’t be affected much and can absorb the cost more easily. But all the small businesses out there that are facing an upcoming bombshell of higher UI rates don’t have that ability and won’t have it if they’re already struggling now. The cost for all those welfare checks will be getting passed on to the companies who will in turn be passing the cost onto consumers.
  18. I really didn’t want to know what kind of sexual fantasy involved a broom.
  19. Tonight was simple. Two fish I caught early this evening. Scaled, cleaned, brushed with butter, rolled in a little seasoned flour and pan fried. Brewed a little mint tea.
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