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  1. Hmmm that’s a VERY good point. Something else to consider. Thank you!
  2. Thanks guys. CV some questions if you don’t mind. Do you find the wires running from the neckband to be a problem? How are they in general lengthwise? I really don’t want to be accidentally snatching things out of my ears or off my neck if I have to shove my hair out of the way. Most important how comfortable are they on those long flights? I’m with you on the sweaty egg McMuffin thing. I cant do muffs. I’m considering Bose QC30, Hearphones, Sennheiser Momentum 2 and IQBuds Max and looking for other products to add to the shortlist. I’ll probably end up playing the buy and return game a few times since everything is shut down. I don’t expect earmuff quality noise dampening or studio quality audio from a set of earbuds but I am willing to pay for a decent set with at least 3-4 hours battery life. The OIA next door has inadvertently drawn my attention back to just how bad my hearing issues are. The tinnitus is distracting enough but combined the hyperacusis I’ve been dealing with for the past few days thanks to his music blaring makes it impossible to concentrate, triggers horrible headaches, exhaustion and frankly turns me into a crazy psycho witch with a case of PMS X10,000,000. I need some kind of affordable relief for myself and the people around me.
  3. Anyone have any experience with wireless earbuds? Preferably noise cancelling? I’m thinking specifically about using them for work. While I know they won’t help with the OIA next door, I’m hoping for some relief from traffic noise, ticking clocks, general machinery humming and the like. I have a nice wired pair but they’re far too problematic to wear consistently. Over the ear muffs aren’t an option. TIA
  4. The percentages for reduction of income and excessive obligations are very telling.
  5. NC Child Support scroll down to Enforcement of Support Obligations
  6. The obnoxious inconsiderate a$$ in the office suite next door that's blaring his short dance music playlist. If I have to hear "Eye of the Tiger" or the Jackson 5 ABC song one more time I'm getting my bagpipe CD out.
  7. A little Disco LUV this morning. +2k CLI = 26.8k limit
  8. Checked mine today for giggles. $26 auto payment processed on the 27th as usual. Interest rate does reflect 0%
  9. With the number of viruses, Trojans and other nasty creepy crawly things aimed at and including Microsoft there’s no way I’d let Excel link automatically to my piggy bank let alone my financial information.
  10. 2 people I know just had their AMEX limits chopped in half also. Clean files, long history, carry 30-40% utilization at all times though. Hoping I stay under that radar but expecting the hatchet.
  11. Oh I’m sure there is! I’m waiting for the pic of someone with a Depends. Cut a couple eyeholes and good to go!
  12. A bit off topic. Got a call today from one of our clients (billion $ company) asking if they could defer payment on several small jobs until October. Grand total of $17.2k due on 4/1. I’m pretty sure the lady heard me spit my coffee all over the monitor. Not a doubt she heard the “you’ve got to be xxxx xxxx kidding me!” Um. No. Pay me. Now.
  13. I’d have to try it just to get the reaction from the dude on the other end of the call.

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