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  1. I filed the TU dispute online , EQ would not let me do it online so I m wondering if I should just send letters to everyone
  2. So three years ago we got a car. Since we did not have 14000 cash we were financing it through a credit corp. About a year into the loan the stopped reporting to all three bureaus. They said they were having issues with it and that it would start reporting again. We refinanced a small portion of the loan two months ago. They were sent a check for the balance and a couple weeks later we received the extra key to the car, a small amount check (I guess the other company overpaid a little bit) and the other company got the title. All is ok so far... I checked my reports and scores last week and they dropped about 80 points on TU and EQ. They started reporting again but it is showing up as delinquent and there is only about a year's worth of history instead of three. I called them and they said that their files show that the account shows up as closed with 0 balance and they can do nothing about the missing history. I filed a dispute with TU online but EQ would not let me. What is your advice? should I write letters to both credit bureaus and the credit company ? can they or do they have to report the whole 3 year history since it is good and we were never late?
  3. Well the AG office said they cannot do anything in a letter I got yesterday and I have not heard anything from OCR. DO you think that I could just pay off on their terms on the discounted rate? I know it will not be deleted and show as paid but it s better than living in fear of them taking it further :/ If I can do the discounted rate should I include a letter or just send the payment?
  4. Just received OC letter today basically saying that they agree to written communication but will not agree to take the account back from the CA. I am sending the letter out tomorrow morning to the AG. I will file the complaint with the OCR as well.
  5. I will send this out as soon as possible n update when I hear back from them
  6. So I would be sending this to them If Americollect comes back with proof of business relationship I pay them and it stays on our report but I still file the complaint with the OCR
  7. This is reporting as disputed but verified to all 4 CRAs. This is the letter he sent to them. He didnt acknowledge the account with them... Their response came saying "OC has advised us that a discount of 50% to the amount of 326 will be provided. " and they also had an account transaction history attached. After that we followed the HIPPA procedure. On their response to the CFPB the CA claims there was a mis-communication with the OC. When the OC called us they claimed that the ONLY reason they refused payment was because they never agreed to a discount. I then sent them the letter saying that the did in fact agree to a discount through the CA but also through their letter refusing to accept payment. They have not responded to that letter which was received January 21 st
  8. I do have the letter from the CA stating that FWR did indeed agree to the reduced payment. What should I do from here?
  9. The letter above was from the ca in response to the CFPB complaint. We have not responded to them at all as per the instructions. I was wondering though if we should update the CFPB complaint so as to keep it open. Something simple like " We have received communication from the original creditor and we are waiting for their response to see if this matter will be resolved." This way the case will remain open in the CFPB database for a while longer. I did file a complaint with the attorney general back when I filed with the CFPB but I have not heard anything back from there
  10. It was a bank money order. And yes they returned it.I ll wait and update when I have news.
  11. The OC did call my husband on the phone telling him that the only reason they did not accept the payment was because it was not payment in full since they never offered a 50% discount. To that my husband responded with the in the earlier post sending them further proof, that they declined the letter because they did not want to remove it from the CRAs. We still have not heard back from them but they did receive the letter on the 22nd
  12. Just updating to say that after the CFPB complaint the CA posted a letter online to the complain saying the following:
  13. Yes I sent the offer, the program letter insert a, the cashier's check. They received it and they refused to accept it. They answered with the letter above saying they will only accept payment if they don have to remove the account from the collection agency. I then filed the two complaints and they decided to call instead of answer through mail. I told them that we want all communication through mail and we will not answer anything over the phone. Their response was that they returned the payment because they never offered a discount and they will wait for OUR answer in the mail. ..

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