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  1. I know it's been a while since I've checked in. But I still see many of the same names. As an update, those who remember when I started, y'all saw lots of pics of my baby. Well, she is already almost 12 and sooooo grown up. I'm up for a promotion at work and I've become an aunt (twice over) We've had some issues in my family. Husband has had several surgeries, dad had a type of skin cancer and is recovering. What I have NOT mentioned in FaceBook (for those of you who have me there), other than my dad's cancer, is that I took my husband to the ER yesterday as he was having pain in his testicle. They found a fairly large mass and I'm trying not to freak out and attribute some other issues he has been having to that (as it would be very bad). We have a referral in to a urologist, but I can't call until tomorrow. I don't want to mention it on FB yet as I have some of mine and his work colleagues on my FB. I also haven't mentioned my dad's cancer on FB because he is pretty private (and so far we have gotten good news that even though it is rare and aggressive, surgery got it all and none were was in the lymph node that site drains to.
  2. I'm going to ranch-sit and take care of any baby goats being born this June when my cousin gets married. Don't know if that should be considered a vacation though, since it'll still be kidding season and if they have any bottle babies, I'll have to get up every three hours to feed, on top of feeding the mamas, the three horses, miniature horse, five or so dogs, plus look after The Boy that will be there (and my daughter of course so they can play). I think I just exhausted myself... In July we are supposed to drive up to Indiana for a family reunion for my husband. But I'm worried we won't have wnough saved up. Especially since he wants to swing by a make a day trip to Chicago.
  3. I just went to Family Dollar. Got a bunch of those baskets/bins for a dollar. Took 2.5 hours and sorted my daughter's toys. (Ex: barbies in one basket, monster high in another, doll clothes in one, electronics in another, etc) This way, I can pull one basket/bin out at a time and she and I can go through them to throw out any broken/not played with toys. It may be an option for you. And you don't even have to put that much time in at first either. You can get those baskets/bins and set aside 15-30 minutes a day and sort. Then, when you're ready, go through each bin, one at a time. As far as clothes go, I can't help with that. I have more clothes than I wear, but mostly that is in regards to work pants--I keep SWEARING I'll get the pants hemmed so I can wear them for work one day... Edit: I try to keep her stuff organized/make her keep it that way, but we moved in November and things got thrown in boxes all together, and I have been somewhat afraid of her room since we moved. LOL. Her stuff was still in boxes in her room. So you can imagine how disorganized and messy it was.
  4. I have usaa too. In fact they are the only ones I've ever had. I don't know if the are the cheapest for what I have (full coverage, 2 vehicles at $100K/$300K/$100K and just under $750/ 6 month) ETA: I've only ever had one major car accident (I was not at fault) and I didn't go through USAA. That was in college. While in college, I also accidentally backed into a parked truck that was not fully in their parking spot. There was no damage (I took pictures and left a note--the metal bumper of hers busted my taillight, that was it). She claimed I dented/scratched her actual truck. She contacted USAA, and they went ahead and paid the claim without seeing the pictures. They said it was easier to pay than fight. My rates did not increase. I haven't had any issues since then. I don't think my husband has had any tickets in the past five years (maybe one tops). And neither have I. USAA has been very good to us and I think, even if my payments are in the high end range, they are worth it.
  5. I figure it's time to update again. DD has gone from this, when I first started here: To this:
  6. I have a FSA. They are changing the rules though and will let some roll over. At least that is what I was notified by my employer. But it is still a flexible spending account. I also have a debit card so that I don't have to wait to be reimbursed. I have ~$600 a year going to it. This year I have already spent approximately triple that and am still incurring expenses. .
  7. It goes beyond that. When I was in school, I had a teacher that taught is the definitions of different theorems and how to apply then. We *had* to show all work and keep a binder. In the binder, we had to keep all our homework quizzes tests etc. And we only had a day, after we got our graded assignments back, to correct any wrong answers. The second semester, we had a project in which we had to complete questions ALL by ourselves without any help from each other or the teacher. It was hard, but that's why she taught us everything BEHIND the "this is how you do it" All that to say, her way wasn't even as bad as common core. She did it the "right" way IMO. But common core examples that I've seen, go through convoluted methods of getting to the answer instead of simpler easier methods.
  8. DH has his surgery tomorrow.
  9. Cool. I'd LOVE to get a DVD. That would be awesome to watch! We saw the surgeon today. The surgeon is saying the MCL is only a partial tear (I wonder why the opinions differ?) and therefore will repair itself and doesn't need surgical intervention. DH will still need the ACL reconstruction and the surgeon intends to use a patellar graft. But DH needs to increase his range of motion first. I'm surprised he has as much as he does right now since he was in a immobilized for the past week and a half. He can bend his knee 90* but it is painful. CG do you remember what kind of range of motion your doctor wanted in your knee? We go back Mon to check it out again and *hopefully* schedule the surgery.
  10. I'm sorry for your loss. I will keep your family in my thoughts.
  11. You mean you don't like all my medical sagas of DH's Tim the Tool Man Taylor size ability to injure himself?!?!!!
  12. I am looking to find out how long the combined surgery usually lasts. Whether the MCL is arthroscopic (my research tends to say no but I need to verify for my husband's work stuff I got to fill out), how long is typical to stay on crutches/in the brace, etc.
  13. Anyone here ever had an ACL reconstruction AND MCL repair surgery? My husband tore his ACL and MCL and we are told he needs surgery to repair both. I'm trying to find out more info before our appt with the surgeon tomorrow.
  14. Several years ago (she was diagnosed in 2008) my grandma had cancer. She has been cancer free for four+ (I forget how long she went through chemo) years now. I hope she recovers quickly.
  15. I'm sorry to hear this. I will keep y'all in my thoughts and prayers.
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