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  1. nono no @MarvBearnever meant to intend that you did.. im at work so lkke i said sorry for the brief choppy replys.. and breakdown in communication.
  2. noooooooo @MarvBear the lady who made first contact from NAVY FEDERAL ! lol
  3. @MarvBear ethically lol.... technically/legally wellllllllll... lol... like a person who has a unsecured debt and walks away from it.. just saying.. not in my character.... jus dont like being told in a threatening manner.
  4. @nyquil556 of course i would as any one would.... but when someone is spiteful over the phone regarding a situation like this,.,, yeah... as anyone as well else would be... dont deceive and threaten to get to what would of been a justified outcome... so im only asking questions to know where i exactly stand... and because of the unique situation coming online to seek and provide information....
  5. NO not at all Harsh @MarvBear .... but in the same hand how they came across to me originally... not being so forth coming... and now they come to realize the dilemma and now want to be courteous... if any circumstance occurred before where they had opportunity, my stance is now if "business is business" don't find opportunity with me on your error. and as well don't swindle me in paying for something i already own... by leaving out facts... but ethically if you would like me to do it... don't state it as were going to come reposes this car... and p.s. sorry for your loss.
  6. yes let me explain clearly! sorry about that @MarvBear so when the title was sent... it was sent back unfilled... but with instructions on where to add them... to have it submitted to the dmv to add the lien... that was never done. because when we went to our dmv.. they said they only do that while registering a car.. that we would just send the bank the title.... and that is how i still have the title. unfilled... in my name.. no lien. sorry for choppy replys at work and just got this call this morning.
  7. @MarvBear if your asking if the title has only me listed on it yes... with no lien against it yes... no lien... i could probably go to a dealership and trade into something else since the title is on my desk.
  8. but if i do so then i will be signing over ownership to them wouldn't i ? and in reality i would be paying for something i already own ?
  9. Good Morning Guys. so in all efforts... NAVY Federal has accepted the offer.... but then realized they have no title... and the lady had mentioned they're was an attempt to obtain one but there was no lien listed on the vehicle. so they couldn't obtain one. i would have to send them a title to add themselves. now what is your advice to this ? what options would you think i have ? @centex @MarvBear @nyquil556
  10. yep received a call back. they will consider a offer of 18k. to retain vehicle.
  11. Sooooo @nyquil556 & @MarvBear spoke with NFCU... and they weren't as forth coming as i was lead to assume. i asked "what loans has my dad left, and any co signers" answer was...... "2 loans one with a 12k balance, and the other with no balance". & "no co signers." then i asked what kind of loans . she then answered " 2 credit cards.... nd another loan sir...... ummm plz hold sir." came back 3 mins later and invited information i did not ask for informing me that; the other loans interest rate had not changed to 19.99% so its still
  12. thank you @nyquil556 & @MarvBear i have not called yet.. about to in a few... but i cant verify if a pmnt was made with the higher rate. because we do not have access to the online acct. but the letter stats that it was already converted to a personal loan.
  13. I had financed a car with navy federal. at a amount of 65k. i was financed at 65k 8% over 5 years. after 2 years of perfect pmnts i was looking to refinance the loan. lower interest. NFCU does not refi there own loans so i started looking at other banks. My father told me to sell him the car (qualify for new rate) (so i did) since the car was new and 2 years later still considered new under NFCU loan guidelines... car was a previous year model under 9k miles would qualify for new car rates. so within the first 6 months my father
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