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  1. Thank you Nate, that makes more sense to me. It is only muddy because I don't know what Venture, PC, CSP, and AF mean!
  2. I had applied for a 6k limit on a new Chase Slate, they gave me a 4k Slate but would not transfer anything off my Chase Freedom that had 6k on it. Apparently stupid move to put 6k on a 6k card, even if it's at 0%. I get that now!!! So...I should just keep the 6k on the Chase Freedom (with a 15k limit)? And keep the Chase Slate empty - do not close it. Or do I ask Chase to give me 19k on my Chase Freedom, and close the Slate?
  3. Im guessing OP means original poster? Chase. Has 15k limit with 6k on it, I figued may as well get 0% interest on it for the next 6 months or so as im paying it down. Chase gave me a new one with 4k limit, then said they wouldn't do the transfer.
  4. As reported by CreditKarma...my VantageScore by Equifax was 753 last month, and is now 666. TransUnion was 760, now 665.
  5. I've been trying to find a post with a similar situation for help, but I haven't been able to find a similar situation. I recently opened a new card simply to do a 0% balance transfer. Turns out that I can't do a transfer between two cards from the same company - well duh. So now that new card is sitting there empty, I figured no problem, doesn't hurt to have a larger overall credit line. But now a month later, I see that it just caused my credit score to drop about 100 points because my "Age of Credit History" went from "Good" to "Poor" because of the new card. OMG!!!! Should I
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