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  1. I know NASA does, but you have to have a mid score of 720 mortgage. I'm sure tons of other places do, too. When we were first shopping, we had many offers at 10% for over 700.
  2. And after you read, read, read, verify with experts here before you make your moves. Then share what works with the class to help the next group of newbies.
  3. Agreed. I remember being turned down for a rental car because I had no credit card and sub-550 credit score. I remember having only a $300 credit limit at Credit One. I remember sitting at a crappy car lot and getting raked with interest on a used car. Life is exceptionally better with good credit.
  4. Take care of it now. My husband had one that we had no idea about, with an 808 credit score. Found it a week before closing and it derailed our deal (seller used the delay to opt out, which was their prerogative, but boy, was it heartbreaking). We lost half our earnest money, wasted money on the inspection and attorney's fees.
  5. I'm in the middle of NASA right now. It's been unorganized. They've asked for the same things quite a few times. I will reserve my final opinion until after closing or the deal falls apart.
  6. The hospital acted like it was totally normal and preemptive, and the fact that they can file it without telling anyone is ridiculous. They suck. I can't believe this.
  7. Also want to reiterate we had NO idea, and we can pay it, we're SUPPOSED to close on the 22nd.
  8. Title company found that the hospital my husband was treated at in November for an accident filed a lien against him. The lien was placed within 30 days of his accident and the hospital did not notify us. We are not in arrears; we make monthly payments as we wait for our uninsured motorist settlement to be finalized. We specifically have paid on it, and paid other medical bills in full, in cash to NOT have any of them affect his/our credit (which it still hasn't, but this is kind of worse). When I found this out I immediately called our lender and he didn't have much to say about it except that we'd have to pay it before closing. Has anyone seen a deal derailed completely from something like this?
  9. plumbingwife


    We are buying a FSBO and keep finding that things have been "forgotten". I'm sure if we had a realtor this wouldn't be the case. The attorneys are just not vested enough to be keeping track of every piece of paper, so we keep getting happy surprises like, "hey...guess what? This packet was due to the title company 10 days ago and nobody has filled it out!" or "guess what? The owner needs to install carbon monoxide detectors and you get to pay for re-inspection, but nobody told her to do that!" I have a ton more respect for realtors after this transaction.
  10. It probably does have to do with the gap between origination and first payment- 60 days would easily swallow a payment in interest. Don't take this as jumping your chocolate, but did you try the online calc with the loan origination date on Bankrate?
  11. Dh has a Cabela's Visa. Rewards work well for us- he gets work boots for free about twice a year. I didn't know we could get a deer pee loan...
  12. I would wait until it's paid off or pretty close. I know I couldn't get in with Citi at one time due to utilization with high 600 scores. I never tried again; my Costco Citi is my first dance with them.
  13. Yes, the last baddie was removed and my husband's score jumped from 712 to 775 on his mid. We will rerun it no matter what, however, I waffle between just getting it over now, and not having another mortgage inquiry pop up for the fishing CA's.
  14. We had our first mortgage credit pull, and, knock on wood, no baddies have resurfaced. We want to rerun again, and can do so any time up to 10 days before closing to qualify for a better rate. Should I just have them do it now, or wait until closer to closing? I'd like to just get it settled, but I don't know if we should give less time for the CA feelers. We are 30 days out from closing. TIA.

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