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  1. to whom are you planning on sending your goodwill letter? Have you tried the standard dispute route?
  2. pryan67


    Can you post the TL here (removing any personal information that is) chances are, it IS inaccurate
  3. pryan67


    I would suggest a letter like this to the CA: Dear herpetic sore, In a recent review of my credit report, I noticed that you are reporting a collection for <dental company> in the amount of XX.XX in my name. Further, you are reporting that I have paid you for this alleged debt. I have never had any contact with you, nor have I ever paid you anything. As such, I dispute your reporting in its entirety. Please provide me with complete validation of your reporting. This reporting is inaccurate and I fully expect that you will delete this erroneous item from any and all credit reports to which you may have reported it.
  4. Personally, I wouldn't get rid of any cards, unless they have annual fees. It won't help you to get rid of them from a score perspective (provided you don't max them out of course)
  5. pryan67


    Is the information on your reports 100% accurate, complete, and verifiable? When was the last time the account was current with the original creditor?
  6. Can't they correct for up close vision now? I was thinking of getting mine touched up because I need cheaters to read. I had mine done oh, about 10 years ago or so. The one thing I would suggest is to NOT go for the cheapest...find out who's the best and get it done by them. Vision is far too valuable to try to save a few bucks
  7. thanks for the warm welcome.... I've missed you all terribly....and hopefully life will settle down enough to allow me to be here almost as often as I used to be
  8. Howdy all...it's been a LONG time....miss you all hope all is well...lots going on in life in general...trying to get life in order...just lots keeping me away... quick update for those who remember me fondly (and those who remember me NOT so fondly LOL) Still working WAY too much...generally away from home 13 hours a day, counting my commute...and working far too much when I am home....but, on the plus side, I've been at my new job 9 years now, have seniority in the entire IT department and get along really well with all management, including all the C-titles and the mothership in Amsterdam. Finally achieved a long time (30+ year) goal and received my black belt in TaeKwonDo, after almost years.....going to start teaching soon on a regular basis (take over classes now occasionally). Also finally bought myself a new car...first new car since 1991, always too cheap to buy new but figured I deserved it...bought that a year ago and have been in three accidents...fortunately never any injuries...but frustrating as all get out. I think the car is cursed. Kids are doing well...son is 10 (and huge...a red belt now, testing soon for his red/black), and doing well in school, although he hates it. daughter is 16...still having issues with her Asperger's...but doing MUCH better than in the past...getting more rebellious in a healthy way which is a big step. She's a Junior in high school now, and also a red belt (she's ALMOST ready to test...but she needs to focus a bit more). I'm hoping to be here a lot more...do what I can to help, and to learn hope all is well with everyone here....
  9. I've got an electric one in my basement that runs contiuously (damp basement) similar to this one that drains directly into our sump hole: http://www.sears.com/kenmore-30-pt-dehumidifier/p-04254530000P?prdNo=4&blockNo=4&blockType=G4http://www.sears.com/kenmore-30-pt-dehumidifier/p-04254530000P?prdNo=4&blockNo=4&blockType=G4
  10. nah...don't go Amish....find out who it is....then have some fun....
  11. this is a prime example of when a goodwill letter can do some good. Write to the OC and explain the situation, asking them to delete the lates
  12. I would still file in your local court, rather than Federal....make THEM pay the filing fees (if they do....they might simply settle or fight in your local court)
  13. You mean like rolling over, balancing a treat on your nose, things like that? Metra bites....I'm on it now but it DOES beat fighting traffic on the way home each day (I go into work early enough that when I drive there's very little traffic)
  14. All that letter proves is that they claim she once had a Chase card, with a specific account number, that they claim had a balance of xxxx......
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