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  1. The sad part is that some At &t customers were not told about the breach, my brother included. It's a shame that unless you are a member of transunion, you may not be informed.
  2. I was recently accepted as a member, however I don't see anything that can help me rebuild with my scores under 600. I was turned down for sdfcu, not sure why so that dashed my hopes for their secured card. Does penn offer free credit monitoring? I see there auto refinancing rates are good, however with the issues I trying to correct on my credit I don't think I should apply for anything else this year. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Awesome, Sdfcu declined my membership, not sure if it was because I have a fraud alert on my credit file, or an issue with chexsystems, was surprised to say the least.
  4. I have contacted the EO a case has been started in regards to the pre screened offers that I keep getting turned down for. Thanks
  5. Hi Board, I have been getting pre approval letters from capital one for the platinum card and auto loans yet every time I apply I get turned down I keep calling they say the fraud department is going to contact me and nothing. I would really like to speak to a live person who can help straighten out what's going wrong. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks 'credithunting' I have applied to sdfcu, waiting to hear from them the 800# said they are backlogged in processing new applications.
  7. Would someone please point me in the direction of the posts regarding secure credit cards that don't turn you down? I need more revolving credit my TU score is under 600, I have been turned down for capital one, BOA, pnc,I don't want to keep applying however I would like to have at 3 scc's so I can reduce the utilization of the nfcu mastercard. Please point me to some other secure cards that don't pull credit. Thanks in advance
  8. Okay great, I wasn't sure if I had to be a member of a organization in order to become a member
  9. That's kool, how can I join pennfed?
  10. Great post, I didn't know this information either.
  11. Congrats!! I too have sm issues on my tu report, disputed a week ago, I hope I get the same results as you.
  12. Thanks 'Here we go" for your expert advice, I have been monitoring my credit activities very closely while I work on my negatives, and after applying for a AT&T digital life home alarm and monitoring system and getting approved with no security deposit, lol security deposits have been a way of life for me to even have a cell phone contract I felt like maybe my credit is getting better either way I threw caution to the wind and called capital one to apply for the secured card and low and behold I was told to wait for a letter in the mail, meaning Denied. I wasted a hp for nothing so I just applied for a open sky account I'm going to open with $1000, thanks for giving me hope.
  13. I agree, this is the old bait and switch. They are hoping that you are desperate and have already fallen head over heels for the car, I would tell them no deal, here is your car back refund please. And move on to a more reputable dealership.

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