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  1. The Tesla Skeptics Who Bet Against Elon Musk


    With more than 30 million Twitter followers and a steady stream of YouTube videos and podcasts from Tesla lovers around the world, Musk has plenty of fans to take his side. They shout down the gentlest critics on social media, have been known to bring doughnuts to employees during end-of-quarter pushes to get vehicles out the door, even volunteer to talk new owners through the bells and whistles. “Huge thank you to all Tesla supporters for helping with car deliveries,” Musk tweeted in September 2018. “You rock!!”
  2. Be bold with the reimagined American Express Green Card. You could earn 30,000 Membership Rewards points

    As a valued Card Member, we’d like to invite you to carry Green from Amex. With its recently expanded suite of benefits, Green is the Card that helps you make more out of your everyday, no matter what you’re doing. You can earn points on a bite to eat, a once-in-a-lifetime voyage, or a trip to the office.3 It’s just one of the ways we’re giving you more with your Membership, no matter what your day brings.

  3. On 5/10/2019 at 8:11 AM, cv91915 said:

    Some years back buy.com changed its name to rakuten.com. 


    Stunning marketing move, because I go online intending to rakuten all the time.


    In a brilliant follow-up, they have now rebranded Ebates with the Rakuten name as well!  


    Who doesn't love getting rakutens back on every purchase?



    Do you have a referral link/code for Rakuten?

  4. Wells Fargo is a major national bank which like US Bank cannot seem to get basic account features right. :-)

    1. Because of glitch or design, transactions (charges) posted w/in a few days after the statement closing do not show up for a few days in the account management in posted or pending list. However, mint seems to show them. I am not sure if it is just pending transactions that are on showing.

    2. You cannot setup auto recurring pay from external accounts.

    3. Only one recurring autopay allowed?

  5. Today, I saw a total of 785 members and guests, which is the most online traffic I have ever seen in CB.




    I think highest number of people online was probably in 2005ish?


    People come and go all the time for various reasons.  Some times life just gets busy, they find other hobbies, disagree with management decisions, have another member make them upset, something else or for no good reason.  Other times it is because we tell them not to come back.


    In general, board/forums style websites have had their heydays in the past. There are lot of newer platforms that are much bigger with lot of traffic: Facebook forums, reddit, and other newer platforms.



  6. so there is a crosstrek with manual but it seems to be more of a car than an SUV

    2018 was the last year they offered manual transmission. You could find an used. Subaru did not sell many manual transmission or turbo charged vehicles. So, they stopped offering them.
  7. Patelco whoring this terrible product:

    Prep for school success with a Patelco Personal Loan
    Rates as low as 5.30% APR
    A new school year is approaching fast, and we're ready to help make it a successful one for you with a Patelco Personal Loan. Get the supplies you need to prep for the upcoming school year with quick access to funds, a low rate and flexible terms.
    Borrow up to $50,000
    Rates as low as 5.30% APR with terms up to 5 years
    Fixed, low rates and payments
    No loan origination fees

    The APR is better or closer to student loans’ APR. But, no deferment.
  8. I ended up rushing to Terminal B to try to catch an earlier connection (which I missed).


    Then my original connecting flight moved to B.


    So I'm sitting in the Admirals Club in B dragging my mustache through a chicken quesadilla.


    And... as I typed that... my departing flight moved to A. 



    Three weeks ago at DFW, I went to Mediterranean in terminal A to get dinner and missed my connecting flight in terminal B. I had to go to terminal C to catch the next flight. That was a lot of walking. :-)


  9. Shortly I will have 2.5 hours to kill in Terminal C at DFW.


    So... Pappadeaux or Maggiano's for dinner tonight?  

    Don’t they have Pappasito’s?


    For your convenience I've already eliminated the other obvious choices:  Admiral's Club menu, or a platter of deodorizing discs from a terminal restroom urinal.


    Hopefully you will find something better than the above.

  10. https://turbo.intuit.com/blog/credit-score/credit-score-range-78/


    Your credit score is more than just a number. It represents how reliable a borrower you are and how well (or poorly) you manage your debt. Just like your SAT scores back in high school (which I prefer to never think about again), it will spark judgement.


    Prospective lenders, landlords and maybe even a new dating partner will use your score as a make-or-break sign. If you’re curious to know where you stand, be sure to get your free credit score report with Turbo.


    Depending on where your score falls on the credit score scale (which runs between 300 and 850 on the VantageScore scale) what does this three-digit figure actually reveal about you?

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