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  1. He can convert his checking account to basic version of BofA Advantage checking and avoid monthly fees. I think it is called SafeBalance. All you need to do to avoid monthly fee is opt in for preferred rewards. Why is this account not convenient?
  2. AFAIK, it has been the same 4% on gas purchases every year.
  3. [emoji106] I often eat a slice of pizza [emoji487] or hot dog [emoji894][emoji3047]after checking out. Never used their auto service for anything so far. I go to a Costco location at least once a month.
  4. Wow. Hopefully he was not doing 70+ on freeway when they flew off. :-(
  5. Thanks Dr. Frost. Some prefer Discount Tire for free tire rotations. I did not have to buy new tires in a long time. If I have to, it will be set of four due to AWD. I will compare Direct Tire, Tire Rack, and Costco.
  6. Are tires at Costco cheaper than at Discount Auto?
  7. Hmm. Did you mean to reply to some other post?
  8. https://www.bankofamerica.com/preferred-rewards/ They seemed to have converted it to an Mastercard. I have the older Visa version. You can get one of the World Wildlife or US pride cards which are Visa and have similar rewards.
  9. I hear their milk is very good quality and lasts a long time.
  10. Wow 99 problems. :-) Have you not signed up online on costco.com? You can look up your member number there if you did. Reasons I have kept my Costco membership: 1. Required for my auto insurance from Ameriprise. Free towing for Executive members. 2. Good quality products that are not available elsewhere. 3. They treat their employees well and pay decent wages. 4. Even a worse Costco location is much better than the best Walmart location. 5. People complain about long lines at gas stations. I have found empty or short lines most times I pass by them. 6. No customer holding up checkout lines because they are paying by a check. :-) I have the Citi Costco Anywhere card which does not see much use any more other than of Costco or costco.com purchases.
  11. A few weeks ago Chase sent me five emails - one for each card - notifying of their Plan/Flexpay feature and the terms.

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