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  1. I think highest number of people online was probably in 2005ish? In general, board/forums style websites have had their heydays in the past. There are lot of newer platforms that are much bigger with lot of traffic: Facebook forums, reddit, and other newer platforms.
  2. 2018 was the last year they offered manual transmission. You could find an used. Subaru did not sell many manual transmission or turbo charged vehicles. So, they stopped offering them.
  3. The APR is better or closer to student loans’ APR. But, no deferment.
  4. It was a bar with a tiny kitchen. I did not realize until I went there. I work about a mile from a Mediterranean restaurant that has all you can eat buffet and I go there often. Baba ganoush, hummus, and baklava are what I eat most when I go there. :-)
  5. Three weeks ago at DFW, I went to Mediterranean in terminal A to get dinner and missed my connecting flight in terminal B. I had to go to terminal C to catch the next flight. That was a lot of walking. :-)
  6. Don’t they have Pappasito’s? Hopefully you will find something better than the above.
  7. The grades of scores - prime, prime plus, super prime, etc. - are still relevant even if the ranges vary by a few points.
  8. I think the score ranges are still the same as FICO.
  9. https://turbo.intuit.com/blog/credit-score/credit-score-range-78/
  10. I would like that offer. Is there a referral? :-)
  11. Citi (yesterday): Your credit limit increase was approved. Citi (today): Your credit limit has been adjusted.

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