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  1. I think it would be “out of range” service and can be covered by Tesla roadside assistance. https://www.tesla.com/support/roadside-assistance
  2. Another reason to get newer vehicle with auto headlights on/off feature. :-)
  3. Is it the free annual report or paid? How much did you pay? I have to order my auto CLUE report as well. I had a non-collision claim on my vehicle for over $16,000 (engine replacement). :-( Ameriprise did not increase my premium yet. I read that they don’t increase premiums for Costco members. I did get a few online quotes from GEICO, esurance, etc. and they were not higher than last time I got quotes and a few hundred dollars over my current premium. But, I did not include any claims I had. If you are getting a new vehicle, they have OnStar or similar which will have roadside assistance along with a few other benefits. First few years could be even free.
  4. AAA: Count the ways you can save every day with your AAA Membership, starting with Shell.
  5. How about a Pixel or Pixel XL. Google Fi has them on sale for half the regular price. Most of them are out of stock. :-) You will need to have the phone activated on Fi for a month to get the promotional price.
  6. So none of the credit whores and pimps that have filed a claim under CC extended warranty? :-)
  7. Check your email and snail mail. They sent the change to annual fee in credit card terms. This will be in effect for cards renewing from now or new cards.
  8. I had a Windows Mobile phone for a long time until switching to Android phones. :-) Did you have a Palm and Blackberry too?
  9. Has anyone filed a claim for electronics (cell phone) with credit card company? How much did you receive for the claim? Full amount of the original purchase if the item cannot be repaired, costs too much to repair, or replacement item price? I know you will have to submit proof of purchase and warranty information for the claim. Did you have to submit anything for the proof of diagnosis and repair?
  10. I am thinking of getting a few weed ETFs and stocks: MJ, EVVLF, ACB, APHA. Any interesting ETFs in your portfolio?
  11. Wish fixing a denied CLI request and bumping my CL were that easy. :-)
  12. My Discover TransUnion score refreshed on 7th and is 814 an improvement of 6 over last time it refreshed. NFCU refreshed on 4th. Shows a Equifax FICO 9 score of 777 an improvement of 6 like TransUnion FICO 8 from Discover. Equifax FICO Bankcard Score 8 from Citi on 26th March is 794. My Equifax is trending like TransUnion but still has not crossed on 800. :-(
  13. Thanks. I called and was told I was denied. Can I request again for lower amount or do I have to wait 180 days?

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