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  1. Just an FYI united bank bankwithunited.com is now using chex online. I tried to add a savings to my checking and that was the reason for denial.
  2. Thank you. Any with full banking such as checks maybe?
  3. Anyone have any updated success with internet only banks or know of any that are chex friendly? Thanks!!
  4. I opened joint accounts and an individual account. The joint with my husband was closed a week later but my individual is still open and telecheck shows an approved inquiry from them so as said above it all depends. I am in EWS also
  5. Site not working. Any info for Ohio would be great please zip 44720
  6. United Bank in Ohio, WV, DC etc while still not using Chex EWS or Credit reports is no longer allowing online account opening and I had to make an online request to my rewards checking account so I asked if they were reinstating online account opening and the rep said not at this time and they have no plans of it in the future so you will have to go to a branch again. Bankwithunited.com can give locations
  7. Be careful with that one, its definitely an option but it's expensive
  8. Anyone know anything about Community One Credit Union in Canton, OH? I hear after several months of a savings acct they will open a checking. Can anyone confirm?
  9. Any good options in northeast Ohio? I can't use woodforest from a ding in 2011
  10. Does anyone know of any non Chex banks or cu's in or near canton Ohio?
  11. Yes charged off overdrawn accounts. Sorry it took so long to respond
  12. I was immediately denied due to Chex and have 2 entries for nsf from Jan and 3 from 2011
  13. Just to let everyone know, CapOne360 is now influencing decisions for checking on Chex. I was just declined due to that factor alone and not poor credit. This is the first time that I have seen that with 360. Andy
  14. I believe there is TD Bank there and it has been said that they are very chex friendly

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