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  1. I'm trying to get something with less of a payment and I was hoping to achieve that by going for something considerably cheaper, like $10k cheaper roughly. I'm also considering just selling the truck outright. I had a dealership call me today telling me they could make it work. I'm sure they are full of it. I guess we will see. They kept talking about rebates and end of month stuff. Didn't seem very promising.
  2. For those scores I have a EQ - 518, TU - 535 & EX - 585. I was looking for $0 down and trading in a truck that has $30k left on it and is about $4k upside down, trying to get something closer to $15k. Is this realistic or reasonable at this point? or do you have an idea about where my scores should be for this to be realistic?
  3. Trying really hard to figure out why and what in the world is going on. in the past 5 months(with credit boards help) I have gone from a 530's-630's Fico score, But my Fico Auto 2 has gone from 388 to a 411. Trying to trade in and downsize my current auto loan/Truck but with a Fico Auto 2 at 411 (388 when i tried to trade in) I was quickly denied and nobody could explain my 388 after going deep into my reports at 3 different dealers. So, if anybody has any helpful hints or tips I would appreciate it! As for specific questions - 1 - Are there are any dealers who use Fico 8? I have called and asked several dealers but I end up confusing them when I try to explain what I mean by FICO auto 2, lol they always come back with some answer that makes no sense at all. 2 - I have been searching the boards for tips on raising my FICO AUTO 2 - but have not found much. Thanks in advance for your help and comments!
  4. my wife just got 2 $100 increases with mid 500's scores also! also using the online button!
  5. Hit the button on the website and got an instant approval Got a $1000! First CLI In over a year! Thanks to credit boards! went from $750 to $1750. TU-620 EX-641 EQ-582
  6. Crazy! thats the highest i've heard for this card.
  7. crazy, I tried to luv button mine yesterday and got the 7-10 day message. and its only at $250 lol. I have an express that upped to $700 from $250 though...
  8. even with utililization at 90%? I mean I am working on the my negatives like crazy. I am just wanting to make sure I look into everything, because when I put a $650 balance on my $750 limit and they reported it my fico dropped 22 points
  9. I am an AU on a few different accounts that have high balances, would it be the best idea to remove myself off of those accounts unless the balances go down? it would significantly reduce my util.
  10. I'm still waiting for my letter or card! I have called back in like 5 times and keep getting the same response: "there are no underwriters that you can speak to, we are not giving out approvals or denials over the phone. You will have to wait for your response in the mail"
  11. what is the status of the account? charged off? closed? still open?
  12. Cap One Bank USA | $755 Civil Claim | filed 11/2009 | Renewal Filed 10/2014 That was the judgement that was deleted from EX.
  13. Just got back my first dispute results!!! I had 2 Paid Collections deleted and 1 JUDGEMENT! Freaking pumped about the judgement! The weird thing on the Judgement is that it was not paid? what now? Also just sent out the 2nd round of disputes! Thank you to anybody and everybody who has commented with help and answered questions!
  14. Great! thank you guys for the help! I'm just going to leave it alone!
  15. I have an old Capital One account that was never closed but it shows that there is no credit limit. Is it possible to apply a credit limit to that account? or to call them and have them send me a card and create a limit on that particular account? or is it lost and I should forget it. Account Number: ************** Current Status: PAYS AS AGREED Account Owner: Individual Account. High Credit: $ 0 Type of Account : Revolving Credit Limit: Term Duration: Terms Frequency: Monthly (due every month) Date Opened: 08/01/2003 Balance: $ 0 Date Reported: 09/01/2006 Amount Past Due: Date of Last Payment: Actual Payment Amount: Scheduled Payment Amount: Date of Last Activity: N/A Date Major Delinquency First Reported: Months Reviewed: 37 Creditor Classification: Activity Description: N/A Charge Off Amount: Deferred Payment Start Date: Balloon Payment Amount: Balloon Payment Date: Date Closed: Type of Loan: Credit Card Date of First Delinquency: N/A

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