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  1. Ours are about $4200 on $250k crazy# Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you for that. I would hate to go to another lender - we have borderline credit scores because of high utility. But he was able to get it to work and get it approved through the UW. I also didn't want another pull on our reports. He is terrible about his response time but I might be his worst nightmare - as I like to have a ton of information and I do not like waiting! Good thing is we have a fabulous Realtor who bugs him as much as I have been. Do you know - on those 2 lien mortgages, whether it's one payment monthly or two? About the insurance - we are in the DFW area
  3. I'm asking these questions here because our loan officer is extremely slow in answering them for me. I figure someone here knows the answers. We were approved for a 1/2% down loan program. This is where you carry 2 liens. One with 96.5% of the loan and one with 3% of the loan thru FHA. Can someone tell me - would we be making one payment a month or two separate ones? What is the year term on the 2nd lien usually if the 1st is 30yr? Are there any pre payment penalties for paying off the 2nd lien early? On a $250k loan, what would the approximate closing costs be with 4% interes
  4. What are your current scores and uti like? I have an under $1k charge off from 10 yrs ago and I'd love to get my foot back in the door.
  5. Only on EQ No, what is the follow up site? I did stress that it was undeliverable and even sent them a copy of the mail with the undeliverable sticker on the front of it. Thank you for helping with this!
  6. I filed the complaint with CFPB - Equifax initiated another investigation. Lo and behold Equifax verified it again!!! Same thing...any questions please contact the data furnisher directly yada yada... That would be great if the address actually worked!! This is really ridiculous. I can counter with CFPB and dispute the result but from experience nothing ever happens after that. Anything more I can do to get this removed?
  7. We got one of those Total Rewards card "exclusively for you" offers via email...that isn't a guarantee of approval right? My husband isn't getting the pop up when we log into his TR account so I would be wary of applying and getting a HP and a denial. EX-EQ Fico somewhere in the high 600s and he has other Comenity cards. What has been your experience with these email offers? Would love to have this card because we do go to Vegas every year, sometimes twice a year and we play at the CET casinos.
  8. Well I couldn't call last night because it was so late but I just called. Does anyone over there not have a thick accent? Felt like I was talking to a robot. Anyway, she said no and it took her all of 30 seconds for her to "manually review" my report. Strange because all of my other non-synchrony bank accounts that I have gave me increases equal to almost double my current limits with this round of CLI requests this month. I have perfect history with them so not sure what the issue is...of course I'll get a letter blah blah blah. I didn't even want it to use it - just to help UTI
  9. Update, EX deleted within a week! No response from TU yet
  10. Update...still waiting. I filed a complaint with CFPB and sent them all documentation
  11. Luv button. Thank you I didn't know that. I will call them. Anyone know the number to the UW?
  12. I didn't get a cli on my amazon card. The denial letter had my credit score with a date of 4 months ago! (Date next to the score). Why would they use such an old score? I'm pretty sure it's higher now than it was then.
  13. Thank you. I do have the ppwk from the original dispute and deletion. Should I go the CFPB route this time or just do the mailed letters?
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