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  1. I know it might seem hopeless, but with TIME things will improve. If you are in a position to look for a better paying job, then do so. I just spent the last 5 years paying down on two credit cards. I removed all excess spending, got rid of the cable, did not eat out, stuck to a strict, strict budget. I stuck to my plan, and this year it FINALLY paid off. I can now invest a little, and do more. Just take it one day at a time, and eventually you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Please, please, please do your 401K!!! Even if you only put a small amount in, that's better then nothing at all.
  2. My rule of thumb is not to make payments unless I know I have the money to cover it regardless of how the checks, electronic payments are processed. I've never bounced a check and have no intentions of doing so. Now I did have one situation once where I made a deposit, and it was held up for some stupid reason. I had to raise some serious sand on that issue. Turns out it was a shady teller holding up funds. I use debit cards, and make sure I record every check amount I write. I keep in mind the checks I did write, and when I see the real time amount listed, I will subtract the checks I wrote that did not clear so there are no surprises.
  3. It's fraud. The bank would never email you for something of that nature. I would send it to the fraud department of chase, and inform yahoo as well.
  4. I've been using BOA and like it a lot. I hardly ever write checks anymore.
  5. Regular prices are $2.51 - $2.56 so seeing $2.29 was a reason to be excited.
  6. I don't understand how they can give you a 30 days late when you were only late 3 days? I'm confused by this. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I was late a few days with MBNA one time when I was dealing with family illness and hospitalizations. I completely forgot about the due date in the process. This was at a time I was dealing with paper statements only as I did not have Internet at that time. (several years ago). It was not reported to the CRAs, but it is on record with MBNA. Since then, I have made a practice of scheduling online payments to take place just after statement posting. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Right I understand that. I mean it happens, sometimes you are caught up with other things, and you forget. But I'm trying to understand how if you are late by 3 days, it shows up on your CRA as 30? That does not make sense. Yes you are late to the creditor, and you get zinged that way, but 3 days to show up as 30 + does not seem right.
  7. I would also like to add if you toss receipts if paying with a debit card, make sure you shread them!!! When you take out your debit or credit cards, don't hold it up for people to use their camera phones to see. I caught someone trying to do that to me, I just about went upside the chicks head!!!
  8. The fact I was excited over getting gas for $2.29 is bad considering last year this time I was paying about $1.45!!! Anyway NBC news is doing this Cheap Gas special this week in GA and they are going to different Racetrack gas stations and you get some gas for about 111 min. The line was long, but I got my gas this morning!!!
  9. BB I hope you and hubby have a wonderful, wonderful time!!! Hawaii will be one of my future destinations upon finishing school in the next couple of years.
  10. Rule of thumb is keep at least 6-9 months of living expenses in the bank for a rainy day. After you deduct the 6-9 months of expenses you could put some in a IRA and find a good interest bearing money market account.
  11. I may be too late to respond, but bonus is usually taxed about 50%. So you will probably get less than $2,000. I would personally pay off the credit card that has the highest balance to knock it out. That's what I've done in the past with my bonus.
  12. did you actually sign up with the program or are you doing this on your own? I plan to sign up with it. I think it's a good idea.
  13. I don't understand how they can give you a 30 days late when you were only late 3 days? I'm confused by this.
  14. EX is the worst when it comes to removing things.
  15. I used to do this a long time ago, but being I pretty much pay with my debit card for groceries etc, I don't use it anymore.
  16. This is horrible this happened to you. I agree with another poster who said to file a police report. This will protect you in case this comes back to "haunt" you later. You will have proof that you took some kind of action.
  17. I'm not surprised. I mean the news, the magazines, there are so many instances where you see, hear CHECK YOUR OWN CREDIT and folks don't do it. Then they get upset when they can't get a good deal on a loan for house purchases, or to finance a car. I was just telling a friend of mine "check your credit" and he give me this song and dance about how that's too much work. That's really the bottom line. Some people don't want to be bothered. It's really sad.
  18. I can just imagine how many people fell for this one and will be kicking themselves when they realize it was not necessary.
  19. In my area of GA I'm paying $2.59. When I first bought my car gas was $0.88. That was five years ago. I could fill my car up with about $10 bucks and be happy. Then it slowly crept up to $20, now it costing more like $26 - $30!!!! This SUCKS!!!!!
  20. I usually don't like Big Brother, but I've been watching this season and I'm actually enjoying it!!! I can't believe they put Kaysar back on the block!!!! If John ends up winning I'm going to be HEATED!!!!! Kaysar was stupid for giving up HOH!!! That was a huge misatke on his part.
  21. Oh yeah and to the response of not having time to cook, sorry but that's an excuse IMHO. I understand having to work, school etc, but you are saying out of 7 days a week you can't make time to cook up maybe three good meals, that you can eat over a period of a few days? I cook every Sunday and freeze some for later. I tend to make beans and rice dishes, and casseroles that are easy to freeze and carry with me. I also buy some cold cuts and buy fresh vegetables from the Farmer's Market and make salads with some cut up turkey cold cuts and cheese. Sandwich wraps, things like that. You just have to find the time to cook like you find time to do other things in your life.
  22. I eat out every now and again, but find I really like my own cooking a lot better. Sometimes I do have cravings for Thai food, or carribean food and will treat myself every now and again when I have the extra money to spend. Otherwise I make great use of my George Foreman grill.
  23. Is this what you really want to do though? Just because people tell you this is what you should do does not mean you should? My suggestion would be to network with some paralegals and find out what their day to day is like, etc. IMHO it's not about just making the money, but about really enjoying what you do. If you don't enjoy what you do it does not matter how much money you are making. I had a friend start going for paralegal but doubt she finished. She is the type to start and never finish anything. I toyed with this also, but I plan to return to school for something else instead.
  24. I had a friend who was bulemic. She really messed up her body with that disorder. Her teeth got messed up from all the vomiting, and she had to have a lot of dental work done and she is not even in her mid 30's. It was such a shame. It's a mixture of things. Unless you are think it's assumed you won't be a success etc. But if you say "I like a little meat on my bone", some folks go overboard and they have way more meat then necessary? It's really a shame.

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