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  1. I used BOA Bill Pay to schedule a $150 payment to Chase (I had WaMubut since it merged..I changed my Billpay to pay Chase... ) . It's been days now where this $150 is deducted from my banking account but NOT credited to Chase. ** Chase does NOT have my banking account information. WaMuhad it but since the merge of the website, my account information is NOT there and I have to give it to them and I didn't. So there are NO payments being made through Chase.com Then I get an interesting automated email on Friday that says I deducted a check for $145. I NEVER authorized a check for $14
  2. To the people saying from a "business point of view"....... If Amex wanted to make money off of me, they should've gave me a higher CL. 1,000 was pathetic when I had cards over 10,000 and back then I had no "Debt".
  3. 1,000 Credit limit. Never got an increase Always paid in full each month.. No lates or anything. Hardly used it.... I had an automatic $10 gym membership charged to it ever month which also got paid every month. I did use it once recently for a $300 purchase. And again - I PAID THAT IN FULL. There is NEVER a balance on this card. Letter says because of my debt to income ratio and because I have "severe delinquencies" which really makes no sense whatsoever to me because I at least pay the min payment on things... So I guess I'll be pulling a report soon to see what the hell that
  4. I guess for carrying a 4,000 balance and only paying slightly above min ?
  5. having his own creidt card? The rewards are even pretty lame.
  6. Oh No!!!! I might go from 1,000 to 500!! As long as my monthly $10 gym membership fits on that sockdrawer card.. I'm set.
  7. I went to a new doctor who accepts both Medicare and Medicaid. I never have medical bills for things like that and I was under the impression it covered everything. I received a bill and I've called the number on it and I just keep getting voicemail. I've left messages and they still haven't returned any of my calls. There's nobody to talk to there, there's a main receptionist that just keeps transfering to the voice mail. So I've called the doctor's office, and they tell me they "don't know" and "can't do anything" an I have to call the billing company...who won't return my calls. I'
  8. lol. Geico was always like hundreds more everytime I called. It's more about companies and what city you live in than credit scores. Try calling around and NOT giving your ss# so they can't do a credit check.. and get the lowest possible price that way. Then let them do a credit check.
  9. I guess they found it. I guess I"m just lucky that the "cashed check" is the same amount as the deposited check and not a penny more. Pending CASHED CHECK HOLD ON 05/16 Debit Pending Called and asked about it to see what they say. AGAIN BOA is telling me that I did this because my name is on it, my account number and it looks as if I deposited it and withdrawled it. I'm still pissed off. So I guess now that they probably have my account number they still could easily make another "cashed check" withdrawl. And yeah, so much for my account being "frozen". I wanted it frozen
  10. All the time. But it's so hard to understand with the broken English. I do know I was promised WAY more than 1700 though. So much for millions.
  11. When I called the bank questioning this deposit. They actually tried to CONVINCE me that I must've overpaid on a bill somewhere and that's what this deposit is from. I wonder if that can work in my favor. "oops, well I use billpay all the time, so I assumed the CSR knew what she was talking about just like I would assume that a teller can't look up a name and allow someone to make a transaction without proper verification"
  12. But that's not what happened. It seems it was a clerical error. And when banks make mistakes, they're allowed to fix them. Just like the IRS -- if you get a tax overpayment, they're entitled to take it back too. Toopoor's scenario sounds dead-on to me. I wouldn't say Clerical Error. More like Teller not doing their job correctly and and looking up someone's account info without any sort of verification. I did some more digging. Come to find out the people's last name on that check (besides the academy)are also a popular name around here and the state the deposit was made. I
  13. But that's not what happened. It seems it was a clerical error. And when banks make mistakes, they're allowed to fix them. Just like the IRS -- if you get a tax overpayment, they're entitled to take it back too. Toopoor's scenario sounds dead-on to me. would you have closed the account in a panic or waited 24 hours to find out what happened? I probably woulda waited, although that's easy to say when i'm reading the events after they happen and have more information than the 'it's a scam' comments from the 'who called' lookup on the number. (the who called sites are becoming less usef
  14. Eh, even if someone deposited that money by mistake surely they could go back to the bank to trace it and it would end up getting withdrawled from me anyway. If you made a deposit to someone and they say they haven't received it, wouldn't you want to go to the bank to find out what was going on.. Yeah, but is the bank obligated to reverse the transaction. If I write someone's name on a check for an amount and sign my name, the check clears and is deposited, is there anyway to reverse the transaction? Not to my knowledge... I guess not. If you gave that money to me then changed y
  15. I think just like anything else - it depends on who the teller is. Just like sometimes stores check for signatures and sometimes they don't. The fact that they have a phone number I haven't used in about 2 years is proof enough for me that the info came from a teller.
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