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  1. Hello Everyone. I got approved for 1k line of credit with Kabbage and I am trying to increase that line of credit. Any ideas of what I can do. I called Kabbage and they say that they use algorithms to determine the line increase. The only thing that they can tell me is that line increase is determined by your revenue and the payment history with Kabbage.
  2. Hello, I am looking for Business Credit Cards that pull Equifax and Experian only. Because I have too many inquires from Transunion.
  3. Does anyone know any business credit cards that pull from Equifax personal only for the PG. My equifax score is 762. And I want to personally guarantee a business credit card with it.
  4. I called and tried to get another rep but they would not let me. According the report that the Analyst sent me. There's not a lot of information on the report. That's the only thing that I can think of to why it is in that status.
  5. I am unable to login to my iUpdate account to update my Dnb Report. I call the phone number provided but they give me runaround. Any ideas on how I could unlock this account?
  6. When I go to the iUpdate site I get the message below. For security reasons, your account has been locked. Please contact us directly at 1-800-999-3867 ext 6789, Mon - Fri from 8am - 8pm ET, for assistance. Reference Error Code: HRLCK 201
  7. Does anyone know if there is a way to get my DnB report out of High Risk Status. The DnB rep assigned to me is not much help at all.
  8. I just got approved for the Ameris Business Credit Card. I wanted to know which Business Credit Agency does this card report to. DnB, Experian Business or Equifax Business.
  9. I just got approved for the AMEX Open Business Credit Card. I wanted to know which Business Credit Agency does this card report to. DnB, Experian Business or Equifax Business.
  10. DeAlmaro

    Chase Ink?

    Is this Equifax Business?
  11. DeAlmaro

    Chase Ink?

    Do you what Business Credit Agency the that the Chase Ink Business Credit Card reports to?
  12. I got pre-approved for a mortgage and I am look for alternative ways to come up with a down payment. I don't want to borrow against my 401k and I don't have much in savings and was wondering if I applied for a credit card or a personal would it hurt me in the home buying process as far as an inquiry. I need $17,000 to close. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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