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  1. What was the reason? Let me guess not able to verify identity! It didn't give a reason. I'll let you know once I receive the letter. What was the reason? Let me guess not able to verify identity! EX frozen? Nope. All reports are thawed right now.
  2. I'm moving to a new and bigger place soon, so I thought this would be a good product to get the 6 months 0% financing to get some new furniture. Denied. I'm not even sad.
  3. I've dealt with them before. You have to be a resident of Puerto Rico, and they will ask for proof of residency and proof of income. They're pretty conservative if you have a limited credit history, but if you're more established, they're relatively generous. I opened my second card ever with them, and they gave me $1000 limit - I applied four years later for a new card, and they gave me $27.5k (highest limit at the time was 32k) They annoyed me - I applied for the platinum plus, but they approved me for the platinum with $9k. Useless and sockdrawered.
  4. Citi at an ATM. My employer sometimes reimburses me for expenses with cash, and I just go pay it at a Citi ATM.
  5. Adding - Banco Popular Puerto Rico, they pulled TU for a recent AA Credit Card App.
  6. A CLD to $1024 is Sync code for "you haven't used your card in far too long". They did this to my Gap and Amazon cards. I called to try and get them back up, but no dice. So I closed them. I don't need that negativity in my life.
  7. i already have a checking account with PNC - this could be interesting for me. The Dining and Gas categories especially, since I entertain clients for work.
  8. Still listing: Our Consumer card application is unavailable while we make improvements I really wonder what is going on here??? And not to be pedantic, but DC is technically NOT a MasterCard, however the DC card does operate on the MasterCard network. I believe that they were in over their head, and suspended applications for the duration of their contract with Diners Club, at which point someone else will get the franchise.
  9. Relatively quickly. It still me over 3 weeks to get in to NFCU via the Navy League
  10. NFCU has another smaller benefit - if you're taking your financed car with you to a US territory, they're one of the only non-manufacturer financial institutions that will allow it. Them, Penfed, First Tech, and BCU. That's it. Since I'm considering returning to Puerto Rico, this is a big deal for me.
  11. I applied on March 17 and submitted an ID and utility bill. On March 24, I called to ask what was going on. After digging, they found my application and began to process it. On March 28, I received a link to submit an ID and utility bill. I submitted them. On March 31, they hadn't received my utility bill. I submitted it again for the third time. On April 2, Hard Pull. On April 4, "Welcome to NFCU"
  12. I've been looking at this topic for some time, and I think I'm going to join via the NLUS San Diego membership - however, a quick question, is applying by mail mandatory, or can I apply in person at a branch? There are a few not too far from me (including one a block from where I live) Thanks!
  13. I've used it to buy flowers and pay for street parking in Toronto - that's it.

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