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  1. jsale16

    Chase Slate

  2. Sorry DiegoC. I was in a similar boat with them. Had the BB card for 9+ years. Only ever got one CLI in that time, from 300-1,400. Called the UW last week and got bumped to 6,500. Cost me a HP. Should have asked for more, but I'm just happy to see some progress. Have a Diamond Pref card with them, too. Started at 5k, auto CLI to 6k, but nothing else. Just PC'd it to a DCash so we'll see if I have any more luck. Wish I could provide more insight as to why. All the best to you!
  3. Thanks for the help. Chatted tonight with a rep and they PC'd me to a QS1. Wouldn't give me the QS for whatever reason. Also wouldn't budge on credit increase or waiving AF. Might have to try the EO.
  4. Have a Plat card that is $400 limit and my oldest account at 9+ years. If I PC to a QS, will it still report as 9+ years? Can not afford to take a hit on my AAOA. Also, just opened a Venture ($15k) so I'm assuming QS is the best option to PC, too? Thoughts? Thanks
  5. jsale16

    Best Buy Citi

  6. jsale16

    Best Buy Citi

  7. HP was through EQ in Kentucky. Mine is a Citi Visa. AF is $59/year
  8. jsale16


  9. Had BB card for 9+ years. Started at $300 - called EO to beg for $1400 4 years ago. Called in today and asked for $6500 and was approved. Should have gone for $10k! Think it cost me a hard pull. Will report when it shows up. Thanks for the motivation, foeplay
  10. Online approval for Amazon at $1,700. Have a Banana Republic card with them, too. Called the customer number two days later and asked for $5k on both and got it!
  11. CLI on Banana Card from $1,600 to $5,000. Called back and was denied for $10k, but worth a shot. Also got approval for Amazon Card for $1,700
  12. Capital One Venture online approval for $15k today. Guessing FICO scores in 705 range. Will officially report when I get documents. Have a Platinum MC with them. My oldest and lowest limit card- only $400 and they have refused CLI's repeatedly. Amen for the Venture!
  13. Motivated by this thread so I app for Capital One Venture online and got approved for $15k. Apr is a little high, 22%, but I'll take it!

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