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    Building Credit for my first mortgage
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    DCU Board

    just set up a monthly $1(or your bank's minimum) transfer into dcu account. Inactivity problem solved
  2. Love when people vote themselves in as the grammar police. Your mother must be so proud!
  3. I got a softpull for auto loan as well. Customer service has been great so far
  4. Not freaking out just giving updates for people to being informed.
  5. I did not receive card today. I got pin number 2 days ago.
  6. Just a little update for those still following. I got approved for 30k cc a while back when this started and I just got approved for a 25k auto loan today with no proof of income needed for either. I got slightly better rates at DCU but their professionalism was not on the level of NASA and plus NASA doesn't have 1.5 hr wait times on the phone. I still haven't received credit card. Maybe today!
  7. My local CU gave me an APR of 2.8%. Just want to keep my options open but take advice from trusted forum members. Thank you
  8. Offering the best rates isn't everything. Are these guys professional to deal with? Does their website screw up much and cause you to miss payments? Please review DCU for me.
  9. I couldn't see my credit card account online until several hours after it was funded. My CC was funded days ago before the savings was approved but cant see it. Will contact NASA tomorrow and see what the deal is.
  10. thanks guys. I have bought new with dealer financing but never from a CU
  11. I can see my savings but not credit card account. Is it the same for you guys?
  12. Thinking about applying for a car loan from DCU and NASA and if things work out get a new truck. How does this process work? What do I need besides proof of income? Do I need to have vehicle picked out to get check or wait for it and then shop?

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