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  1. Thanks helpful. Do you think FCO owns the debt or is just collecting? BTW. This is not some small guy, the landlord is equity residential. Multibillion dollar publicly traded company. Should we file against them or FCO? Should I at least dispute it with CRA and CA? This way maybe at the bare minimum it shows up on my credit report as being disputed? Really trying to get an apartment within the next 3 months. This has me worried. Also it looks like I can't file a complaint now since it has been over a year.
  2. They did assert the debt was owed to our attorney in a response to the original letter. The attorney then responded with the statement above. Nothing happened from the landlord after that. Im very worried about this on my report as I will likely need to get a new apartment in the next few months. Shouldn't I just fight the credit report first and then fight the judgement if and when it comes? I am less concerned about the court case because honestly, we have an extremely good case imo (especially with how tenant friendly NYC is).
  3. Unfortunately no letter. It was a trying time, life of 15 years was crumbling, worried for my safety, worried for partner, etc. A collection was the last thing I was thinking of. I piece I forgot to add is that the apartment originally tried to collect money from both of us back 3-4 months after I vacated the unit. My ex hired an attorney who fired off a letter to the apartment complex alleging illegal eviction, discrimination, etc (I still have this letter). After that letter all collection attempts from the complex itself seemed to be dropped until something popped up on my credit report several months later which I had successfully removed. Now like I said 2 years later this CA is coming after me and I imagine her as well. The final words from the attorney in her letter to the landlord were: " You terminated my clients' tenancy on November 1, 2019, which means that you evicted my clients. My clients do not owe you any money. There was no landlord-tenant relationship after November 1, 2019. My clients did not "holdover" after their tenancy was terminated. If you continue to harass my clients, I have advised them to file a complaint against with you with the New York State Attorney General and file a discrimination complaint with the New York State Division of Human Rights and HUD."
  4. The rent was like 5500 a month (that's NYC for ya). I believe we had about 4 months left on the lease thought the likelihood of a place staying vacant in NYC that long is slim. I left the place immaculate (partner was incapacitated at the time). There is no lawsuit from the landlord they are trying to collect on, we were never evicted and left at their request. I feel like I should just write the credit bureaus and dispute the record?
  5. Hi All-- Quick question on how to handle a rent debt collection that I don't actually agree with. Short backstory is a little over 2 years ago my former partner and I were asked to vacate the apartment (due to mental illness). We each separately packed up and left as requested by the landlords. 6 months later there a reporting of bad debt showed up on Experian I believe saying I owed 20k to apartment owner (though it did not effect my score). I followed some steps, wrote Experian and it was deleted. Thought it was settled. I recently got a credit alert saying I had an account in collections. I pulled my credit report and it as showing up as Fair Collections and Outsourcing. Googled the name and sure enough they are a collections agency for rentals. I am guessing the account was sold from the major national landlord to them. How do I get this off my credit report? It doesn't seem like it is effecting my score, but how do I get rid of it? I don't want to go into the whole situation, but I wholeheartedly disagree with the collections in the first place. Also how is rent placed on my credit report? Should I write Experian again? I am in NYC if this matters.
  6. Got an alert on my Equifax score...jumped by 34 points. Letters worked. Why Chat is #1. Thread over.
  7. Sent the letters and got a response from trans union, deleted. Dope, now waiting on Equifax.
  8. So just to update this, I was successful in getting my old addresses removed. I have not moved to the next step yet, I am doing that right now.
  9. Got it. AFter I get my updated address on my license tomorrow at lunch I will be mailing out the removal of address letters to Equifax and Transunion. Do these address removal letters need to be sent via certified mail?
  10. Thanks. I will be removing those addresses. Are the PO boxes found on whychat's website the correct places to mail the letters to?
  11. Also, I plan to only remove all addresses except for the two most current addresses. Is that ok? Meaning, should I go and ask them to remove all addresses except for current, or am I fine leaving on the last two addresses?
  12. Whychat, can you please assist me? I am sending out the letters to remove old addresses, my SSN is not fully displayed on the credit report pages I am attaching, should I put my SSN, DOB, or other identifying information in my letter? Is there a specific address I should send each of these letters, or attention to a specific individual?
  13. I have just opted out, and will be requesting address removals from the two CRA's that are reporting this collection tomorrow. I need to visit the BMV Weds because the address on my license is not current. I expect to mail these letters out Thursday. This will be used to document the process.
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