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  1. Thanks Tyra! 1) It was a charge. Went from pending to a posted charge within 2 days or so. So, as of now, I'm held responsible to pay this back, although it was supposed to have simply been a "hold". They told me it would take a while, but to let them know if it hadn't been reversed within a week. I did let them know that it hadn't been reversed and have not heard back from them. 2) Thanks for the link. I haven't looked at it yet, but will. My concern is that I want to keep the age of the 1.5% card, but the rewards of the newer 2% card. I guess I just need to call and ask them about i
  2. I recently leased a car and, because I didn't have the registration on my current car with me, the dealership insisted on "holding" $500 on my credit card until I could provide proof of registration. The "hold" was actually a charge on my card and, despite providing them with the proof of registration, they still have not "released" the "hold". I do know from this thread https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=532433&page=1 that returns can take a while to process, but it's now been 15 days. This is my Elan (Fidelity) 2.0% cash back card, btw. I'm not sure whether to di
  3. I have 2: Discover #1: $13,400/$2,500 Discover #2: $23,900/$4,500 eta; hmmm.. just re-read some of the previous posters' numbers and it appears I have one of the larger/largest (??) CA limits. Thought i'd share a bit more info ... I have never taken a cash advance, but I do currently have 2 other cards (non-Disco!) with small 0% balance transfers. I wonder if they think I'm a high probability target for taking "advantage" of a CA?? (FWIW: No!) Now I'm also interested in their algorithm for determining their CA limits ....
  4. Thanks. I figured they'd be the same since they are with crummy debt collectors. I'm debating just sitting on the rest given that they are so close to their deletion time anyways. Or tomorrow I'll start writing letters to the CA's! Read first! Don't just start writing letters! The med colls are handled in a very specific way, so post your info over there and wait for WhyChat's assistance.
  5. For the medical collections, go to that forum and start a post there. They are handled differently. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showforum=39
  6. If the apartment complex pulls my credit report and then denies me based on the score being negatively affected due to the identity theft issue, I won't be in a good position. My credit score will shoot even lower in two weeks from the pull and I will be screwed from getting another place. The complex won't accept your hard copy report - they will insist on pulling their own. Think about it - how hard would it be to run a downloaded copy of a credit report through Word or a PDF editor and change it? We must be talking past one another here. Yes, the apartment will pull my scor
  7. I'll put in twice as much as you but complain 4 times more. I know that Discover (as previously noted) will credit a small $$ amount, but I can't be bothered to time everything properly to get that from them each month. I have an Apple card from Barclays that somehow started getting charged for my monthly Cloud fee of $.99. They then credit my account monthly for that same amount. Good thing, too, since Barclays doesn't play nicely with my Quicken and I would likely forget to pay this charge (the only charge that card ever gets). I haven't bothered to test it at higher levels
  8. I'm pretty eager to find out the answer to these questions, as well. So far, CreditKarma is still listing an open AmEx and no new Citi card. AmEx has deleted all signs of my ever having had a Costco card with them. Citi says my statement date was 6/13. I made a small charge a few days ago and have paid that off. I hope it reports by 7/13. What do we know about Citi's reporting of new cards? The last new Citi card I got was in 1999, so I have no info there. But I do have a nice old account.
  9. No problems here either, except not understanding how to link my Costco card to my other Citi card. Sent a message to Citi and got that worked out pretty easily. And have even tested the card with a quick hotdog purchase at the food court ...
  10. Obviously, I don't know for sure ... but I think this is probably bad news, unfortunately. On the occasions that I have not been given increases (and I've had several of those), they've let me know by snail-mail which takes a bit longer. I hope that's not the case .... but I suspect you didn't get an increase this time. Keep trying! It reset without an increase Tried again and got 2 day message again. To be continued When was your last increase?
  11. I have to confess that I don't really understand how this would work ... I have 2 d* cards -- a Costco Amex, which I think fell off today, and a PRG which is in good standing. Why would I cancel and reinstate the PRG? I don't see the benefit in doing this ..I suspect I'm missing something, but what? What is the point/benefit of canceling and reinstating a card? I may be missing something obvious; it wouldn't be the first time ...
  12. Are you requesting CLI's from the cards you have balances with or cards that are currently at 0% utilization? If you're carrying a balance, it's unlikely that they would give you a CLI unless you're paying substantially more than the minimum each month.
  13. Obviously, I don't know for sure ... but I think this is probably bad news, unfortunately. On the occasions that I have not been given increases (and I've had several of those), they've let me know by snail-mail which takes a bit longer. I hope that's not the case .... but I suspect you didn't get an increase this time. Keep trying!
  14. BobWang's FICO Score Effects v7.xlsx I keep Bob's FICO spreadsheet linked in my signature. A fascinating and useful resource. Thanks! I'm on a MacBook, using Numbers (egads), so a little strange formatting. But did find the info on the cc+late tab. Strange, though, that the timeframe goes out to 20 years ... ?? I'll have to look more closely when I get to work and onto Excel....
  15. Where's BobWang with those charts when you need him? IIRC, he had a chart which showed the effects of various late payments over time. A 30 day late has a fairly negligible effect after a few years, but an effect nevertheless. So if a 30 day stays on for 7 years, it really isn't the end of the world, score-wise. And if it creates a better, more accurate, predictive model of your future payment behavior, so be it. It's not really all that punitive after a few years anyway.
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