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  1. It was a gander mountain store card. the whole written contract thing confuses me though since technically i signed a written contract accepting the card.
  2. According to whychats cheat sheet the SOL for ohio is 6 years for credit cards and 8 years for written contracts. Which would this fall under?
  3. I looked last night and couldnt find one. I did look back on my old posts on this board and 3 years ago i stated the DOFD was 8/10/11 so im 99% sure its been over the 7 years
  4. Hey guys, its been a long time but had a quick question. I pulled my annual report today and was expecting all the old collections to be gone. They all were besides one from portfolio. I believe the DOFD on the original account was 9/2011 problem is the original account is no longer on my report so im not 100% certain on that date. The original creditor was World Financial Bank On the credit report is shows the account placed for collection on 05/2014 It shows that it is expected to be removed 09/2019 The amount owed is just shy of $1400 I live in Ohio Im not planning on buyi
  5. You mentioned you were married. What state do you and your wife live in? Ohio
  6. All this talk about collection score and them coming after me worries me a bit. Im going to have a pretty sizable check coming in from over payment of escrow on my mortgage last year. (i knew chase was crazy when they raised my payment almost $100 a month) If i were to try to pay these collections off it doesnt restart the 7 year clock does it? Is there any reason i shouldnt pay them and keep ignoring it?
  7. try to pay the OC, i had success with this with Dish network
  8. Just shy of 5 months in and all three of my fico scores sit within a few points of 600 so ive made around a 50 point jump since ive started. Ive had no luck getting the lates removed with goodwills, ill keep trying every once in awhile. I made the enhanced recovery collection go away The Portfolio recovery collection is still there The Bureaus collection has changed hands for the 2nd time in 5 months. I forget the first company who got it but when they sent a dunning letter i DVed them. They sent a very weak validation, shortly after they went away. A couple of days ago i get a le
  9. To add to the previous post, the date on the AFNI letter is after the date I have on the receipt from dish Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. more interesting things happened today when i opened my mail. I find a dunning letter from AFNI for the Dish account that has been paid..... so what do i send to them, a DV letter or the same letter i sent to enhanced?
  11. I just dealt with enhanced recovery over a dish network bill. What i did was call dish and get them to accept the payment directly, got a reciept and confirmation number from dish. I then mailed the letter from this thread http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=538754&hl= to Enhanced and they deleted everything within a week.
  12. Got a credit karma notification today, checked my profile and enhanced recovery had been removed... Looks like it worked, thanks for the help!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I had a collection pop up with enhanced recovery for a Dish network bill that i never knew existed. long story short i got Dish to accept the payment directly and the payment shows as DISH NETWORK on my bank statement Should i mail the CA the letter above right away or is there other steps i should take?
  14. UPDATE: I just got Dish to accept my payment directly, It is showing on my bank statement as DISH NETWORK ONE TIM I will send the letter out to the collection company in charge of this stating i paid dish directly to please stop all collection activity. is there anything else i need to do with this as of now? here is the emailed receipt from Dish Account Number: ************1085 Dear PeteBill, Thank you for your recent payment. Payment Details Payment amount: $121.07 Payment date: Sat, 03/28 Payment form: Credit Card ending in **** AutoPay: No Thank you for being a
  15. I thought I typed the DOFD on the last post but I don't see it... 8/4/11 Ohio which I believe is 6 years Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Well got home from work today and checked the mail... got two things first: my TU hard copy report second: a letter from Asset Recovery Solutions LLC The letter from the CA is for the HSBC debt (The Bureaus) at the top of the letter it states the OC as HSBC and the current creditor as Bureaus Investment Group. The letter was the your account has been referred to us for collections letter with the 30 day notice. -does this letter mean they have purchased the debt from Bureaus or are they just collecting for them? -On my paper report from TU HSBC isnt listed as am adverse acco
  17. mini update, i opted out and got my old addresses removed from TU and EQ with a simple 3 minute phone call.
  18. I just did this and they both removed mine within a few moments thanks for the advice
  19. Interesting stuff, I cant hide under a rock for that long. If i HAD to pay them off i could, just not all at once. Thank you for the advice
  20. Tried Dish again and couldnt get them to accept a payment, anyone have a success story with them? One good thing is my wifes account i was added too as an AU is showing up on EQ, nothing yet on TU or EX but hopefully they will come.
  21. I was just seeing if anyone else had advice, answering your questions below.... Did you have other questions? Feel free to ask, or post letters, etc. for feedback. Have you ordered current copies of your reports? They have been Ordered Have you sent GW letters for the lates? Plan on writing them today, They are with Ford and Chase, after my research im not expecting good results but you never know. Any luck paying Dish directly? Ive only tried once and was told it needed to be paid to the CA, I wont pay them so i will keep trying... (You were going to leave the
  22. Im about to fire one off to FMC for the one 30 late i have with them and was wondering if anyone has had any luck with goodwill letters to FMC? I did a search on the site and most everything has been negative, but i couldnt find anything very recent. Thats why i am asking. Thanks in advance
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