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  1. My lender asked wife and I to pay off 4 credit cards. She didn't ask to close them. Hope she dosent, because two of them were Amex cards backdated to 1987. Only owed $500 each on our Amex cards $250 on lowes & $19 on cap one.
  2. I maxed mine out on Amazom payments too my wife & hers too mine, just before they shut it down on Oct 13th! Checked and we got our 5%
  3. My daughter was an AU on my card when she was 17-18 in 2012. She got her own card a wile back. She did online chat to see if she could get her msd back to 2012. Checked Monday morning, still 2014. She checked again around 11am today, still said 2014. So figured was not approved. Looked just now and it now says 2002! She was 8 lol First time I have seen it not get approved next morning, if it was going to. She did online chat like last Friday. Not sure how they got 2002? I seen her do the chat and she told them 2012 for sure.
  4. Does not make sense. My wife is an RN and we went for a mortgage a few months ago. We were going to just use her income and she was approved for 280k by herself. He scores at the time were 670s. We did decide to wait till are scores came up, and I have 2 yrs income in a few months.
  5. What if you did say a 0% BT to your checking account, or like an account you don't use much. Pulled the money out & put it in your regualar savings/checking account then let it sit there for 3 months. Would the underwriter find where this money came from? When we did our mortgage this year, we were asked to show 2 months of bank statements. Im just wondering, casue I read on another forum that a guy did this. In fact what he/she said they did, was transfer like 7k from their DCU visa card, to there DCU savings account. Pulled the money out, put it in there chase savings account, then BT w
  6. Get ready for a ton of change! You break a 20 and will get mostly coins back lol. My wifes also from Toronto! They don't use $1 dollar bills, and barley $5s. I use my CSP when we go to Canada. I didn't know the Delta gold didn't have FTF. Cool I will take it with me next month, when we go up. As for the Discover, you can hardly find any place to use it.
  7. I got C* last nite in CA. Left with 3 on usaa,amex & 1 on mpm
  8. Awsome! Looks like you calculated correctly!
  9. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=508760&hl= Awsome! Thanks BDK
  10. Lol I was reading the thread and didn't even notice it was 10 yrs old lol
  11. So I just finished B* trans a few days ago. I pulled smartcredit a few hours ago. I was able to get in the backdoor of trans, for the first time in years just now. All my Inqs are showing up in there. I have read this happens some times. Could this possible be an old report? Don't under stand since 2 hours before none were being reported!
  12. ??? Sorry I mean it only pulled Trans & Experian today & not Equifax. It's been pulling all 3 all week, but today it left EQ blank
  13. Can anyone let me know why MPM did not pull EQ today? It only pulled Trans and Equifax. Its been working fine pulling all three until today. I have not froze any of my reports either. Does this just happen some times? I read on another forum this happing to others.
  14. No, I pulled it yesterday at noon & today about 4pm. So it was about 28hrs between pulls.
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