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  1. Thanks for the replies. We owe nothing on the house. We own it free and clear. Windstorm is what makes the insurance so expensive and is required in the area that we want to move. Our current house value 110k.
  2. We are living in the house now, so when we move the tenant will move in. We have never been landlords before, so no previous rental history. A standard rental contract for a year. Thanks Brian.
  3. WOW! You certainly got screwed over on that one.... Good Lord! Serious Bummer.
  4. Yes, hyschmied, I was thinking about that. Taxes for sure. And Thanks! I need all of the luck I can get!
  5. Thanks for your reply... I think what I mean is, I have gotten some conflicting advise on the rental issue.... I guess some lenders want to see history, others are not so picky. I am hoping that some of the pros will chime in and let me know if I am stuck at the smaller DTI range (240k) , or if I can be approved for a bit higher range (300k) given my income If there are more lenient lenders that will allow me the higher DTI, I would certainly go with them...
  6. I don't have any advise to add, but wanted to wish you good luck.
  7. Hello, So, here are my particulars: I want a 300K house. I am approved for 245K. There is not much on the market that Hubs and I can buy for less than that in the area we are looking for. I live in TX, a community property state, and Hubs can't be on the loan. His credit is not good enough even for FHA right now. I have a mid score of 614. So, FHA is necessary. The broker I am working with states that the bank he works with will not let me include my rental income because my mid score is so low. We own the rental house free and clear. Am I pigeonholed into accepting that I can't borrow more? Is this with all banks, or is there a chance that we could go with another broker and they might be able to help us out? Gross Monthly (Job) Income 6550. Monthly Potential Rental Income 1200. Monthly Payments (hubs and I) 640.*Car Payment and Student loan* All CCs Paid off. Annual Homeowners taxes for the home we are looking for:8500. Annual Homeowners Ins. 3500 I don't want to have another broker pull my credit unless I am sure they can help. Please let me know If I am missing anything, and thanks in advance for your help!
  8. Thanks CV! I will... Thanks to this board. So much wiser than I was... and still learning everyday!
  9. Is that where they go when they aren't starring in some teen fantasy movie? Yeah, more or less. Sometimes the werewolves like to hunt under the local bridges and causeways for the homeless - it's tough eating, but the night air has a tendency to clear the head. The lower-level demons are total slackers, typical middle management. Uber. LMAO
  10. Thanks Guys. I was Floored. Another update. Enhanced Recovery bit the dust. Did not respond to Texas DV. Deleted from all three. I paid Direct TV directly. Yeah for me! I am now 7 months into my Credit repair journey. I have been working my tail off. Just received another dunning letter from Convergent for a debt that I have seriously never heard of. (Collection Score!!!) Either this is identity theft, or this is a debt so old that it could not possibly be reported. The SOL language was on the "settlement notice." (Cannot be sued) Convergent is trying to collect for Midland who supposedly is the owner of the debt, after buying it from a bank I supposedly did business with. Convergent, Midland and the alleged OC, are not on my reports. I have never heard of the bank named as the OC, so, I called their EX office. They looked into their files and couldn't find a dang thing on me. I asked for a letter stating that I did not have an account with them, so that I could have it in case Convergent tries anything funny with reporting. They have contacted their collections department and they couldn't find me. They are looking in one more place, then, if they can't find me, have promised a letter stating that I have never had, nor do I currently have an account with them. Lets hope they get back soon. I have until the 7th to send my response (DV) to convergent. Interestingly, they have an original amount owed, then have added interest, doubling the "bill." I thought in Texas adding interest after CO and SOL was a violation. If the bank gives me that letter, I'm thinking of sending a FOAD. I feel like I am beginning to see that light at the end of the tunnel.
  11. Congrats!!! My best wishes to you and your family.

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